Rockville Cemetery

Baltimore Road, Montgomery Co., MD

Burial Records 1752-1975 and
Photograph Transcription including Updated & Corrected Information

This compilation of interments in the Rockville Cemetery, located on Baltimore Road, Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland is taken from the available collection of photo static records held at the Montgomery County Historical Society, Rockville, MD, of the original cemetery records; which are assumed to be accurate for the period covered. There was no record of an on-the-ground census of the interments until 2004 after initial publication of the burial records, it has now been surveyed and photographed. The burial records compilation begins with the earliest recorded interment [1752] and extends through 1975, additional information and photographs covers the period up to 2004.
The cemetery's records are the product of the efforts of a number of persons through the years; and there are inconsistencies, confusing and hard-to-read handwriting, and the occasional failure to record data. The recent survey has attempted to correct and enhance the burial records along with providing photographs.
It is known that there are some instances of failure to be advised of burials, as well as of failure to be advised of the names of decedents; [for example, "1/9/10 no name or permit"; or "an old soldier"]; and in many instances, only the name of the decedent is recorded, without any other information. The records also show that there are 50-65 suspected graves for which there are absolutely no records. Additionally, the ownership records show that the Town of Rockville bought a parcel for the purpose of re-interring bodies from the Rockville Baptist Cemetery: but there seems to be no record of any subsequent action taken.
In many instances, the cemetery records do not state the date of death, but instead record the date on which a permit was issued for the interment; which may or may not have coincided with the date of death. In such instances, an asterisk indicates that the date here being reported is that of the date on which the permit was issued. New information from the on-ground survey now includes dates as inscribed on the tombstone for birth, death, age, who shares the tombstone, inscriptions and other notes as provided by family members.
Some abridgements of the records have been made: [a] ages of decedents on date of death have been expressed in years only-months and days have been ignored when and if they were stated; [b] street address of decedent's last residence has been ignored when and if stated-only the town is noted if stated; [c] location of the interment within the cemetery is usually ignored; [d] dates of interment have usually been ignored. For those records where the tombtsone has been recorded and photographed, new and/or corrected information has been merged with the burial records and a photograph is provided.
John D. Bowman

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Burial records compiled by and made available to The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project by:
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Photographs & additional information provided by: Sharon Strout (
James Campbell (, Margie Satterlee ( & Jan Carter (

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