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Description Filename Date Submitter
Court News, 23 Oct 1901
(Real Estate, Marriage, Orphans' Court)
courtnews10231901.txt Dec 2007 Mark Ault
Court News, 04 Mar 1937
(Equity, Marriage)
courtnews03041937.txt Dec 2007 Mark Ault
Court News, 15 Aug 1958
(Divorce, Marriage)
courtnews08151958.txt Sep 2006 Mark Ault
Greenfield Items, 13 Mar 1884 greenfield18840313.txt Oct 2008 Kim Klein
Ladiesburg Items, 13 Mar 1884 ladiesburg18840313.txt Oct 2008 Kim Klein
Letters to Santa, 23 Dec 1904 letterstosanta12231904.txt Dec 2008 Lisa Eicholtz
Real Estate Sales, 12 Dec 1883 realestate12121883.txt May 2008 Kim Klein
Walkersville Items, 13 Mar 1884 walkersville18840313.txt Oct 2008 Kim Klein
Will of Clarissa E. ANDERS; 1907 anders-ce.txt Apr 2008 Mark Ault
Funeral of Mary J. CLARK; 1901 clark-mj.txt Dec 2007 Mark Ault
Funeral of John H. DELTRICK; 1897 deltrick-jh.txt Mar 2007 Mark Ault
Funeral of Stewart M. GILBERT; 1897 gilbert-sm.txt Mar 2007 Mark Ault
Divorce of Emma Virginia & Francis A. HARRIS; 1916 harris.txt Sep 2006 Mark Ault
Mary HOGAN, searches for daughter Margret HOGAN, 1792 hogan-m.txt Apr 2011 N Miles
Funeral of Emma G. MARTELL; 1901 martell-eg.txt Dec 2007 Mark Ault
Divorce of Mamie L. & R. L. MORGAN; 1901 morgan-mr.txt Oct 2006 Mark Ault
Mrs. Susan Stage - Masters & Mrs. Mary Baird Masters Both Centenarians, 1905 stagemasters-s.txt Jan 2007 Rosalie Sommer
Funeral of J. J. NOTNAGLE; 1897 notnagle-jj.txt Mar 2007 Mark Ault
Funeral of Henry PERRY; 1897 perry-h.txt Mar 2007 Mark Ault
Engagement Announcemenet of Elwood Olin RIFFLE and Jean Barbara DUBEL; 1947 riffledubel.txt Nov 2007 Mark Ault
Funeral of John J. RUSSELL; 1897 russell-jj.txt Mar 2007 Mark Ault
Divorce of Ida Yost and John W. STONE; 1901 stone-ij.txt Oct 2006 Mark Ault
Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of Charles & Annie STITLEY; 1956 stitley.txt Jun 2006 Mark Ault
Funeral of John Thomas WILLSON; 1901 willson-jt.txt Dec 2007 Mark Ault
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