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Description Filename Date Submitter
Alonzo Hurley Place at Savannah Lake, Green's Island Drawbridge District hurley.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyards on the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, in Church Creek District blckwter.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Brookview Methodist Church Gravevard, Off Md. Rt. 14. between Rhodesdale and Eldorado, in Fork District brookvu.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Cedar Grove Farm, Neck District cedar.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on "Charlie Mitchell Farm" Castle Haven Neck District charlie.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery, Cambridge christe.txt Jun 2005 Donna Kime
Graveyard on "Clark's Manor" near Golden Hill, Taylor's Island District clarks.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on Dail Farm, Cassons Neck, Neck District dail.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Cemetery on Denard Johnson Farm, on Charles Creek, Lakes District denard.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
East New Market Cemetery enewmarket.txt Mar 2004 Diana Micheliche Marshall
Graveyard on Farm, "Edgar's Beginning," Lakes District edgars.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Cemetery on the George Todd Home-place, Lakesville, Lakes District geotodd.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Gethsemane Church in Madison, Madison District gethsem.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Grace P. E. Church Graveyard, on Taylors Island grace.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on farm "Grass Reeden" in Susquehana Neck, Madison District grass.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on Farm, "Hackett's Adventure", Fork District hackett.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on Hamilton Travers Farm, Madison District hamilton.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Hooper Point, Taylors Island hooper.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
James Andrews Farm, Bobtown Hurlock District andrews.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on Jones Farm in Town Point, Cambridge District jones.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Joppa Methodist Church in Madison, Madison District: joppa.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Cemetery at End of Kirwan's Neck, on Charles Creek, Lakes District endkir.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Kirwan Family Graveyard, Lakes District kirwan.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Lake Graveyard on Lake Cove Farm, Lakes District lake.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Langrall's Island Elliott's Island District langrall.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on Farm of Mrs. Wilbur Meekins, in Meekins Neck, Hoopers Island District meekins.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Meredith Graveyard on farm near village of Bucktown, in Bucktown District meredith.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Messick Farm at Payne's Mill, Vienna District messick.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on farm, "Mitchell Garden" on Maryland Route 343, Neck District mitchgar.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Mitchell Graveyard on farm called "Kilmaurie", Neck District mitchell.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Cemetery, Salem mtpleasant.txt Jan 2005 Elaine McGill
Graveyard on the Old Corkran Farm, Bucktown District corkran.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard at Old School Meeting House on Fishing Creek, in Madison District school.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard at Old Travers Home in Morris Neck, Neck District travers.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Old Trinity Graveyard, adjoining Old Trinity P.E. Church, near Church Creek trinity.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Richardson Burying Ground at Church Creek richard.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Robson Graveyard on Slaughter Creek, in Robinson Neck, Taylors Island District robson.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Sandy Island Cemetery, Robbins sandyisland.txt Mar 2006 various
Silent City Cemetery, on the outskirts of Cambridge, Cambridge District silent.txt Mar 2003 Linda Duyer
Spedden-Seward Cemetery, at James Neck District spedden.txt Apr 2006 Eleanor Spedden Wheatley
St. John's Cemetery; Golden Hill stjohnsgh.txt Apr 2006 Diana Micheliche Marshall
Graveyard across from Stanley Institute, Christ Rock stanley.txt Jan 2005 Elaine McGill
Cemetery on Stewart Farm, on Wesley Road, Lakes District stewart.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Union Chapel, Cordtown union.txt Jan 2005 Elaine McGill
Walter Perry Messick Farm, Hurlock walterperrymessick.txt Sep 2008 Diana Micheliche-Marshall
Wheatley Graveyard, on the Irvin Wheatley Farm wheatley.txt Mar 2003 Jeff Hughes
Cemetery on William Gootee Farm, Lakes District gootee.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Graveyard on World's End Farm, Lake's District worlds.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
Cemetery on Wroten Farm, at Lakesville, Lakes District wroten.txt 1999 Iva Thompson
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