Quaker Burying Ground
Galesville, Anne Arundel Co., MD

Founded 1672

Galesville & Muddy Creek Rds.
(Rts. 255 & 468)

History of West River Quakers and Galesville

A land grant or "Certificate of Survey" was issued for 660 acres of land to John, Patience and Mary Brown; John Clark, his wife, Elizabeth, and their children, John and Ann Clark on October 28, 1652. The area was called Brownton, later the it became West River Landing, then Galloways and finally Galesville in honor of Richard Gale, a prominent Quaker planter.

The early settlers were Puritans who came into Maryland after the enactment of the "Act of Toleration" of 1649. Many later joined the Society of Friends, more commonly known as Quakers. In the Spring of 1672, the West River Quaker Meeting represented the birth of The Society of Friends in Maryland, the second such meeting in Maryland and the third meeting established in the world. The great numbers of Quakers who came to the large Yearly or General Meetings of the West River Friends, lived in tents or hurriedly built shelters. The adjoining creek, originally "Brown's", became known as "Tenthouse Creek", the name it bears today.

In 1684, the West River Landing, a focal point of shipping and travel in the area, was officially designated a port of entry for checking imports and exports, along with Town Point at Herring Bay, Londontown on the South River and "Newtown", now Annapolis, on the Severn. The town continued to be the main port on the West River for both shipping and travel up to and through the steamboat era. In colonial times the landing probably consisted of a wharf together with a warehouse or two and possibly a store or blacksmith shop.

The cemetery is located in Anne Arundel County, 10 miles south of Annapolis, the State Capitol.

ADDISON, Ayers Merrill 1849 03 Nov 1920 Son of William Meade Addison & Eliza Girault / DOD: MSA
ALDREDGE, Elsa Siegert 01 Feb 1918 13 Mar 2003
ANDERSON, William J. 13 Nov 1931 16 Aug 1968
ANGELL, Florence Hartge 27 Apr 1906 26 Aug 1994 Beloved wife of L.W. / Daughter of Alice & Oscar
ANGELL, Lester W. 04 Jul 1906 15 Mar 1988 In memory of … / Beloved husband of FHA / Buried at sea / Lt Col US Army
ARMIGER, Allan A. 1886 1956 Ruth C.
ARMIGER, Elizabeth A. 1844 1922 Joseph G.
ARMIGER, Elizabeth 1866 17 Dec 1940 DOD: MSA / Aged 75/ Mother / William
ARMIGER, Joseph F. 1891 1921 Marie H.
ARMIGER, Joseph G. 1839 1891 In memory of / Elizabeth A.
ARMIGER, Joseph Griffith 15 Feb 1867 16 Jan 1902 Son of Joseph & Elizabeth / Our beloved son
ARMIGER Headstone

Louis F., Virginia F.
ARMIGER, Louis F. 1869 1955 Virginia F.
ARMIGER, Lucille O. 1896 1945 Mervin S.
ARMIGER, Marie H. 1896 1942 Joseph F.
ARMIGER, Mervin S. 1895 1959 Lucille O.
ARMIGER, Ruth C. 1890
[SSDI 18 Dec 1890-Nov 1980] / Allan
ARMIGER, Virginia F. 1869 1939 Louis F.
ARMIGER, William 1856 8 Feb 1929 DOD: MSA / Fther / Elizabeth A.
ATWELL Headstone

Mary J., Clyde F. & Elnora D.
ATWELL, Clyde F. 1912 1979 SSDI: 11 Apr 1912-Aug 1979 / Masonic emblem
ATWELL, Elnora D. 1914 1968 SSDI: 18 Jun 1914-Jul 1968 / Eastern Star emblem
ATWELL, John F. 12 Dec 1850 14 Sep 1910

No dates
ATWELL, Sarah J. 18 Oct 1824 17 Jun 1902
BASS, Mamie Louise 1864 18 Dec 1942 DOD: MSA
BAST, Charles F. 18 Jul 1899 13 Jan 1983 Edna E.
BAST, Edna E. 08 Dec 1896 07 Jul 1996
BAST Headstone

Richard, Erisby W., Henry E., Mary E. & Ennis F.
BAST, Ennis F. 1881 1964
BAST, Erisby Welch 1858 01 Aug 1942 DOD: MSA
BAST, Henry E. 1885 1962
BAST, Mary Eustace 1882 11 Sep 1942 DOD: MSA
BAST, Richard 1854 01 Oct 1918 DOD: MSA
BENEZE, Mabel A. 29 Oct 1930
Robert C., Sr.
BENEZE, Robert C., Sr. 16 Nov 1923 09 May 2002 Mabel A.
BENNETT, Amanda Eugenia 26 Feb 1844 08 Aug 1906 Wife of Dr. W.H. / Blessed are the pure in heart
BENNETT, Frances 15 Dec 1876 12 Apr 1978
BENNETT, Harvey H. 1882 1950
BENNETT, W.H., Dr. 21 Jan 1842 13 Nov 1899 He giveth his beloved sleep
BENNING, Agnes M. 1884 1972 Frank F.
BENNING, Carl C. 04 Feb 1850 27 Dec 1929 Father / Freadericke L.
BENNING, Charles E. 1889 1966 Father / Ruth E.
BENNING, Frank F. 1884 1960 Agnes M.
BENNING, Freadericke L. 26 Dec 1857 08 Apr 1933 Mother / Rest in peace / Carl C.
BENNING, Grace F. 1892 1967 Harry
BENNING, Harry 1886 1976 [SSDI 05 Feb 1886-Feb 1976] / Grace
BENNING, Ruth E. 1896 1966 Mother / Charles E.
BENNING, William C. 07 Oct 1851 31 Dec 1935
BERGENSTJERNA, Alex Gustaf 14 Jul 1921
Margaret R.
BERGENSTJERNA, Margaret Ridgely 22 Jun 1924
Alex G.
BLACK, June Peters 1917 1979 [SSDI 26 Dec 1917-Jan 1979] / Be thou faithful to me & I will give you a crown of life / Paul H.
BLACK, Paul Herbert 1912 1984 [SSDI 28 Feb 1912-May 1984] / June
BOZMAN Headstone

Marker missing for Albert W. (1880-1930)
BRITT, Edgar F. 1915 1977 Military Marker: US Navy
BRITT, Edgar Frazier 12 Jan 1915 10 Sep 1977 Mary H.
BRITT, Mary Hartge 13 Jun 1922 30 Jun 2000 Edgar F.
BUCKLEY Headstone

Margaret W. & Edward J.
BUCKLEY, Edward J. 1887 1932
BUCKLEY, Margaret W. 1898 1961
BUSSEY, Leonard H. 1903 1955 Thomas M.
BUSSEY, Queenie F. 1862 1951
BUSSEY, Robert H.
15 Oct 1919 Aged 63 years
BUSSEY, Thomas M. 1896 1955 In memory of … / BPOE #622 Annapolis MD / Leonard H.

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