All Hallows Church Cemetery

3604 Solomon's Island Road, Birdsville
Anne Arundel Co., MD

All Hallows Church Sign
All Hallows Historical Marker
All Hallows Church
All Hallows Church
All Hallows Church
All Hallows Church
AISQUITH, Dorothy L. 14-Jan-1913 17-Aug-1989
AISQUITH, E. Pearl 1889 1952 Percy H.
AISQUITH, Percy H. 14-Apr-1915 11-Jun-1994
AISQUITH, Peter P. 1878 1962 E. Pearl
AISQUITH, Peter P., Jr. 21-Apr-1913

ALEXANDER, Mary Harwood
26 Jul 1827 A Mother
1 Oct 1822
ALLEIN, Elizabeth
?6 Mar 1772 Age 24 yrs | here Lyeth Interr'd the Body of …
AREND, Frederick H. 1918 2000 Marilyn N.
AREND, Marilyn N. 1927 2000 Frederick H.
ARNOLD, Louise Bassford 1910 1970 Beloved Wife of Millard D.
ARNOLD, Millard D. 1908 1976 Husband of Louise Bassford
BARKSDALE, John P. 1898 1960 Marion F.
BARKSDALE, John P., Jr. 7-Oct-1931 16-Nov-1986 A1C US Air Force Korea
BARKSDALE, Marion F. 1904
John P.
BASSFORD, Clarissa Meade 10 Aug 1891 17-Jan-1965 Paul
BASSFORD, E. Wilton 26 Dec 1875 12-May-1952 Additional Stone In Memory of …
BASSFORD, E. Wilton, Jr. 13-Nov-1914 24-Dec-1932
BASSFORD, Elizabeth White 19 Aug 1878 12-Apr-1956
BASSFORD, Iva 13-Jan-1902 14-Oct-1968
BASSFORD, Paul 22 Nov 1886 28-Apr-1978 Clarissa
BEARD, B. Gott 1884 1953 Sallie C.
BEARD, Sallie C. 1890 1963 B. Gott
BIRD, Clara Clagett 7 Dec 1857 21-Mar-1949 Child of Lemuel & Mary Ann Clagett
BIRD, Lemuel Beauregard
22 Nov 1897 Child of Lemuel & Mary Ann Clagett
BOYLE, Susan 3 Sep 179- 22 Jan 18-- Widow of Col. Eames Boyle of Annapolis
BRADSHAW, Elizabeth H.
BRESNAHAN Family Stone

BRESNAHAN, John Alfred 12-Nov-1903 24-Feb-1991
BRESNAHAN, Pauline Snyder 24-Jul-1906 11-Nov-1994
BREWER, Joseph N. 12 Jan 1857 10 Jan 1892 Son of Newton & Mary E.
18 May 1879 Age 53 | Wife of N.N.
BREWER, N.N. 6 Apr 1817 16 Sep 1896
BREWER, Nicholas 25 Dec 1854 30-Mar-1941 Son of N. Newton & Mary E.
BROGDEN, David McCullogh 6 Oct 1802 4 Mar 1876 Wife Margaret Sellman | Daughter Elizabeth
BROGDEN, Elizabeth
26 Jul 1869 Daughter of David McCullogh & Margaret Sellman
BROGDEN, Margaret Sellman
17 Dec 1846 Husband David McCullogh
BROGDEN, Mary Stevenson 13 Dec 1803 17 Dec 1892 Wife of William
BROGDEN, William 4 Mar 1797 3 Jul 1863
BURGESS, William, Esq.
14 Jan 1686 William Burgess Esq. Died 14th day of January 1686 aged about 64 years, leaving his dear beloved wife Ursulah & eleven children viz: seven sons & four daughters & eight grandchildren. In his lifetime he was a member of his Lordship's Councell of Estate, one of his Lordship's deputy Governors, a justice of ye high provincial court, Coll. Of a regiment of the trained bands & sometimes General of all the military forces of the providence. His wife Ursula has executed in testimony of her true respect & dire regard for the worthy deserts of her said dear departed husband hasth erected this monument.
BURGESS, William (Plaque) 1626 1686 Born in Truro, Wales ... died at London Town ... Was a member of his Lordship's Deputy Governors. A Justice of the high Provincial Court and a Colonel of a Regiment of trained bands. He gave one hundred acres for London Town Anne Arundel County, MD which was ordered by the Assembly 1682 & existed until the Revolutionary War
BURGESS, William
28 Jun 1698 Aged 25 | Eldest son that Coll. William Burges had by his deare & loving wife Ursella. He departed this life … in ye year … of his age Anno Dom …
BURGESS, Elsie L. 1886 1960 William H.
BURGESS, William H. 1880 1948 Elsie L.
BYERS, John North 2-Apr-1926 22-Jun-1993
CALTRIDER, Charles E. 26-Apr-1906 16-Nov-1969
CALTRIDER, Margaret S. 1-Feb-1919 23-Aug-1972
CARR, Adaline S.E. 1891 1972 Benjamin H.
CARR, Annie May Aisquith 27-May-1920 10-May-1989
CARR, Benjamin H. 1891 1973 Adaline S.F.
CARR, C. Benjamin 1895 1963 Eva M.
CARR, C. Benjamin, III 30-Sep-1918 19-Aug-1979
CARR, Eva M. 1897 1989 C. Benjamin
CARR, Joseph W. 23-Oct-1924 4-Jul-1980
CHENERY, Elsa Madeira 30-Aug-1917 7-Feb-1918
CHENERY, Smith, Dr. 2 Nov 1891 27-Jan-1927
COATES, Gertrude L. 21-Dec-1911 16-Dec-1995 Maxwell E.
COATES, Maxwell E. 31-Jan-1900 22-Aug-1965 Gertrude L.
COLLINSON, Christopher T. 15-Jul-1978 23-Nov-1999 In Loving Memory | Daniel T.
COLLINSON, Daniel T. 5-Jan-1951
In Loving Memory | Christopher T.
COLLINSON, Edward 23 May 1894 5-Dec-1966 Mary M.
COLLINSON, Harold K. 18-Jul-1919 31-May-1974 Military Marker: US Navy | WWII
COLLINSON, John, III 31 Dec 1886 14-Dec-1980 Husband of Mary Lowndes Owens | Son of John (M.D.) & Mary Elizabeth Brewer | M.D., Dr. P.H.
COLLINSON, John, III Ph.D. 24-May-1918 7-Jul-1989 Son of John, M.D. Dr. P.H. & Mary Owens Collinson
COLLINSON, John, M.D. 9 Mar 1849 31-Aug-1931 Son of Edward & Mary M.
COLLINSON, Laura Lee Phipps 23 May 1890 13-May-1977 Wife of Newton B.
COLLINSON, Mary Elizabeth Brewer 20 Jun 1860 5-Jun-1952 Wife of John
COLLINSON, Mary Maxine 27-Oct-1909 31-Oct-1974 Edward
COLLINSON, Mary Owens 16 Nov 1888 15 Apr 1873 Wife of John | Daughter of Albert S.J. & Mary Lowndes Owens
COLLINSON, Newton B, Jr. 5-Aug-1919 26-Oct-1989 LT Col USAF | Priscilla
COLLINSON, Newton Brewer 26 Mar 1888 14-Apr-1969 Wife Laura L. Phillips
COLLINSON, Priscilla Alden Hall 21-May-1921 21-Oct-1989 Devoted Wife (of Newton B., Jr.) & Mother of 12 Children
COLLINSON, Rachel E. 1889 1956 T. Edward
COLLINSON, T. Edward 1885 1974 Rachel E.
COLLISON, David Brent
COLLISON, Joseph Kenneth 1-Oct-1968 23-Nov-1968
COLLISON, Sarah Jane Tucker 29-Sep-1913 10-Dec-2001 Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother
COOK, Bradford L. 1849 1930
COOK, Sarah J. 1853 1943
COULTER, Bessie V. 22-Feb-1906 15-Mar-2003
COULTER, Melvin H. 3-Sep-1901 20-Sep-1967 Abiding in Jesus
25 Mar 1787 Son John & Mary
DABBS, James Preston, Sr. 15-Nov-1908 12-Aug-1955 Margaret S.
DABBS, James, Sr. 15-Nov-1907 12-Aug-1955
DABBS, Margaret Sames 14-Jan-1918 14-Jan-1987 James P., Sr.
DAVIDSON, Amelia 27 Aug 1766 9 Sep 1838 Consort of James
DAVIDSON, James 5 Nov 1760 28 Nov 1841 He fought and bled for his country in the Revolutionary War when ____ ____ lested the courage of the bravest soldiers | DAR marker
15 Sep 1846 Aged 55 | Son of Jas. & Amelia
DAVIDSON, Marion Augusta 23 Jul 1823 15 Sep 1835 Daughter of Nelson & Delia
3 Mar 1849 Aged 63 | Wife of Samuel
DAVIDSON, Priscilla
3 Oct 1864 Aged 73
7 Sep 1816 Aged 33 | Mary
DAVIS, John P. 21 Apr 1784 29 Nov 1857
DICK, Margaret
12 Nov 1762 Aged 13 | Third daughter of James Dick, merchant in Londontown
DOVE, Thomas Lee 14-Aug-1919 22-Oct-1977
DUCKETT, Oden Bowie 1871 1940 In memoriam
DUKE, John Francis, III 1959 1983 Margaret M.H.
DUKE, John Francis, Jr. 1926 2002 Mary I.T.
DUKE, Margaret Mary Howard 1953 1976 John F., III
DUKE, Mary Iglehart Taylor 1928
John F., Jr.
DUVAL, Claiborne A. 1891 1977 Col. US Army WWI & WWII
DUVALL, Howard, M., M.D. 1809 1876 Juliet M.
DUVALL, Juliet Mary 1809 1892 Howard M.
FOWLER, Katherine G. 29-Apr-1916 21-Jul-1985 Maurice J.
FOWLER, Maurice J. 7-Apr-1914 19-Aug-1987 Katherine G.
GASSAWAY, Susanah 8 Feb 1682 24 Sep 1740 Nee HANSLAP: Daughter of Captain Henry | Aged 63Y 16D | Wife of Thomas
GASSAWAY, Thomas, Capt. 20 Feb 1683 10 Sep 1739 Son of Col. Nicholas | Aged 45Y 6M 22D | Susanah
25 Mar 1787 Son of John & Mary
GRAHAM, Lottie L. 18 Jun 1892 16-Apr-1976
GRAHAM-McKENZIE, Martha Mae 10-Feb-1931 23-Apr-1998
HALL, Rachel Sprigg
10 Nov 1849 Aged 47 | Consort of the late Dr. Tho Blake Hall of Prince George's Co., MD
HANSON, Josias Hawkins
11 Nov 1855 Aged 67?
HARDESTY, Bessie R. 1902 1992 Hollis W.
HARDESTY, Hollis W. 1899 1970 Bessie R.
HARDESTY, Ruth J. 19-Jul-1901 13-Oct-1989 Winterson W.
HARDESTY, Winterson W. 30 Jul 1897 10-Apr-1991 Ruth J.
HARLEY, Ethel M. 24-Oct-1903 16-Dec-1960 James M.
HARLEY, James M. 31-Jan-1903 31-Aug-1951 Ethel M.
HARMAN, Emory Hopkins 30 Sep 1877 29-Mar-1941 Lena M.
HARMAN, Lena Meade 18 Feb 1877 24-Dec-1951 Emory H.
HARWOOD, Thomas 24 Apr 1743 23 Sep 1801 Of the City of Annapolis | Son Richard & Elaine of Anne Arundel Co.
HARWOOD, William 13 Oct 1772 6 Jun 1788 Son of Tho. & Marge of the City of Annapolis
HAYNSWORTH, Frances Hagler Alderson 20-Jun-1904 28-Apr-1959 Julius
HAYNSWORTH, Julius Dargan 11 Jul 1896 3-Dec-1990 Frances
HENDERSON, Catherine M. 20-Feb-1943
Owen R. & Dennis M.
HENDERSON, Dennis M. 21-Apr-1943
Catherine & Owen R.
HENDERSON, Owen R. 13-Jul-1966 16-Jun-1991 Catherine & Dennis M.
HILL, Charles Gilbert, Jr. 7-Jan-1910 28-Jan-1984 Priest
HOKANSON, Keith A. 26-May-1964 10-Feb-1996
(HOLI)DAY, Unknown Feb 1828? 3 May ____
10 May 1894 Rebecca
14 Aug 1836 Daughter of Thomas & Sarah
HOLIDAY, Rebecca
20 Feb 1889 Julia A.
HOLIDAY, Thomas 20 Sep 1788 24 Jun 1860
HOPKINS, Helen E. 1894 1975 Helen E.
HOPKINS, T. Chattle 1896 1982 T. Chattle
HORSMON, N. Claire 26-Jan-1931 8-Nov-1975
HUTCHISON, Nellie C. 28-Aug-1910 30-Jun-1983
JANES, Albert Rice D.D.S. 6-Nov-1900 7-Nov-1979 Esther M.
JANES, Esther May 13-Apr-1914
Albert R.
JONES, Elizabeth C. 19-Feb-1932 6-Jun-1947
JONES, Elwood A. 16-Dec-1929 11-Jul-1976 US Army, Korea
JONES, Hilda Mae 8-Jul-1929 8-Aug-1980 Past Noble Grand Annapolis Rebekah Lodge 1978
KENNEY, Margaret Bell 6 Jan 1898 12-Sep-1994 Thomas T.
KENNEY, Thomas Turnbull 27 May 1892 14-Jul-1982 Margaret B.
KEPLER, Permelia Reed
3 Nov 1857 Wife of Samuel
KING, James Craig 3-Nov-1935 21-Apr-1997 M.D.
KIRBY, Doris June 13-Jun-1937 5-Jan-1938
KIRBY, Floyd S. 1859 1929 Sarah C.
KIRBY, George M. 1881 1945
KIRBY, Royal S. 1900 1960
KIRBY, Sarah C. 1861 1942 Floyd C.
LAMBERT, Marion Carson 1908 1952
LATIMER, Eleanor Brewer 20 May 1850 14-Sep-1931 Daughter of N. Newton & Mary E.
LAYDEN, Elsie Elizabeth 21-May-1924 20-Dec-1983 Elsie M.
LAYDEN, Elsie Meade 4 Sep 1887 11-Apr-1987 Elsie E.
LEE, Jeannette Burgess 25-Mar-1913 5-Dec-1919 Thomas E.
LEE, Thomas Earl 5-Jun-1909 18-Sep-1986 Jeanette B.
LUCAS, Elsie Smith 1883 1963 New York
LYON, Mary Mahan 9-Feb-1906 28-Apr-1924 And infant Mary Mahan

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