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County Overview
Carson, Odesa, Brisbane Towns
T132 R83, Shields Town
T133 R83 (Stevenson)
T131 R84, New Leipzig Town
T132 R84
T133 R84 (Three Buttes) T130/131 R85
T132 R85
T133 R85 (Raleigh)
T134 R85 (Lark)
T135 R85 (Otter Creek

T136 R85
T129/130 R86 Lark, Leith Towns
T131 R86
T132 R86 (Two Mile)
T133 R86 (Brisbane)
T134 R86 (Thain)
T135 R86 (Carl)
T136 R86
T129/130 R87
T131 R87
T132 R87 (Janesville)
T133 R87 (Valley View)

T134 R87 (Carson)
T135 R87
T136 R87
T129/130 R88 (Wheeler)
T131 R88
T132 R88 (Fisher)
T133 R88
T134 R88 (Elm)
T135 R88
T136 R88
T137 R88
T129/130 R89
T131 R89 (Pretty Rock)

T132 R89 (Melville)
T133 R89
T134 R89 (Minnie)
T135 R89
T136 R89
T137 R89
T130 R90, Kaiser Town
T131 R90
T132 R90 (Lorin)
T133 R90 (Kreutz)
T134 R90
T135 R90
T136 R90
T137 R90

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