The following documents of Minnesota and surrounding territories that are online in our USGenWeb Archives, are available for you to download. In 1836, Minnesota was part of the Wisconsin Territory, became it's own territory in 1849 and a state in 1858.

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Minnesota State

Township and Railroad Map of Minnesota
Circa 1874. Published for the Legislative Manual. Lith by A.J. Reed, St. Paul.

Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota Territories
Drawn under the supervision of Louise Phelps Kellogg, William J. Petersen, Theodore C. Blegen and Lawrence J. Burpee

Midwest Map
Circa 1884
James Monteith, 1884 - this is a neat map which includes Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri.

Galbraith's Railway Mail Service Map of Minnesota
Circa 1897. Published by the United States Railway Mail Service.

John R. Borchert Map Library, University of Minnesota**
County Digitized Plat Maps and Atlases

Minnesota Counties


Township Plat Maps
1899, 1909, 1916 & 1920

Most show landowners
Crow Wing

Maple Grove Township - 1912

Shows landowners

Pine Island Village
See note at *** below
1921 Township Plat Maps
Shows landowners

1902 Grandview Township


Undated County Map

Townships, Ranges, Sections, Cemeteries

2004 County Map

Compiled from Old Maps and Historical Information
***From the map collection of the Library of Congress. This 1894 map includes names of some of the landowners. The LOC call number information is: Goodhue Co MN, 1894, C.M. Foote and Co, Library of Congress #G1428 .G6F6 1894. Submitted by: Scott Melendez, January 12, 2001.
**Not Located On USGenWeb Archives.

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