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The United States Digital Map Library is a USGenWeb® Archives project, developed in April of 1999 under the coordination of Fred Smoot. We thank all of our past, current and volunteers!  The Special Project Coordinator is Rebecca Maloney.  Feel free to contact me with submissions, corrections or questions!

The VolunteersThis project and its all-volunteer staff are dedicated to free, online access for the general public. We rely on contributions and volunteers. If you would like to be a part of our team, please, see Submissions.

Our Collection

US MapsThis section includes maps of national interest. Maps that show our westward expansion, our land survey systems, and more will be included here.

State and County MapsRepresenting the bulk of our collection, the State and County section includes maps from all 50 US states and oftentimes maps of individual counties in a state.

Indian Land CessionsThis collection provides maps of the land cessions made by American Indian Nations during the interval between the formal establishment of the United States and 1894.

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Future Projects
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    USGenWeb® ArchivesThis project operates under the auspices of the US GenWeb Archives Project.

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    Size of ImagesOur map graphics may require long download times because the file sizes are quite large. Although they are normally around 500k, they can run as high as 1.5 megs

Future Projects


The United States Digital Map Library is a free, volunteer-based project whose intent is to make public digitized copies of all historical maps.


We are always looking for more maps! If you have access to maps that we don't yet have a copy of on the site, please consider submitting them to the site. Be sure to visit the submissions page for more information on what we can and cannot take as well as submission procedures.


The project is in serious need of volunteers who are willing to submit map content for a state (or several states!). It doesn't take a lot of time and your efforts are so valuable to the preservation and publication of historical maps.

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