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Birth Records
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
Blackburn, Jacquline July 23, 1929
04-2012 Bonnie Sisco
horton3619gob.txt Horton, Lucy C. Rush, 11-19-1908 - 12-06-1969   Drema Colangelo
newsome30gbt.txt Newsome, Elmer Gene, September 16, 1927 10-2005 Sandra Lipcovich
newsome31gbt.txt Newsome, Imogene, January 23, 1929 10-2005 Sandra Lipcovich
newsome29gbt.txt Newsome, Martin, August 14, 1900 10-2005 Sandra Lipcovich
wellman33gbt.txt Wellman, Ira Milton, January 24, 1929 12-2005 Barbara Wellman
b1852.txt 1852 Pike Co.,  microfilm # 0216838 part 1 2003 Connie


1852 Pike Co.,  microfilm # 0216838 part 2 2003 Connie

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