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File Description Size Date Submitter
Old Adams Cemetery oldadams.txt   11/28/2003 Edith Bastin   
John_Bennett Cemetery 2.2k SEP 2000 Donna Cottrell Mather 
Berry Perry Cemetery aka Hicks Springs Cemetery 4k 6/8/2005 Edith Bastin 
Bratcher-Thompson Cemetery bratcher.txt   3/6/2005 Edith Bastin   
Bunnell Family Cemetery 5k 3/27/2005 Edith Bastin    & Gaye Hill   
William Cann Cemetery 5.32k 6/3/2003 Judy Lawler   
Caswell Cemetery caswell.txt   2005 Edith Bastin   
Cherry Spring Baptist Church Cemetery cherry-spring.txt   3/6/2005 Edith Bastin   
Community Cemetery (behind Mt. Zion Church) 25k JUN 1999 Donna Cottrell Mather
Concord Baptist Church Cemetery 10.3K 1/26/2003 Edith Bastin   
Conyers Family Cemetery conyers.txt   5/9/2005 Edith Bastin   
Copelin Cemetery 44K 5/11/2005 Edith Bastin    & Gaye Hill   
Cosby United Methodist Church Cemetery 49.7K 5/9/2002 Edith Bastin   
Craddock Family Burial Ground 6.1k 12/13/2003 Edith Bastin   
Old Cub Run Cemetery (aka Jones Cemetery) 10k 12/24/2004 Edith Bastin   
Dr. Jeremiah Dawson Cemetery dawson.txt   3/26/2004 Edith Bastin   
Defries Cemetery defries.txt   5/6/2005 Edith Bastin   .
Dorsey Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery 31k 6/3/2005 Edith Bastin   
Gibson Cemetery 1.02k 8/2004 Gaye Hill
Goodman Family Cemetery 42.2k 8/30/2003 Edith Bastin   
Gray Family Cemetery gray.txt   1/5/2005 Edith Bastin    & Gaye Hill   
Green River Church Cemetery 31.8 3/26/2004 Edith Bastin   
Harper Cemetery 8.43k 8/2004 Gaye Hill
Hodges Family Cemetery hodges.txt   2005 Gaye Hill
Edith Bastin   
Jacob Holderman Cemetery 2.2k MAY 2000 Donna Cottrell Mather   
Horse Cave City Cemetery 58K 1/26/2003 Edith Bastin   
Hubbard Cemetery 82K 5/10/2005 Edith Bastin    and Carol Olney   
John Bunyan Jaggers Graveyard 6k 5/6/2005 Edith Bastin    & Patti Jaggers Patrum
Logsdon Family Cemetery 5.51k 5/4/2003 Edith Bastin   
John Logsdon Family Cemetery 8k 5/6/2005 Edith Bastin   
Logsdon Valley Cemetery 25.5k 12/13/2003 Edith Bastin   
McCorkle Farm Cemetery 4.72 3/26/2004 Edith Bastin    & Carol Olney   
McCubbins Cemetery 21k 6/4/2005 Edith Bastin    & Carol Olney   
Munfordville City Cemetery 23.2K 1/26/2003 Edith Bastin   
Northtown United Baptist Church Cemetery 38.5K 8/2001 Karen Phillips 
Parker Cemetery 1K Mar 2012 Amy Walkup Blandford
Pine Grove Cemetery 46K 6/2005 Edith Bastin   
Polston/Poston Cemetery 2.93k 1999 Edith Bastin   
Polston/Poston Cemetery 14.5K 5/13/2002 Edith Bastin   
Poor House Cemetery 2.74k 3/26/2004 Edith Bastin   
Porter-Powell Cemetery porter.txt   5/9/2005 Edith Bastin, Judy Lawler and Gail Hill   
Priceville Cemetery 8K 8/2004 Gaye Hill
Priceville Cemetery 32k 1/4/2005 Edith Bastin, Gaye Hill, Carol Olney and Ray Green.
John C. Puckett Cemetery 14.5K 12/21/2003 Edith Bastin   
John C. Puckett Cemetery 3.5K 12/21/2003 Edith Bastin   
John Quinn Cemetery 27K 4/21/2005 Edith Bastin    & Gaye Hill   
Reams Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery 5K 8/2004 Gaye Hill
Reynolds Cemetery 1k 8/2004 Gaye Hill
Richardson Cemetery   1/5/2005 Edith Bastin   
Richardson Cemetery   8/2004 Gaye Hill
Riordan Family Cemetery 7K 6/2005 Edith Bastin   
Savage Family Cemetery 5k 3/27/2005 Edith Bastin    & Randy L. Taylor
Smith Cemetery 95K 3/9/2005 Edith Bastin   
Smith Cemetery 9K 9/2004 Gaye Hill
Smith Cemetery 10k 9/2004 Gaye Hill
Srygler Cemetery srygler.html   2005 Gaye Hill & Edith Bastin
Thompson-Cobb Cemetery 5k 3/27/2005 Edith Bastin    & Gaye Hill   
Waddle Cemetery 3.71K 12/113/2002 Edith Bastin   
Whickerville Cemetery (Partial listing) 9k 12/24/2004 Edith Bastin   
Wilkerson Temple Methodist Church Cemetery Alphabetical 20.2k 1999 Edith Bastin   
Wilkerson Temple Methodist Church Cemetery
Wilkerson Temple Methodist Church Cemetery 100K 1/26/2003 Edith Bastin   
William Cann Cemetery 5.32k 4/30/2003 Judy Lawler   
Wyatt Cemetery Cemetery 11k 5/6/2005 Edith Bastin    & Gaye Hill   


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