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Edwards, Bertha Sharp February 24, 1967 1K Mar 2006 Sandi GorinThe Registry
Elmore, John A. November 4, 1990   Mar 2018 Sandi GorinThe Registry
Elmore, Lela Mae June 1, 2000   May 2017 Sandi GorinThe Registry
Emberton, Richard Barrett Jul 28, 2002   Dec 2018 Sandi GorinThe Registry
Emmert, Robert October 29, 2000   July 2017 Sandi GorinThe Registry
Evans, Idelle 19821 KOct 2003Sandi Gorin
Eubank, William Gary 19801 KJan 2004Sandi Gorin
Evans, Joseph W. 18751 KFeb 2004Sandi Gorin
Evans, Drucilla December 18961 KJun 2004Sandi Gorin
Evans, Wm. Francis March 21 18741 KJun 2004Sandi Gorin
Evans, Emmett July 23 19761 KOct 2004Sandi Gorin
Eubank, Nora Hutchens September 26 19172 KJan 2005Sandi Gorin
Eubank, Mary March 7 19811 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin
Everett, Mary 19761 KFeb 2004Sandi Gorin
Everett, Vera Bailey 4 KJan 2005Sandi Gorin
East, Rufus B. July 7 19761 KOct 2004Sandi Gorin
Estep, Fannie Katheryn January 26 20051 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin
Estes, S. M. (Mrs.) June 2 19151 KJan 2005Sandi Gorin
Estes, Malcolm January 6, 19961 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin
Esters, Margaret Turner February 2 20042 KDec 2004Sandi Gorin
Etherton, Margerie December 19, 1999  May 2017Sandi GorinThe Registry
Ezell, Mary Dee Samson January 28 20041 KOct 2004Sandi Gorin
Eudy, Shelby Thomas July 23 19761 KOct 2004Sandi Gorin
Eatmon, Etta 19781 KOct 2003Sandi Gorin
Edmonds, Jesse 19761 KFeb 2004Sandi Gorin
Edmunds, Mildred Louise April 12 20041 KOct 2004Sandi Gorin
Edmunds, Kate W. July 8 19481 KJan 2005Sandi Gorin
Edwards, Florence Coffey 19801 KFeb 2004Sandi Gorin
Edwards, Lenvel Leo 20041 KFeb 2004Sandi Gorin
Edwards, Barbara Thomas January 20 20051 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin
Ellis, J. Mitchell 19811 KSep 2003Sandi Gorin
Ellis, William 19081 KOct 2003Sandi Gorin
Ellis, Mary T. 19261 KJan 2004Sandi Gorin
Ellis, Frances Martin 20032 KJan 2004Sandi Gorin
Ellis, Leonard 19811 KMar 2004Sandi Gorin
Ellis, Mattie 19821 KMar 2004Sandi Gorin
Ellis, Mollie May 9 18973 KMay 2004Sandi Gorin
Ellis, George B. May 9 18743 KMay 2004Sandi Gorin
Ellison, Eugene T. 19234 KJan 2004Sandi Gorin
Elliott, Jesse Wilson 19801 KMay 2004Sandi Gorin
Elliott, Gena Kay July 26 20031 KMay 2004Sandi Gorin
Elliott, Alice Lowery August 1 20042 KOct 2004Sandi Gorin
Eldridge, Andrew James September 22 19801 KDec 2004Sandi Gorin
Elmore, Tank June 28 19791 KOct 2004Sandi Gorin
Elmore, Mary Elizabeth Barrick November 6 20041 KNov 2004Sandi Gorin
Elmore, Ruby April 16, 20051 KAug 2005Sandi Gorin
Emberton, Clarence 19342 KSep 2003Sandi Gorin
Embry, Lena Poynter 19811 KDec 2003Sandi Gorin
Ennis, Gene 19821 KMar 2004Sandi Gorin
England, Cloteel Owen 19801 KDec 2003Sandi Gorin
England, Gene Thomas 20031 KJan 2004Sandi Gorin
England, Louise 19821 KJan 2004Sandi Gorin
England, Stuart 19661 KJan 2004Sandi Gorin
England, Louise 19821 KMar 2004Sandi Gorin
England, Bessie Jewell Hurt August 2 20032 KMay 2004Sandi Gorin
England, Thomas Edward October 7 19811 KJun 2004Sandi Gorin
England, Danny Lee November 15 20041 KDec 2004Sandi Gorin
Endie, Child of Martin 18961 KJun 2004Sandi Gorin
Emmitt, Rondal Paul March 3 20041 KOct 2004Sandi Gorin
Emmert, Annie 19661 KDec 2003Sandi Gorin
Erwin, Sarah Lee 20031 KMay 2004Sandi Gorin
Erwin, Jeff March 5 19811 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin
Earls, Patricia Lynn Ralph May 14, 20051 KSep 2005Sandi Gorin
Eatmon, Ora Nancy December 22 20041 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin
Ebert, James D. April 17, 19412 KJul 2005Sandi Gorin
Edmunds, John Ellis October 15, 20052 KNov 2005Sandi Gorin
Edmunds, Flora Mae 9 Mar 20051 KJul 2006Sandi Gorin
Edwards, Bertha Sharp February 24, 19671 KMar 2006Sandi Gorin
Elliott, Ann May 11, 19412 KJul 2005Sandi Gorin
Elmore, Ruby April 16, 20051 KApr 2005Sandi Gorin
England, Huie May 18, 20051 KJun 2005Sandi Gorin
Ervin, Lucy June July 10, 20051 KSep 2005Sandi Gorin
Eudy, Donna September 22, 19742 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin
Eudy, Donna Sue September 22, 19742 KJul 2005Sandi Gorin
Ellison, Elizabeth November 28, 19001 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin
Ellison, Tabitha J. August 11, 18981 KMar 2005Sandi Gorin

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