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File Description Size Date Submitter
1904 History by Rev. G. G. Smith Early County News 4k May 2002 Joan Herndon
A Defiant Sheriff February 10, 1891 1.6k Mar 2006 Linda Blum-BartonThe Registry
Antioch Church 1856 2k Dec 2002 Lindy HardThe Registry
1863 Early County News 9k Feb 2003 Alexandra Bakarich
1864 Early County News 48k Feb 2003 Alexandra Bakarich
1865 Early County News 5k Feb2003 Alexandra Bakarich
Joel Crawford Letter 11.3k Nov 2003 Lindy HardThe Registry
Joel Crawford commissioner 1.2k Nov 2003 Lindy HardThe Registry
Counterfeiters 1.2k Nov 2003 Lindy HardThe Registry
Early & Baker Senatorial Convention June 18 1845 3.2K Dec 2003 Lindy HardThe Registry
Planters' Club of Early 2.6K Dec 2003 Lindy HardThe Registry
Democratic meeting May 21 1845 1.5K Dec 2003 Lindy HardThe Registry
Citizens Meeting August 19 1846 8.8K Dec 2003 Lindy HardThe Registry
Shooting at Blakely July 14 1893 1K Apr 2004 Harris Hill
Addie Tiner Sheffield Mock 3.4K
Mar 2006 Debra Pate
Joint Resolutions May Lead to GA / AL Border War 1.2K Aug 2007 Candace [ Teal ] Gravelle
Land Purchase at Jakin 1.2K   Clyde Watson

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