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Wills & Estate Records
Description Size Date Submitter
Amos, E.M. Admin Sale 1843 2K Oct 2003 Lindy Hard
Bentley, John Bentley (Annual Returns Slave Lists) 4K Mar 2003 Pat Crabtree
Bradford, Nathaniel 16K Mar 2003 Liz Cunningham
Britt, John J. 16K Apr 2001 Rozine Sheets
Dent, John Estate 6K May 2002 Cheryl Bloodworth Aultman
Fudge, Elizabeth 15K Apr 2001 Marcelle Bridgeman
Fudge, Jacob 16K Apr 2001 Marcelle Bridgeman
Hancock, William 1852 6K Nov 2005 Jackie Jones
Hicks, Amos 11K Apr 2001 Marcelle Bridgeman
Hicks, Mary 10K Apr 2001 Marcelle Bridgeman
Johnson, William L August 12 1848 10K Jun 2004 Lisa Nelson Windham
Lightfoot, Benjamin 16K Apr 2001 Patsy Gaultney Adams
Lowe, Samuel 6K Jul 2002 Mary Buehler
Marshall, Lucy 4K Mar 2002 Amanda Cook
Renfroe, Enoch August 7 1802 5K Sep 2001 Joyce R. Harrison
Roberson, Beverly B. 11K Apr 2001 Marcelle Bridgeman
Sloan, Elizabeth 1865 16K Aug 2003 Bob Sloan
Smith, Anthony Garnett [Sr.] [Reverend] April 17, 1839 7.9 K Aug 2012 T. Brad Willis
Smith, Anthony G. [Garnett] [Jr.] July 12, 1890 2.5 K Aug 2012 T. Brad Willis
Whittington, Sherod (Estate) 16K Jan 2003 Cheryl Bloodworth Aultman
Williford, Thomas 6K Sep 2001 Vicki Williford Faciane
Zeigler, William 1854 17K Oct 1998 Honey Lanham Dodge

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