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Garfield County
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County Seat - Glenwood Springs
(1883-1885) - Carbonate
Population - 43,791
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Garfield County was created in 1883 from part of Summit County.
In 1889 the north part was split off to form Rio Blanco County.
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1905 "Progressive Men of Western Colorado Updated Mar 06 Judy Crook
Austin, Lyman W
Baker, David
Barthel, Edward G.
Baxter, A.S
Beardsley, Arthur L
Bowles, Samuel
Brown, Horace G
Campbell , Edmund F
Cannon, Frank P.
Cardnell, William
Carter, Henry C
Chadwick, Charles A.
Chadwick, William
Chapman, William
Chatfield, I.S
Clark, George A
Clausen, Jens J
Cramer, Samuel
Cook, John C
Cramer, Samuel
Curtis, James W.
Delaney, John
Dickson, Amos J
Dow, Andrew
Dyer, Joseph M.
Edgerton, Hamlin L
Eglee, Edward E.
Ellis, Bert
Elrod, John B.
Ewers, James
Forker, William 
Frahm, John H.
Fuller, Collins D
Gant, Emanuel
Gant, William
George, Alfred
Goodrich, George H.
Graham, Isem W.
Harris, Charles H
Hasley, Henry
Heaton, William V
Henrickson, Hans S
Heuschkel, Frank L
Hickman, John F
Hickman, William H
Hoffman, David J.
Holland, Oscar
Hotz, Martin
Hudson, Lorenzo D
Hughes, Edwin S
Hunter, James T
Hurlburt, John B.
Johnson, William S
Jayne, Whitaker
Kellogg, Irving M
Kennedy, William P.
Kiggins, Zachariah B
Kimball, G.p.o.
King, George W
Lake, Lucas
Langstaff, John J.
Larson, Charles H
Larson, Charles P
Lee, William R
Lewis, Wilbert E
Loshbaugh, Eli C
Luxen, Joseph
McBirney, Joseph T.
McCarthy, Daniel
McCary, James T.
Needham, James
Nuckolds, Marshall James
Nurnberg, Eugene
Nurnberg, John
Porter, James S
Rhoads, Jasper N
Rosenberg, Theodore
Sebree, Ozias D
Schutte, John Christian
Sherwood, Benjamin
Sherwood, Robert L
Shippee, Marcus L
Sievers, George
Smith, William L
Squire, Frank D
Staton, Hyrcanus
Streit, Martin H.
Strouse, Edwin H.
Taylor, Edward T
Thompson, Benjamin H
Tichenor, Dr. W.W.
Todd, Charles L.
Toland, Frank M
Van Cleave, H.M.
Van Cleve, Philip H
Voorhees, Kilburn C
Wald, Peter
Ware, Hiram V
Waters, Thomas
Watson, Benjamin K
Wilkinson, William H.
Williams, David H
Williams, Seth
Willson , Fred D.
Wilmoth, Sylvester
Wurts, William W
Yeoman, Enos F.
Yule, Joseph
Yule, George
Zerbe, Allen L
Icon indicates cemetery headstone photographs have been donated to the Colorado Tombstone Photo Project.
Battlement Mesa Cemetery 29 KB Sep 98 Judy Crook
Divide Creek Cemetery
aka Fairview (Banta) Cemetery, south of Silt
14 KB Nov 98 Donna L. Drummond
Fisher Cemetery 7 KB Jan 99 Judy Crook
Highland Cemetery, New Castle
A-E | F-J | K-M | N-Z
Avg 25 KB Nov 98 Donna L. Drummond
Hillcrest Cemetery, Carbondale      
Family Plots, New Castle Area 5 KB Nov 98 Donna L. Drummond
Marion (Spring Gulch) Cemetery 2 KB Feb 99 Donna L. Drummond
Pioneer Cemetery, Glenwood Springs 43 KB May 98 Donna L. Drummond
Rose Bud Cemetery, Glenwood Springs      
Rose Hill Cemetery, Rifle
1890-1920 Cemetery Records
Moose Lodge Section
Section: C | G | A-L in progress
Avg 20 KB Updated
May 01
Judy Crook
Russey-Hurlburt Cemetery, Parachute 19 KB Sep 98 Judy Crook
1911 Edition Colorado Business Directory
Antlers | Carbondale | CardiffGlenwood SpringsGrand ValleyMarion | NewcastleRavenRifleSouth CanonSiltSunlight

Errata - Silt-Cozza
  Nov 04 Joy Fisher
Casualty Lists Vulcan Mine 1896-1918, New Castle 9 KB Nov 98 Donna L. Drummond
Mortuary Records
Burdge Funeral Home, Glenwood Springs
A-B | C | D-F | G-I | J-L | Mc-M | N-P | R | S | T-V | W-Z
Avg 60 KB Dec 98 Donna L. Drummond
Crawford Mortuary, New Castle 8 KB Nov 98 Donna L. Drummond
Schwarz Mortuary, Glenwood Springs
A-G | H-P | Q-Z
Avg 62 KB Nov 98 Donna L. Drummond
Antonio Cozza - 25 Feb 1888
Declaration of Intent (scan, text)
102 kb img
2 kb txt
Feb 08 Marilyn Cozza
Peter John Cozza - 29 July 1905
Minors Petition and Final Oath (scan, text)
270 kb img
2 kb txt
Feb 08 Marilyn Cozza
Newspaper Clippings
Hattie Fuller - Ira Hancock Wedding
Rifle Reveille May 30, 1902
2 kb Feb 08 Marilyn Cozza
Yule-McBurney Wedding
New Castle News-Jan 1896
2 KB Nov 00 Andrea Strahl
The Rifle Telegram 1916
Myron W Reed Post No. 108, G.A.R. 1916
  Nov 05 Judy Crook
Collected Newspaper Obits
A-G | H-M | N-Z
(Includes some from Eagle and Lake County.
Also includes some marriages.)
Avg 50 KB Nov 98 Donna L. Drummond
.Adams, James Nesbit (J. N.) June 23, 1904
Unknown Local Newspaper, 1904
4 kb Dec 08 Ruth Meyers
Cozza, Peter John
Glenwood Post - May 1958
2 kb Feb 08 Marilyn Cozza
Fleming, Carrie E.
Rifle Telegram - 1 Jan 1909
3 kb Feb 07 Anne Livingston
Martin, James Albert
Rifle Telegram - Oct 1934
3 KB Jun 00 Andrew Cockroft
Yule, George
Glenwood Post - Aug 1910
4 KB Nov 00 Andrea Strahl
Cozza and Son Saloon - Silt
Photo - Text
90 kb Feb 08 Marilyn Cozza
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