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Vital Records
File Description Size Date Submitter
Selected Birth Records, 1844-1883 3.3K Jan 1999 Mischelle Harpster
Alphabetical list of Various Births 46K Apr 2004 Elizabeth Burns
Birth of William Haywood Richardson 0.7K Jan 1999 Rosa M. Lemvo
Death Records, Partial, 1855-1890 1.7K Jan 1999 Gina Rose
Death of Jane Blankenship Murphy, 1883 1.0K Jan 1999 Russell Lawrence
Selected Marriage Records, 1854-1880 7.5K Jan 1999 Gina Rose
Selected Marriage Records, 1900's 133K Jan 1999 Doris Slaughter
Goodman/Toler Marriage, 1907 1.0K Mar 1999 Sandra Wallace
Belcher/Bishop Marriage Record, 1886 0.9K Jun 1999 Sandra Wallace
Two Belcher Marriage Documents, 1905-1907 1.5K Jun 1999 Beatrice Goodman
Selected Browning Marriages, 1859-1899 4.9K Jun 2000 Lynne Chick
Selected Brooks Marriages, 1859-1899 4.5K Aug 2000 Lynne Chick

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