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Biographies & Family Histories
File Description Size Date Submitter
J. Friend ALLEY 4.8K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
George W. ANDERSON, M. D. 5.3K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Smith BLAIR 4.4K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
William CARLIN 5.1K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Clelland, Calvin M. September 5, 1858 - August 7, 1930 5K Sep 2009 Connie Burkett
Arthur L. CHAMBERS 5.1K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Howard G. GILGER 6.4K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Septimius HALL 6.8K May 1999 Valerie Crook
Harris Clinton HAWKINS 4.4K unknown Valerie Crook
Russell B. HIXENBAUGH 3.3K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Lewis Edwin LANTZ 5.8K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Simeon L. LONG 4.0K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Frank L. MATSON, M. D. 4.1K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Alexander Ewing McCUSKEY, M. D. 5.2K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Burruss B. McGUIRE, M. D. 4.5K unknown Valerie Crook
Gilbert B. MEREDITH 5.6K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Thomas Lee MORGAN 4.7K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Ingrim MYERS 6.5K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Myers, Sylvester July 9, 1861 - March 31, 1935 7K Sep 2011 Connie Burkett
Parriott, James D. June 16, 1880 - Unkn 4K May 2010 Connie Burkett
Harry Hager ROOME 4.1K May 1999 Valerie Crook
Snodgrass, Ellery B. October 30, 1852 - February 15, 1907 3K Apr 2010 Connie Burkett
Snodgrass, Glen October 6, 1881 - September 16, 1932 3K Apr 2010 Connie Burkett
William E. WHARTON 5.0K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook

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