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Military Records
File Description Size Date Submitter
Wm. and John Atrip in the Rev. War 4.3K Jul 2002 John Snyder
                  War of 1812
Sink, Susannah August 18, 1855 4K Mar 2009 Janet King
                  Ante Bellum Period
Captain's Bond, James M. Corns, Jan 1861 3.3K Feb 1999 Diana Kinzer Heath
                  Civil War
Civil War Record of Nathaniel Chaffins 1.7K Jul 2002 Fran Roen
Confederate Info, James M. Corns 3.0K Feb 1999 Diana Kinzer Heath
Company K, 8th Regiment Va. Cavalry 30K unknown June White
16th Regiment Va. Cavalry 24K unknown June White
34th Battalion Va. Cavalry 6.3K unknown June White
45th Batt. Va. Infantry 12K unknown June White
Guerrillas and "Rebel Bill" 15K unknown June White
Va. State Line, & Swann's Battalion 7.5K unknown June White
                  World War I
WWI Roster of Men Who Registered 6-5-1918 6.5K Jun 1998 Candie Freeman
Casualties from World War I 3.3K Apr 2002 unknown
                  World War II
Casualties from World War II 1.7K Apr 2002 unknown
Honor List from NARA Records 3.6K Apr 2002 unknown
                  Korean War
Casualties from the Korean War 1.5K Apr 2002 unknown
                  Vietnam War
Casualties from Viet Nam 1.7K Apr 2002 unknown

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