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Cemetery Listings
File Description Size Date Submitter
Alf Cemetery 14K unknown unknown
Alvy Cemetery 3.0K unknown unknown
Archers Chapel Cemetery 17K 2001 Gary Patterson
Ash Cemetery 0.3K 2001 Gary Patterson
Atwood Cemetery 1.0K 2000 Steve McAnarney
Bailey Cemetery 0.7K unknown unknown
Baker Cemetery 0.3K 2001 Gary Patterson
Ball Cemetery l 0.8K 2001 Gary Patterson
Ball cemetery 2 0.3K 2001 Gary Patterson
Beachwood Cemetery       A-C D-F G-H J-L M N-R S T-Y 4.6-15K unknown unknown
Bennett Cemetery 0.6K 2001 Gary Patterson
Big Run Cemetery 4.9K unknown unknown
Bowser Cemetery l 1.4K 2000 Linda Amos Goddard & Katrinka Pavlisn
Bowser Cemetery 2 1.1K unknown unknown
Boyles Cemetery 3.7K unknown unknown
Brush Run Cemetery 3.7K 2001 Steve McAnarney
Cedar Grove Cemetery 13K 2001 Gary Patterson
Clayton Ash Cemetery 1.9K unknown unknown
Craig Cemetery, Shiloh, Tyler Co., WV 1.4K unknown Lisa Thorn
Davis Cemetery 0.3K unknown unknown
Elk Fork Cemetery 2.4K 2000 Gary Patterson
Evans Cemetery 8.0K unknown unknown
Fairview Cemetery 13K unknown unknown
Falls Mills Cemetery 1.3K 2001 Gary Patterson
Fetty Cemetery 0.6K 2002 Gary Patterson
Five Oaks Cemetery 1.7K 2001 Gary Patterson
Fletcher Cemetery 0.4K 2000 Gary Patterson
Fluharty Cemetery 0.3K 2002 Gary Patterson
Freeland Cemetery 2.0K 1999 Gary Patterson
Friendly Cemetery 25K 2000 Gary Patterson
Garrett Cemetery 6.4K unknown unknown
Glen Haven Memorial Cemetery 0.2K unknown unknown
Gorrell Cemetery 3.2K 2000 Gary Patterson
Grandon Cemetery 0.4 2002 Gary Patterson
Gray Cemetery 0.8K unknown unknown
Greenwood Cemetery 3.3K unknown unknown
Hartman Cemetery 0.4K 2000 Gary Patterson
Haught Cemetery 0.5K unknown unknown
Henderson Cemetery 4.6K 2000 Gary Patterson
Holmes Cemetery 0.5K 2000 Gary Patterson
Horner Cemetery 3.9K 2001 Gary Patterson
Howard Cemetery 0.5K 1999 Gary Patterson
Jemison Cemetery 0.5K 2000 Gary Patterson
Kimble Cemetery 3.8K unknown unknown
Lawsons Cemetery 1.8K 1999 Gary Patterson
Lazear Cemetery 2.8K unknown unknown
Lemasters Cemetery 0.4K 2002 Gary Patterson
Lemasters, W.S Cemetery. 0.9K 2000 Steve McAnarney
Lewis Cemetery 0.7K 2002 Gary Patterson
Lightner Cemetery 0.4K 2002 Gary Patterson
Little Cemetery 7.2K 2000 Gary Patterson
Lonetree Cemetery 16K unknown unknown
Long Cemetery 14K unknown unknown
Longreach Cemetery 1.5K unknown unknown
Lyons Cemetery 2.7K 2000 Gary Patterson
McIntyre Cemetery 1.3K 2001 Steve McAnarney
McKim Cemetery 8.4K unknown unknown
Main Cemetery 0.5K unknown unknown
Mercer Cemetery / Wolf Penn Cemetery 5.0K 2000 Linda Amos Goddard & Katrinka Pavlisn
Middlebourne Cemetery 30K unknown unknown
MiddleFork Cemetery 3.8K unknown unknown
Moore Cemetery #1 1.2K 2000 Gary Patterson
Moore Cemetery #2 0.5K unknown Ruth Moore
Morgan Cemetery 3.0K 2000 Gary Patterson
Mount Aris Cemetery 2.6K unknown unknown
Mt. Hope Cemetery 4.5K unknown unknown
Mount Nebo Cemetery 4.7K unknown unknown
Mt. Zion Cemetery 4.0K 2000 Gary Patterson
Murphy Cemetery 0.4K 2001 Gary Patterson
Oak Grove Cemetery 8.3K 2000 Gary Patterson
Oakwood Cemetery 30K 2001 Gary Patterson
OldDye Cemetery 1.6K unknown Gladys (Bolen) Reinhardt
Old Smith Cemetery 4.3K unknown unknown
Parks Cemetery 9.2K unknown unknown
Peoples Cemetery 0.5K 2000 Gary Patterson
Pierpoint Cemetery 4.5K unknown unknown
Pioneer Cemetery 17K unknown unknown
Point Lookout Cemetery 0.3K unknown unknown
Polly Archer Cemetery 2.1K 2000 Richard Neff
Pursley Cemetery 3.6K 2000 Gary Patterson
Rawley-Masters Cemetery 2.1K 2000 Steve McAnarney
Salisbury Cemetery 0.3K unknown unknown
Sandy Cemetery 0.5K 2002 Gary Patterson
Seckman Cemetery 0.3K 2000 Steve McAnarney
Shirley Cemetery 18K 2001 Gary Patterson
Shreves Cemetery 0.7K 2000 Gary Patterson
Shriver Cemetery 0.3K 2001 Steve McAnarney
Simpson Cemetery 15K 2000 Gary Patterson
Sine Cemetery 0.5K unknown unknown
Slider Cemetery 0.5K 2000 Gary Patterson
Smith Cemetery 2.7K 1999 Gary Patterson
Smith Ridge Cemetery 1.0K 2000 Gary Patterson
Springhill Cemetery 31K unknown unknown
Stealy Cemetery 8.3K unknown unknown
Summers Cemetery 0.4K 2000 Gary Patterson
Talkington Cemetery 0.7K 2000 Gary Patterson
Travis Cemetery 1.1K 2000 Steve McAnarney & Gary Patterson
Tustin Cemetery 0.5K 2001 Steve McAnarney
Tuttle Cemetery 4.1K unknown unknown
Underwood Cemetery 2.8K unknown unknown
Victory Cemetery 1 1.0K unknown unknown
Victory Cemetery 2 0.2K unknown unknown
Walnut Fork Cemetery 0.3K unknown unknown
Watts Cemetery 3.4K 2000 Steve McAnarney
Wells Cemetery 1 5.6K unknown unknown
Wells Cemetery 2 1.0K unknown unknown
White Cemetery 3.3K 2000 Gary Patterson
Wick Cemetery 14K unknown unknown
Wilber Cemetery 1.0K unknown unknown
Williamson Zion Church Cemetery 1.8K unknown unknown
Zion Church Cemetery 2.7K 2002 Gary Patterson

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