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Vital Records
File Description Size Date Submitter
Alphabetical list of births 65K Feb 2006 unknown
1881 Births, partial 6.4K Jan 1999 Janet Estep
Ward Family Birth Records, 1879-1892 1.9K Jun 1999 Sharon Ward-Hart
DeQuasie, DeHart, Stickler Deaths 2.3K Apr 1999 Amber Dalakas
Miscellaneous Death Records 1.5K Jan 1999 Valerie F. Crook
Selected Death Records, 1950-1982 5.2K May 2000 Carol Benjamin
Selected Death Records, 1921-1968 4.9K May 2000 Carol Benjamin
Ward Family Deaths, 1883-1899 2.3K Jun 1999 Sharon Ward-Hart
1874 Marriage Records 17K Jan 1999 Butch Miller
Selected Marriages Records, 1872-1873 11K Jan 1999 Robert Churchill
Anderson Marriages 1.8K Feb 1999 Shirley Anderson Strangis
F.T. Lucas & Malinda J. Sinkler Marriage Record, 1877 1.2K Mar 1999 Amber Dalakas
Two 1899 Marriage Records 1.0K Mar 1999 Valerie F. Crook
DeQuasie Marriages 1871-1888 2.3K Apr 1999 Amber Dalakas
Marriage Records 1877, August - December 14K Apr 1999 Amber Dalakas
Miscellaneous Marriage Records 2.9K Apr 1999 Amber Dalakas
Ward Family Marriage Records, 1873-1912 6.7K Jun 1999 Sharon Ward-Hart
Some Early Merchant Marriages, 1874-1875 1.4K Jan 2000 Linel Merchant
Miscellaneous Marriage Records 2.9K Apr 2000 Valerie F. Crook
Selected Marriage Records 6.2K Jun 2000 Carol Benjamin

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