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Biographies & Family Histories
File Description Size Date Submitter
Fleming N. ALDERSON 6.6K unknown Valerie Crook
Henry W. ARMSTRONG 2.7K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Thomas W. AYRES 4.2K Mar 2000 Pat Johns
Charles William BELL 3.9K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Reese BLIZZARD 9.8K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Arden L. CRAIG 2.1K unknown Valerie Crook
James S. CRAIG 5.6K unknown Valerie Crook
Edward G. FEUERHERM 2.7K Mar 2000 Pat Johns
Walter R. GROSE 5.2k unknown Valerie Crook
Alexander GROVES 4.4K unknown Valerie Crook
Augustus Allen HAMILTON, JR. 3.7K Mar 2000 Joan Wyatt
Arthur Burke KOONTZ 4.7K unknown Kerry Armour
Oslo A. LUCAS 3.4K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Clarence L. PERKINS 4.6K unknown Valerie Crook
Hugh H. STEELE 3.8K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Henry S. SMITH 4.5K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Oscar Lee STANARD 10K Mar 2000 Joan Wyatt
Frank STONE 3.1K Mar 2000 Pat Johns
Lanty H. WALKER 5.0K unknown Valerie Crook

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