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Wills & Probate Records
File Description Size Date Submitter
Joseph Abbott 3.2K Jan 2002 Becky Falin
James Alexander, 1813 3.9K Oct 2000 Kathy Brown
Andrew Beirne, 1845 5.0K Jun 1999 Elizabeth Burns
Thomas Boggess, 1832 4.6K Oct 1997 Judy Wright
William Burdette 2.9K Jul 2002
Zachariah Callaway 4.1K Jun 2003 R.L. Thompson
Hugh Caperton, 1846 16K Jun 1999 Elizabeth Burns
Edward Cornwell and Mary Cornwell 5.7K Jul 2002
Patrick Boyd Will 5.5K May 2010 David Boyd
Eggleston, Margaret Virginia November 8, 1916 5K Nov 2011 Lynn Eggleston
James Ellison, 1838 3.8K Mar 1999 Melissa Duggins
John Handley, 1810 6.1K Sep 2000 Beverly Denig Jones
William Handley, 1840 11K May 2000 Beverly Denig Jones
Frederick Honaker, 1824 4.9K Jan 1999 Louise Perkins
James Marshall Keenan, 1862 1.9K Aug 1999 Larry Gwinn
Adam Mann 4.0K Jul 2002 Becky Falin
Henry McDaniel, Sr., 1819 4.8K Dec 1999 Kelly Greer
Inventory of Henry McDaniel, Sr.’s Estate, 1819 6.8K Dec 1999 Kelly Greer
Nathan Milbourn, Sr., c1808 2.3K Jan 2000 Melinda E. Jacquier
Nathan Milbourn, Jr., 1836 2.0K Jan 2000 Melinda E. Jacquier
Estate Inventory of Walter Neal, 1801 3.4K Oct 1999 Kay Hudson
Owen Neele, 1828 8.1K Aug 2000 W. Stephen Neel
Joseph Parker, Sr., c1819 5.4K Aug 2000 Sue Taylor Durham
Robert Patton, 1823 8.2K Dec 2002 Fran. O'Brien
Robert Pine, 1849 2.2K Nov 1999 Bill Pine
James Sweeney, 1825 3.3K Feb 1999 Bill B. Bentley
William Rice, 1843 2.4K Apr 1999 Noelle Rice
John Smith 4.5K Mar 2002 Tom Smith
Jacob Smith, 1866 3.7K Sep 1999 Virginia "Gin" Pyne Fair
John Soffer, 1813 2.7K Oct 2000 Dorothy H. Miller
Knotliff Talor, 1806 2.0K Jan 2000 Melinda E. Jacquier
Thomas Walker 15K Mar 2002 Denise Smith

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