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Wills and Probate Records

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Wills and Probate Records
File Description Size Date Submitter
Hezekiah AGEE 7.89K Jun 2001 Tammy Barber
Adam AULTZ 3.7K Jun 2001 Tammy Barber
Appr of/Est of John AUSTIN 1.5K Jun 2001 Tammy Barber
Will & Appr of/Est John BAGBY 3.5K Jun 2001 Tammy Barber
James BAILEY Sr. 3.6K Jan 2000 Lorna Workman
William T. BAILEY 1.7K Jan 2000 Lorna Workman
BROWN, Charles, 1846 5.8K Aug 1996 James Denning
Reuben Rucker BURFORD 2.6K Jan 2000 Lorna Workman
FALON (FALIN), Malinda, 1919 3.4K Oct 1996 Becky Falin
McCOWN, James, 1871 3.8K Aug 1996 Mabry Benson
McCOWN, Malcolm, 1814 4.3K Aug 1996 Mabry Benson
MORRIS, William, 1794 2.7K Sep 1996 Karen Krugman
WILL BOOK A 215K Jun 1998 Tammy Barber

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