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File Description Size Date Submitter

Obituaries A - G

53K 6/13/1998 Janet Waite & Dale Patterson

Obituaries H - Z

68K 6/13/1998 Janet Waite & Dale Patterson

Obituaries A -W

29K 6/17/1998 Janet Waite & Dale Patterson
Albert E. Barmer 2K 9/6/2001 unknown
George Kenneth Bartley, Sr. 3K 9/6/2001 unknown
Ida Raber Bott 2K 9/6/2001 unknown
Martha E. Henderson Brenneman 2K 9/6/2001 unknown
Mamie Gertrude Brown 2K 9/6/2001 unknown
Clyde Leonard Cameron 2K 9/6/2001 unknown
Alice M. Halstead Chambers 2K 9/6/2001 unknown
William Chapman 2K 9/7/2001 unknown
William J. Clark 2K 9/6/2001 unknown

Margaret E. Wern Craft

2K 9/6/2001 unknown
Loretta Stephens Dornan 2K 9/7/2001 unknown
Erla M. Dunlevy 2K 9/7/2001 unknown
Herbert Dunlevy 2K 9/7/2001 unknown
H. M. Figley 2K 9/7/2001 unknown
Ruhama Figley 2K 9/7/2001 unknown
Oscar Flowers 2K 9/7/2001 unknown

Elizabeth Campbell Herron

2K 9/7/2001 unknown
Albert A. Imm 2.6K 11/11/2008 Clarke Ross
Willavene A. Imm 2K 11/11/2008 Clarke Ross
Floyd H. (Doc) Lyons 3K 6/13/1998 Janet Waite
Dr. David Stanley Pugh 5K 9/7/2001 unknown

Miss Honor A. Ralston

2K 9/7/2001 unknown
Charles Swaney



Janet Waite

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