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File Description Size Date Submitter
The C. A. Smith Era 12K 6/13/1998 Janet Waite
Chester City Hall 2K 1/13/2000 Janet Waite
Chester Train Station 2K 1/13/2000 Janet Waite
Rock Springs Park 2K 1/13/2000 Janet Waite
The Alpine Theatre 2K 1/13/2000 Janet Waite
The Old Chester Bridge 2K 1/13/2000 Janet Waite

The World's Largest Teapot

2K 1/13/2000 Janet Waite
1850 Levy 4K 6/14/1998 Janet Waite
Fairview in 1814 3K 6/14/1998 Janet Waite
Fairview Postmasters 3K 6/15/1998 Janet Waite

Fairview Methodist Protestant Church

3K 6/15/1998 Janet Waite
Early Settlers 3K 6/22/1998 Janet Waite
Historic Chester Sites 10K 2/22/1999 Roy Cashdollar
Chester Rolling Mill 3K 3/11/1999 Janet Waite
Proceedings Of The First County Court 9K 3/11/1999 Dale Patterson
County Officials 4K 3/11/1999 Dale Patterson
Weirton Junction Station 3K 3/11/1999 Julia Heaton Krutilla
Weirton Park Opens 2K 3/11/1999 Julia Heaton Krutilla
Winchester Remembered 15K 2/22/1999 Greg Rayburn

The Cord Tire Company

4K 9/11/1999 Valerie Foren Crook
The Mack Manufacturing Company 6K 9/22/1999 Valerie Foren Crook
Chester Schools 5K 6/9/1999 Valerie Foren Crook
Early Hancock County Schools 4K 6/9/1999 Valerie Foren Crook

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