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Vital Records
File Description Size Date Submitter
Misc. Baptisms and Births 5.1K Nov 1998 Marilyn Merritt
Selected Birth Records, (GREENE, NICHOLS, OSBORN, CART) 2.2K Aug 1999 several
Selected Birth Records (BLETHEN, CHILDERS, COULTER & others) 19K Jan 2000 Lorna Marks
Listing of the Births in 1853 16K Mar 2000 Elizabeth Burns
Listing of the Births in 1854 19K Mar 2000 Elizabeth Burns
WARD Births in Greenbrier Co 0.9K Jun 1999 Sharon Ward-Hart
Misc. Deaths from Death Register and Burial Registers 5.7K Dec 1998 Marilyn Merritt
Selected Death Records (BLETHEN, CHILDERS, DICKSON & others) 11K Jan 2000 Lorna Marks
McCormack, Leonard Ward - 1989 2.0K Sep 2009 Harry Ward McCormack
Lonnie FORREN and Ella SMITH, 1920 2.6K Nov 1997 Valerie F. Crook
Marriages for HANNA Surname 2.8K Feb 1998 Jimmie Barnes
Miscellaneous Marriages 5.6K Nov 1998 Marilyn Merritt
Selected Marriages (BOWEN, CHILDERS & others) 33K Jan 2000 Lorna Marks
Two GILKERSON Grooms 1.3K Apr 1998 Valerie F. Crook
Andrew HANNAH & Permelia DOVE, 1850 1.3K Apr 1998 Jimmie Barnes
George LOUDERMILK & Elizabeth T. WALTON, 1855 1.1K Apr 1998 Melba L. Purkey
George W. OSBORNE & Susannah FLESHMAN, 1815 1.1K Apr 1998 Tonya Shaffer Chacon
Plogger, Vallie Mae - McCormack, Leonard Ward - 1931 1.3K Sep 2009 Harry Ward McCormack
Mahlon B. VANDEGRIFT & Virginia C. SYDENSTRICKER, 1861 1.2K Jun 1999 Darla Ruebush
Forest L. WALLACE & Miss Lee WILKINSON, 1888 1.2K Apr 1998 Valerie F. Crook
WARD Marriages in Greenbrier Co 1.9K Jun 1999 Sharon Ward-Hart

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