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Cemetery Listings
File Description Size Date Submitter
Alphabetical List of Burials, A-E only, Names of Cemeteries not given 77K unknown unknown
Ashley-Collison Cemetery 1.9K May 1999 Linda L. Carpenter
Butcher Cemetery 7.4K unknown Lola Butcher Given
Butler Cemetery 2.5K May 1999 Linda L. Carpenter
Cart Cemetery 2.0K May 1999 Linda L. Carpenter
Duffield Cemetery 15K 2000 Beatrice Jackson Miller
Elliott cemetery 13K Feb 2002 Neva Stout Bryant
Jarrett, Reedy, Brown Cemetery 1.7K unknown Sarah Brown Bragg
Johnson Cemetery Photos (Partial)
Feb 2011 Penny Harris
Johnson, Brown Cemetery 1.4K unknown Sarah Brown Bragg
Lanham Cemetery 1.3K Apr 2001 Bridgett Nealis
McLaughin Cemetery, Duck, WV 4.3K Mar 2000 Linda Carpenter
Nichols cemetery 9.5K Feb 2002 Neva Stout Bryan
Otis Johnson Family Cemetery 1.6K May 1999 Linda L. Carpenter
Paxton Cemetery 1.1K unknown Patty Paxton Caudill
Rose Family Cemetery 3.0K May 1999 Linda L. Carpenter
Sears Cemetery 1.4K unknown James Franklin Sears
Sizemore Cemetery 4.6K Oct 1998 Neva Jane Stout Bryant
Sunset Cemetery - Complete Survey Photo Link Jul 2010 Angela Neal
Tanner Cemetery, Duck, WV 2.1K Mar 2000 Linda Carpenter
Tinnel, Boggs cemetery 2.4K Jul 1998 Paula Morris
Walnut Grove Cemetery 28K 1996 Lola Butcher Given

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