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Cemetery Listings
File Description Size Date Submitter
Birch River Cemetery 2.9K Apr 1999 Betty Stowers
Case Cemetery 2.1K Apr 1999 Betty Stowers
Cogar Cemetery 1.9K Jul 2001 Zelma L Fisher
Copen Cemetery 1.9K unknown unknown
David Hamric Memorial Cemetery 5K Oct 2009 Janet Hamric
Duckworth Cemetery - Photos

Dunn Cemetery - Complete Survey 13K Aug 2010 Cheryl Brown
Falls Run Cemetery 4.6K Dec 2001 Tommy Wimer
Felix Sutton Cemetery 3.3K Dec 2001 Tommy Wimer
Fisher Cemetery 3K Jun 2012 Zelma Fisher
Garee Low Gap - Complete Survey 7K Mar 2010 Linda Greig
Green Hill Cemetery - Photos Varies Aug 2011 Tina Brown The Registry
Gregory Cemetery 2.6K Jul 1998 Lisa Gregory
David Hamric Cemetery 2.8K Apr 1999 Betty Stowers
Krafft   Cemetery 3KJun 2012Zelma Fisher
McCoy Cemetery 3K Oct 2009 Janet Hamric
McCoy-McMorrow Cemetery 6K Oct 2009 Janet Hamric
Middle Run Baptist Church Cemetery - Complete Survey 33K Aug 2010 Cheryl Brown
Mill Stone Cemetery 1.9K Nov 2001 Tommy Wimer
MORRIS/CHAPMAN CEMETERY-aka Roscoe Chapman Cemetery 2.9K Oct 2002 Shirley Morris Patrick
Jack Point Cemetery 4.3K Apr 1999 Betty Stowers
Snake Creek Cemetery 2.8K Apr 1999 Betty Stowers
Sugar Creek Cemetery 2K Oct 2009 Janet Hamric
Tate Creek Cemetery 3.1K Apr 1999 Betty Stowers

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