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Description Size Date Contributor
Biographical Index: History Of Columbia County, Wisconsin, 1880 23 kb 30-Mar-1999 Cheryl Janke
Biographical Index: History Of Columbia County, Wisconsin, Vol. II, 1914 9 kb 30-Mar-1999 Cheryl Janke
Lewis Brown, Columbia Co., Wisconsin 4 kb   Candy Grubb
A. L. Bennetts 2k 20-Aug-2008 Alice Warner
George H. Cogswell 2k 12-Apr-2007 Roxanne Munns
George Edward Stubbins 8k 29-Mar-2009 Clay Stubbins
Gilbert Van Steenwyk 2k 13-Apr-2007 Roxanne Munns


Description Size Date Contributor
The Dekorra Cemetery: Dekorra Township, Columbia County, WI 4 kb   Lisa Shaw
Tombstone Photo Pages - Columbia County      


Description Size Date Contributor
Columbia County, Wisconsin, Normal June 11, 1918 Commencement 2 kb 6-Sep-1998 Delanie Alcorn-Jones


Description Size Date Contributor
Wisconsin Land Patents Database: Columbia County   Joy Fisher
Tina Vickery

Description Size Date Contributor
WWI Army casualties 5k 8-Nov-2007 Joy Fisher
WWII: Enlistees, Abraham-Fuller 73k 20-Apr-2006 Tina Vickery
WWII: Enlistees, Galien-Lytle 74k 20-Apr-2006 Tina Vickery
WWII: Enlistees, Maass-Ryan 59k 20-Apr-2006 Tina Vickery
WWII: Enlistees, Salzman-Zunker 67k 20-Apr-2006 Tina Vickery


Description Size Date Contributor
Daniel Babcock 1k 3/25/2007 Vicki Corkhill
Phillip Connell 1kb 5/22/2005 Joan Benner
George Marshall 3kb 5/22/2005 Joan Benner
Mrs. Sophia (Ellithorpe) Rowley 2kb   Karolyn Roberts

Vital Records

Description Size Date Contributor
DeVoe Records in Columbia Co., Wisconsin 2kb Duane DeVoe

Penny Postcards from Wisconsin ~ Columbia County

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