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Description Size Date Contributor
Ancestries of pre-1900 Adams Co. Wisconsin residents46kb9/9/1998J.T. Elderkin



Description Size Date Contributor
Partial list of Spring Branch Cemetery in Adams Co., Wisconsin3kb2/23/1999Sally Traver
Cemetery Records for Surname Tuttle (Tuttle Cemetery) [partial list] Adams County, Wisconsin2kb2/23/1999Sally Traver
Tombstone Photograph Pages   



Description Size Date Contributor
Freindship High School Class of 1925, Adams County, Wisconsin2kbErika Hall



Description Size Date Contributor
Wisconsin Land Patents Database: Adams County 11/21/1999Joy Fisher & Tina Vickery




Description Size Date Contributor
Men who died in the Army during WWI from Adams County, WI3kb1/2/2000Robin Helman
WWII: Enlistees71k4/23/2006Tina Vickery



Description Size Date Contributor
Newsclipping: BEALS, Mrs. Clark, birthday celebration, Adams County, Wisconsin3kb10/31/1998Erika Hall
CRANFORD/HALL--Adams County, Wisconsin Poets4kb11/4/1998Erika Hall
Newspaper article: "Local Girl Wins Illinois Futurity", Adams County, Wisconsin2kb11/4/1998Erika Hall



Description Date Contributor
ARENDSEE, Otto5/20/2005Joan Benner
ARMSTRONG, C.W.5/20/2005Joan Benner
ARVOLD, Peter O.5/20/2005Joan Benner
ATCHERSON, Warren T.5/20/2005Joan Benner
ATKINS, Horace5/20/2005Joan Benner
ATTLESON, James5/20/2005Joan Benner
AUSLAND, Margaret5/20/2005Joan Benner
BABCOCK, Dennis Ray5/20/2005Joan Benner
BACON, Charlotte5/20/2005Joan Benner
BACON, David N.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BACON, Mary J.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BACON, Volney5/20/2005Joan Benner
BAMBER, Mrs. William5/20/2005Joan Benner
BAUER, John5/20/2005Joan Benner
BAUR, Henrietta5/20/2005Joan Benner
BEALS, Libbie (McCLLYMAN)11/4/1998Erika Hall
BEALS, Libbie (McCLYMAN)11/4/1998Erika Hall
BEAN, Hannah5/20/2005Joan Benner
BEESTON, Reuben5/20/2005Joan Benner
BERRY, Irwin S.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BERRY, S. P.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BIDWELL, Charles5/20/2005Joan Benner
BIDWELL, Philander5/20/2005Joan Benner
BILLINGS, Dana D.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BLAIR, Adeline5/20/2005Joan Benner
BLANCHARD, Nancy5/20/2005Joan Benner
BLOSS, Reuben5/20/2005Joan Benner
BONNETT, James5/20/2005Joan Benner
BOWMAN, Jonathan5/20/2005Joan Benner
BREDESEN, Peter O.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BRIGGS, Robey5/20/2005Joan Benner
BROJAK, Albert George5/20/2005Joan Benner
BROWN, David A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BURDICK, Mary5/20/2005Joan Benner
BURGDORFF, Sarah M. (FONDA)11/4/1998Erika Hall
BURGDORFF, Wilhelmina5/20/2005Joan Benner
BURHITE, William W.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BURIAN, Anna5/20/2005Joan Benner
BURKE, Humphrey5/20/2005Joan Benner
BURKE, Nellie5/20/2005Joan Benner
BURNHAM, Mary A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
BURNS, George5/20/2005Joan Benner
BUTLER, Cynthia5/20/2005Joan Benner
CAIN, Earl5/20/2005Joan Benner
CAIRNS, William5/20/2005Joan Benner
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth5/20/2005Joan Benner
CAMPBELL, John5/20/2005Joan Benner
CARTER, Jirah5/20/2005Joan Benner
CARTER, Richard K11/4/1998Erika Hall
CATCHIM, Anna5/20/2005Joan Benner
CAVANAUGH, Mary P.5/20/2005Joan Benner
CHAFFEE, Laura5/20/2005Joan Benner
CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah5/20/2005Joan Benner
CHILSON, Allansing5/20/2005Joan Benner
CHRISTENSEN, Mary5/20/2005Joan Benner
CHRISTENSON, Betsey5/20/2005Joan Benner
CHRISTENSON, Carl5/20/2005Joan Benner
CHURCHILL, Mark5/20/2005Joan Benner
CLAPP, Edwin O.5/20/2005Joan Benner
CLARK, Amelia5/20/2005Joan Benner
CLARK, Dora5/20/2005Joan Benner
CLARK, William5/20/2005Joan Benner
CLARK, William D.5/20/2005Joan Benner
CLELAND, Clara L.5/20/2005Joan Benner
CLELAND, Hugh5/20/2005Joan Benner
CLEMENTSON, Hattie5/20/2005Joan Benner
COLBURN, A. W.5/20/2005Joan Benner
COLBY, Sarah A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
CONRADSON, Hannah5/20/2005Joan Benner
COON, Esther F.5/20/2005Joan Benner
COON, Prentiss5/20/2005Joan Benner
COTTON, Emulous P.5/20/2005Joan Benner
COTTON, Jeddie D.5/20/2005Joan Benner
COTTON, Rolla5/20/2005Joan Benner
CROGHAN, Peter P.5/20/2005Joan Benner
CROSBY, Elisha5/20/2005Joan Benner
CROTHERS, Robert5/20/2005Joan Benner
CROTHERS, Sideny5/20/2005Joan Benner
CRUTHERS, Ann5/20/2005Joan Benner
CUMMINGS, Angeline5/20/2005Joan Benner
CUMMINGS, Edward A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
CUMMINGS, Norman5/20/2005Joan Benner
CUMMINGS, Theodore R.5/20/2005Joan Benner
DARROW, Eliza5/20/2005Joan Benner
DAVIS, William A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
DAWES, James M.5/20/2005Joan Benner
DAY, Ella5/20/2005Joan Benner
DEMOTT, John5/20/2005Joan Benner
DEMOTT, Lydia5/20/2005Joan Benner
DIMICK, Celina5/20/2005Joan Benner
DITTBURNER, Eva5/20/2005Joan Benner
DITTBURNER, Fred, Sr.5/20/2005Joan Benner
DUNN, Robert5/20/2005Joan Benner
DURKEE, Joseph5/20/2005Joan Benner
EACHOR, George5/20/2005Joan Benner
EBSON, Esther5/20/2005Joan Benner
EDDY, Edgar5/20/2005Joan Benner
EDWARDS, Job5/20/2005Joan Benner
ELLINGSEN, Martha5/20/2005Joan Benner
ELLIOTT, Harold11/4/1998Erika Hall
ELY, Dexter5/20/2005Joan Benner
ELY, Henry D.5/20/2005Joan Benner
ELY, Jonathan D.5/20/2005Joan Benner
ENGELHARDT, Lottie5/20/2005Joan Benner
ERICKSON, Henry5/20/2005Joan Benner
ERICKSON, Holver5/20/2005Joan Benner
ERICKSON, Holver5/20/2005Joan Benner
EROVITZ, Mary5/20/2005Joan Benner
EVANS, Josephine5/20/2005Joan Benner
FENNER, Will Earl11/4/1998Erika Hall
FENNER, Marvin G.11/4/1998Erika Hall
FISCHER, Charlie5/20/2005Joan Benner
FITCH, Charles B.5/20/2005Joan Benner
FLOOK, Thomas5/20/2005Joan Benner
FOLMSBEE, John5/20/2005Joan Benner
FREDAY, Crinna5/20/2005Joan Benner
FRYER, Mary5/20/2005Joan Benner
FRYER, Sarah5/20/2005Joan Benner
GARDNER, James5/20/2005Joan Benner
GARDNER, Oliver5/20/2005Joan Benner
GARTHWAIT, Clarenda5/20/2005Joan Benner
GLEASON, Charles5/20/2005Joan Benner
GLEASON, Electa5/20/2005Joan Benner
GLEASON, Ransom5/20/2005Joan Benner
GRAHAM, John W.5/20/2005Joan Benner
GRAY, Chester5/20/2005Joan Benner
GRAY, Lucy5/20/2005Joan Benner
GREENWOOD, Leonard5/20/2005Joan Benner
GREENWOOD, Thomas5/20/2005Joan Benner
GROW, Arthur H.5/20/2005Joan Benner
Harold W. HALL11/4/1998Erika Hall
HAMILTON, Courtland A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HAMMOND, Clinton5/20/2005Joan Benner
HAMMOND, John Riley5/20/2005Joan Benner
HANSON, Torger5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRINGTON, Mahala5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRIS, Anninias5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRIS, Berrine5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRIS, Phoebe5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRISON, Belle5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRISON, Henriette A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRISON, James M.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRISON, Jerome B.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HARRISON, Sarah A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HATCH, Elijah5/20/2005Joan Benner
HAVEN, Thankful5/20/2005Joan Benner
HAVLIK, Louis5/20/2005Joan Benner
HAVLIK, Louis, Jr.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HAWES, John5/20/2005Joan Benner
HEDDEN, George5/20/2005Joan Benner
HENDRICK, Jason5/20/2005Joan Benner
HENRY, Georgia5/20/2005Joan Benner
HERMON, Lewis5/20/2005Joan Benner
HIGBEE, Catherine5/20/2005Joan Benner
HILL, A. J.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HILL, Julia5/20/2005Joan Benner
HINMAN, Mrs. M. J.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOCKERMAN, Charles5/20/2005Joan Benner
HODAN, John5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOLM, Ole5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOLM, Sigrid5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOLMES, David5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOLMES, Hannah Mary5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOLMES, Lois A. (DEWAR)11/4/1998Erika Hall
HOLMES, Luther W.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HORR, Warren5/20/2005Joan Benner
HORTON, Thomas W.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOSKINS, Sophie5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOWARD, Hiram A.5/20/2005Joan Benner
HOWARD, Samuel5/20/2005Joan Benner
HUBBARD, Henry5/20/2005Joan Benner
HUBBARD, William5/20/2005Joan Benner
HUBBS, Cyrus5/20/2005Joan Benner
HURLEY, Kenneth5/20/2005Joan Benner
IVERSON, Ingelev5/20/2005Joan Benner
JACOBSON, Henry5/21/2005Joan Benner
JARANDY, Chris A.5/21/2005Joan Benner
JEFFERSON, John5/21/2005Joan Benner
JOHNSON, Clarkson5/21/2005Joan Benner
JOHNSON, Dorothy5/21/2005Joan Benner
JOHNSON, Peter5/21/2005Joan Benner
JONES, Chester5/21/2005Joan Benner
JONES, Lilla A.5/21/2005Joan Benner
JONES, Matilda5/21/2005Joan Benner
JONES, Mercy5/21/2005Joan Benner
KELLOGG, Charles Newton5/21/2005Joan Benner
KELLOGG, Mary5/21/2005Joan Benner
KEMNITZ, William5/21/2005Joan Benner
KERSHAW, William John5/21/2005Joan Benner
KINYON, Ann E.5/21/2005Joan Benner
Richard KLATT11/4/1998Erika Hall
KLAUS, Frederick5/21/2005Joan Benner
KNIGHT, Rachel5/21/2005Joan Benner
KNUTSON, Tollef5/21/2005Joan Benner
LAMPHEAR, Robert5/21/2005Joan Benner
LAPHAM, Adelbert E.5/21/2005Joan Benner
LARKIN, David Weedin5/21/2005Joan Benner
LAWRENCE, Eddie A.5/21/2005Joan Benner
LAWRENCE, Frank M.5/21/2005Joan Benner
LOOMIS, Sylvia5/21/2005Joan Benner
LOSEY, Libbie5/21/2005Joan Benner
LOVELL, Jane B.5/21/2005Joan Benner
LUMBY, Theresa5/21/2005Joan Benner
MAGOWAN, William5/21/2005Joan Benner
MANN, Mary5/21/2005Joan Benner
MAROUSEK, Frank5/21/2005Joan Benner
MARTINSON, Otis5/21/2005Joan Benner
MASON, Arthur5/21/2005Joan Benner
MASON, Boomer5/21/2005Joan Benner
MASON, Frank5/21/2005Joan Benner
MCAUSTLAND, William5/21/2005Joan Benner
McCLYMAN, Inez M. (GOULD)11/4/1998Erika Hall
MCINTYRE, Jerome B.5/21/2005Joan Benner
MCINTYRE, Nelson5/21/2005Joan Benner
MCKINLEY, Robert5/21/2005Joan Benner
MCLAUGHLIN, Matie5/21/2005Joan Benner
MERRIAM, Ward H.5/21/2005Joan Benner
METEYARD, Charles5/21/2005Joan Benner
MILLER, Augusta5/21/2005Joan Benner
MOORE, Charles5/21/2005Joan Benner
MORGAN, Albert5/21/2005Joan Benner
MORLEY, Myron M.5/21/2005Joan Benner
MORMAN, John5/21/2005Joan Benner
MORSE, Edgar A.5/21/2005Joan Benner
MOTT, Jonathan5/21/2005Joan Benner
MOWERS, William Henry5/21/2005Joan Benner
NELSON, Hans5/21/2005Joan Benner
NELSON, Joseph5/21/2005Joan Benner
NEMETZ, Joseph William5/21/2005Joan Benner
NEMETZ, Mary5/21/2005Joan Benner
NESBITT, Henry5/21/2005Joan Benner
NILES, Roy5/21/2005Joan Benner
NOGLE, Martha A.5/21/2005Joan Benner
OLESEN, Margaret5/21/2005Joan Benner
OLESTON, Anna5/21/2005Joan Benner
OLSON, Lars5/21/2005Joan Benner
PADDOCK, Alma Blanche5/21/2005Joan Benner
PAULSON, Edward5/21/2005Joan Benner
PAYNE, Alma5/21/2005Joan Benner
PAYNE, Grace5/21/2005Joan Benner
PEPPERS, Elizabeth5/21/2005Joan Benner
PETERSON, Maren5/21/2005Joan Benner
PETERSON, Peter Nelson5/21/2005Joan Benner
PHELPS, Willis5/21/2005Joan Benner
PHILLIPS, Bertha L.5/21/2005Joan Benner
PHILLIPS, Mary5/21/2005Joan Benner
PIERCE, Edward5/21/2005Joan Benner
PIERCE, Henry Alonzo5/21/2005Joan Benner
PIKE, Alice M.5/21/2005Joan Benner
POLIVKA, James5/21/2005Joan Benner
POLIVKA, Mary5/21/2005Joan Benner
POWERS, Elizabeth H.5/21/2005Joan Benner
POWERS, Jane5/21/2005Joan Benner
POWERS, Victor5/21/2005Joan Benner
PRATT, John5/21/2005Joan Benner
PRATT, Robert5/21/2005Joan Benner
QUAM, Grunheld N.5/21/2005Joan Benner
QUINNELL, Ella5/21/2005Joan Benner
RAMSAY, Robert M.5/21/2005Joan Benner
RAMSEY, Bertha5/21/2005Joan Benner
RATHBUN, Archy5/21/2005Joan Benner
REDFIELD, Polly5/21/2005Joan Benner
REED, Calvin E.5/21/2005Joan Benner
REINE, Mary5/21/2005Joan Benner
REYNOLDS, W. Henry5/21/2005Joan Benner
ROBERTS, Ruth P.5/21/2005Joan Benner
RUSSELL, John5/21/2005Joan Benner
SAUNDERS, Henrietta5/21/2005Joan Benner
SCHIEBER, Eve5/21/2005Joan Benner
SCHIEBER, Ferdinand F.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SCHOFF, Annabelle5/21/2005Joan Benner
SCHOFF, Jennie5/21/2005Joan Benner
>SCHOFF, Jesse5/21/2005Joan Benner
SCHULTZ, Christian5/21/2005Joan Benner
SEWARD, Enos5/21/2005Joan Benner
SEYMOUR, Mrs. Albert5/21/2005Joan Benner
SHAW, Mrs. Joseph5/21/2005Joan Benner
SHAW, Joseph W.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SHEPARD, George5/21/2005Joan Benner
SHIPWAY, Ella M.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SHIPWAY, Thomas5/21/2005Joan Benner
SHOREY, Melinda5/21/2005Joan Benner
SIEGEL, Mrs. William5/21/2005Joan Benner
SIMPSON, Hattie G.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SINEMAN, James5/21/2005Joan Benner
SINEMAN, Sarah E.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SMITH, Ben L.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SMITH, Ed Eugene5/21/2005Joan Benner
SMITH, Noyes B.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SMITH, Noyes B.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SMITH, William5/21/2005Joan Benner
SMITH, William Sr.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SMUTNEY, James5/21/2005Joan Benner
SOLEY, Guldbrand J.5/21/2005Joan Benner
STEVENS, Mrs. William5/21/2005Joan Benner
STEVENSON, Bettie Ann5/21/2005Joan Benner
STOWE, Abbie5/21/2005Joan Benner
STOWE, Samuel5/21/2005Joan Benner
STOWELL, A. F.5/21/2005Joan Benner
STOWELL, Dolly5/21/2005Joan Benner
STOWELL, John5/21/2005Joan Benner
STOWELL, Julia M.5/21/2005Joan Benner
STOWELL, Sara A.5/21/2005Joan Benner
STRADER, Homer H.5/21/2005Joan Benner
STRAND, Lorense5/21/2005Joan Benner
SWANSEN, Ole5/21/2005Joan Benner
SWANSON, Swan5/21/2005Joan Benner
SWARTOUT, S. P.5/21/2005Joan Benner
SWARTZ, Carl5/21/2005Joan Benner
SYLVESTER, Edwin J.5/21/2005Joan Benner
TALAKSON, Marie5/21/2005Joan Benner
TANGNEY, Michael5/21/2005Joan Benner
TARBOX, Helen5/21/2005Joan Benner
THOMPSON, Thomas5/21/2005Joan Benner
THOMPSON, Wallace5/21/2005Joan Benner
THURBER, Vivian5/21/2005Joan Benner
TIFFANY, Alice5/21/2005Joan Benner
TILLETT, John5/21/2005Joan Benner
TOTTEN, Rachel5/21/2005Joan Benner
TROYKE, Mary A.5/21/2005Joan Benner
TRUMBULL, Simeon5/21/2005Joan Benner
TSCHAPA, Christopher5/21/2005Joan Benner
TUESLEY, Georgia B.5/21/2005Joan Benner
TUESLEY, Georgia B.5/21/2005Joan Benner
TWIST, Henry5/21/2005Joan Benner
TWIST, Jessie5/21/2005Joan Benner
UHER, Albert5/21/2005Joan Benner
VANKUREN, Gilbert5/21/2005Joan Benner
VAN TASSEL, W. R.5/21/2005Joan Benner
VROMAN, John William5/21/2005Joan Benner
VROMAN, Josiah A.5/21/2005Joan Benner
WAITE, Nancy Caroline5/21/2005Joan Benner
WALTON, John5/21/2005Joan Benner
WARD, Sybil5/21/2005Joan Benner
WARD, William5/21/2005Joan Benner
WEAVER, George5/21/2005Joan Benner
WETTLAUFER, William5/21/2005Joan Benner
WILBER, Fred Nicholas5/21/2005Joan Benner
WILKINSON, Robert5/21/2005Joan Benner
WITHERS, Cora May5/21/2005Joan Benner
WITT, Marietta5/21/2005Joan Benner
WOOCK, Herbert5/21/2005Joan Benner
WOOCK, Maria5/21/2005Joan Benner
WOODRUFF, James5/21/2005Joan Benner
WORMERT, Henry5/21/2005Joan Benner
WRCHOTA, Josef5/21/2005Joan Benner
WRIGHT, Olive5/21/2005Joan Benner
WRIGHT, William M.5/21/2005Joan Benner
YOCUM, Elmer5/21/2005Joan Benner
YORK, Herbert5/21/2005Joan Benner
YORK, Mary5/21/2005Joan Benner
ZENTNER, Ralph5/21/2005Joan Benner
ZIMBECK, Emilia Maria5/21/2005Joan Benner
ZIMBECK, Mabel Irene11/4/1998Erika Hall
ZIMMERMAN, Antone Charles5/21/2005Joan Benner


Vital Records

Description Size Date Contributor
CEKAN/SCHLAFER Wedding Announcement, Adams Co., Wisconsin9/9/19982kbErika Hall
FENNER/RENNER, c1962, Arkdale, Adams County, Wisconsin11/4/19982kbErika Hall
FENNER/SUMMEY Wedding Announcement, Adams Co., Wisconsin11/4/19982kbErika Hall
Wedding announcement: FENNER/KIERSTYN, Adams County, Wisconsin11/4/19982kbErika Hall
HALL/NELSON Wedding Announcement, Adams County, Wisconsin11/4/19982kbErika Hall


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