"White House Number One" was a well-known landmark in the Buffalo Creek Section of Mecklenburg Co., VA, White House Community. First owned by Peter Z. Overbey (b.1759,d.1824), the house fell to his son Robert Y. Overbey, who built about 1836, "White House No. 2." It is thought the houses, about 100 yards apart, were so-called because they were large white houses, when many houses were unpainted.

The oldest house stood for many years after the later-built house was torn down. In more recent years White House No. 1 was owned by Boulin Terry. About 1988, Fred Puckett dismantled the house and moved it to his land on Cornwall Road, Granville, Co., NC. The house is being carefully and authentically reconstructed. It is situated on a hill, facing south as originally.

     Added note: Mr. Puckett died of a heart attack 13 Mar 2000.

White House No. 1 previously stood on Hwy. 602, near the Overbey Cemetery.

Small photographs to the right, taken before the house was dismantled:
     East end of the house
     West end of the house
     The room attached to the back of the main house, said by Mr. Puckett to be             older than the main house.

Photographs by Fred Puckett.

—JoLee Spears February 2000

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                                       Before being dismantled


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Unfinished White House #1 visited 26 Feb 2000
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Mr. Puckett by interior door