George Hott Sr. Cemetery

Frederick County, Virginia

View of Restored Cemetery

Note from Submitter: Location of cemetery: Follow Route 522 North from Winchester, VA, to Nain, VA, a distance of nearly nine miles. Take Route 654 from Nain to the Pleasant Valley Church and Cemetery (about 7 miles). Turn right onto property of Richard Renner (may have been sold). Follow the cowpath up the hill to the pasture, and on the top of the hill is the old George Hott Sr. Cemetery, which was restored in 1990 by Mary Catherine and Bill Kuykendall, Jack and Sylvia Hott Sonneborn, Jack Andrews, Steve Hott, Eleanor Hott Kinnan, Casey Goodhue and Darrel Woodard. Not too far from there is The Old Stone Church and Cemetery off Route 654. Many of the stones have no markings. There used to be a small stone with a lamb and the name "Mary" inscribed on it, according to Mrs. Renner. Some of the graves were marked with wood. All those markers are gone.

F., A.

Unknown, F may stand for Fries
F., C.
29 Aug 1828 Unknown but seems to be a headstone and footer for one grave. [Second Stone]
F., D.
1821 Unknown, F may stand for Fries
1837 Aged 6 years & 2 mo. Son of Johann (John) Hott Sr. and Margaret Rebecca Fries Hot, grandson of George Hott Sr.
1839 Aged 15. (This stone is missing in 2003. Mary Catherine Kuykendall photographed this years before and gave picture to submitter) Born 27 April 1824 and died 1 May 1839, daughter of Johann (John ) Hott, Sr. and Margaret Rebecca Fries, and grandson of George Hott ,Jr., and Eve Rebecca Steidley Hott.
27 Mar 1821 George Hott, son of Johann (John) Hott and Margaret Rebecca Fries Hott, grandson of George Hott, Jr. and Eve Rebecca Steidley Hott. George was born 24 December 1805 and died 16 March 1821.
1797 Original immigrant of the Hott Clan, born ca. 1700, who came on the ship "Charming Nancy" and moved from Lancaster, PA, to White Hall, VA; George, Sr., died Jan. 1797 and mentioned his four sons in his will: George,Jr., Samuel, John, and Henry Hott
1804 Oldest son of George Hott, Sr., and Magdalena Shantz Hott, born on the ship 22 September 1738.
1847 Aged 32. Seems to fit the John Hott, son of Johann (John) Hott, and grandson of George Hott, Jr., and Eve Rebecca Steidley. He was born 14 June 1815 and died 4 Dec. 1848, husband of Rachel Fries. The dates are close but not perfect.
1845 Aged 56. Wife of Johann (John) Hott ,Sr., son of George Hott, Jr., and Eve Rebecca Steidley. Margaret Hott was born 25 September 1789 and died in 1845. She was the daughter of Martin and Catherine Schaull Fries.
1801 Probably Mother Hott or Magdalena Shantz, wife of George Hott, Sr., and daughter of Jacob Shantz who came aboard the "Charming Nancy" with the Hotts (or Hatz) Family
1800 Peter Hott, son of George Hott ,Jr., and Eve Steidley Hott, grandson of George Hott ,Sr., and Magdalena, was born about 1771 and died 1800. Peter was married to Catherine Deal.
HOTT, SUSAN 13 Oct 1816 17 Feb 1868 Aged 51 years 1 mo & 1 days. Consort of James C. Hott (James Curl Hott, son of George Hott, Jr., and Eve Rebecca Steidley, was buried beside Susan Streit Hott, but he {a shovel of dirt] has been moved to Pleasant Valley Church Cemetery beside second wife Tamsin Fries Hott)

Jackson and Sylvia Hott Sonneborn

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