Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery

Guinea, Caroline County, Virginia

DABNEY, BESSIE F. 24 Mar 1859 14 Dec 1922 Second daughter of Charles B.and Bettie Durrett Dabney,died at her sisters(Mollie D.Nunn) home in Washington,D.C.
DABNEY, CHARLES CURTIS 9 Jun 1865 8 Jan 1943 son of Charles B.and Bettie Durrett Dabney,born and died in Virginia.Married Albuera Lucy,one daughter, Lucy.A retired R.F.&P.Railroad worker.
DABNEY, ERA LUCY 1861 1948 Albuera Lucy first child born to Joseph and Lucy Ann in Brunswick on November 7,1861.Married Charles Curtis Dabney and died in Richmond on February 8,1948.
LUCY, JOSEPH S. 1873 1962 My great uncle,born to Joseph Baxter Lucy and his wife Lucy Anne Drake Lucy in Brunswick County on March 31,1873 and died in Fredericksburg on August 28,1962.
1951 Another son of Joseph and Lucy Ann,born in Brunswick County and named Luther Oris Lucy on May 19th,1865 and died in Orange County on February 16,1951 at the home of a niece, Mrs.Lucy Dabney Flippo(Herbert E.Flippo)
NUNN, MERCER A 11 May 1859 29 Jul 1912 Son Of Joseph A.and Melinda Nunn of Louisa County,Virginia.A member of Good Templars.
NUNN, MOLLIE WALTER 14 Jul 1861 10 Jan 1926 Son Of Joseph A.and Melinda Nunn of Louisa County,Virginia.A member of Good Templars.

Paula Lucy Delosh

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