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This page was last updated 23 January 2015

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Bible Records
Description Size Date Contributor
Beck, William Franklin 1K Apr 2009 T.B. Willis
Connally, Thomas Grundy 2K Mar 2004 Mary Lou Wardlaw
Davis, James and Justine 3K Sept 2014 T. Bradford Willis
Evans, Charles & Nannie C Sleeper 4K Sept 2009 T.B. Willis
Gillespie Family 10K Nov 1998 Shirley G. Hull
Jones, Daniel & Mary A Grimes 4K Nov 2007 Virginia Crilley
Willis, John T Jr & Hester Beck 5K Sept 2009 T.B. Willis

Description Size Date Contributor
Beville, Dr. Alexander Archer Apr 2009 T.B. Willis
Jones, Mary Ann Grimes Image 49K Nov 2007 Virginia Crilley &
Wiley Jordan
Herring, Edwin K. 3K Aug 2003 Annette Foster Ditto
Lambdin, William McKendree May 2009 T.B. Willis
Umberson Family 2K Nov 1998 Joyce Bearden

Description Size Date Contributor
Waco Army Air Field 44-G Yearbook 1944 14K Jan 2015 Don R. Brownlee
Waco High School Graduates, 1887-1899 4K Apr 2009 Don R. Brownlee
1917 Daisy Chain, Waco High 4K Aug 2008 Don R. Brownlee
1921 Daisy Chain, Waco HS. 5K Apr 2009 Don R. Brownlee
1928 Daisy Chain, Waco High 9K Jul 2008 Don R. Brownlee
1932 Daisy Chain, Waco High 12K Jul 2013 Don R. Brownlee
1907 Hustler, Douglas-Schuler School 2K Jul 2006 Don R. Brownlee
1920 Klimax, Mart High School 4K Apr 2007 Don R. Brownlee
1928 Pirate, Crawford High School 2K Jan 2010 Don R. Brownlee
1911 Roundup, Baylor University 8K Feb 2005 Don R. Brownlee
1915 Roundup, Baylor University 10K Oct 2009 Don R. Brownlee
1925 Roundup, Baylor University 35K Dec 2006 Don R. Brownlee
1935 West High School 2K May 2006 Don R. Brownlee
1937 Trojan, West High School 4K Nov 2002 Don R. Brownlee
1939 Trojan, West High School Yearbook 4K Oct 2007 Don R. Brownlee
1924 Waco High School Yearbook 1924 7K Jul 2014 Don Brownlee
Baylor University, Calliopean History 2K Mar 2006 June Tuck
Companies Advertised in the Trojan, 1937 2K Aug 2004 Don R. Brownlee
Legislative Act - May 12, 1871 3K Feb 2005 Michael Vaughn
Historical Markers 90K Diane Wilson
Grimes - Jones Family Letters 9K Nov 2007 Virginia Crilley
Jones, Daniel, Civil War Letters 8K Nov 2007 Virginia Crilley
Osborn Family Letter 18K Nicki Osborne
Register Of Physicians 1874 37K Nov 2014 T. Bradford Willis
A Brief History of the Austin Avenue United Methodist Church of Waco, Texas 1991 24K Jan 2015 T. Bradford Willis

Land Records
Description Size Date Contributor
Original Land Owners of Texas 90K Oct 1996 Mike Taylor

Military Records
Description Size Date Contributor
Civil War
Confederate Pension Applications Index 186K May 2000 Veda Mendoza
Confederate Indigent Families 20K May 2001 Veda Mendoza
Stephens, Peter 9K July 2002 Holli Boone Kees
World War I
Frosch, Jacob Image 72K July 2009 Melissa Waltman

Description Date Size Contributor
A Home Destroyed June 2013 1.5 kb Robert McCann
Harlow, Herbert Is Injured Oct 2014 1.2 kb Debra Crosby
Harlow, Mrs. Herbert Funeral Oct 2014 1.9 kb Debra Crosby
Harlow, Mrs. Herbert Killed Oct 2014 2.9 kb Debra Crosby
Harlow, Mrs. J D Hosts Oct 2014 1.1 kb Debra Crosby
Three Women Oct 2014 1.8 kb Debra Crosby

Description link Photo link Date Contributor
Grade School Photo circa 1910 Image 89K Mar 2004 Gary Peacock
1917 Roundup Baylor University Photos Christopher Barnes
Engleman, Walter Owen Jr Image 87K Jun 2004 Lilly Jean Engleman
Jones, Daniel Image 52K Nov 2007 Virginia Crilley
Rhodes, Fannie Murray Image 229K Feb 2006 Sloan Mason
Rhodes-Stanfield family Image 128K Feb 2006 Sloan Mason

Vital Records
Description Size Date Contributor
Births 2001 TXArchives Volunteers
Robert, William Benjamen 1K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd

Deaths 2001 TXArchives Volunteers
1914 Deaths 7K Feb 2002 Carol Couch
Fall & Puckett Funeral Home 38K Diane Wilson
Fall & Puckett Funeral Home Diane Wilson
Ender, Emma 2K Mar 2008 Carolyn Ender
Engleman, Walter Owen Jr 2K Jun 2004 Lilly Engleman
Keetch, Lena Blanche 2K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd
Lassetter, Janie Stella 1K Jun 2004 Lilly Engleman
Lassetter, Thomas Haney 2K Jun 2004 Lilly Engleman
McCann, Sophia 1Kb Jun 2013 Robert McCann
Porter, Frederick 1Kb Oct 2014 Debra Crosby
Robert, Raymond B 2K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd
Robert, Roy K 2K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd
Robert, Sarah Caroline 2K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd
Robert, William Chaney 2K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd

Marriages 2001 TXArchives Volunteers
Marriages, 1850-1855 8K Apr 2002 Carol Couch
Marriages, 1854-1869 Brides 63K May 2003 Diane Wilson
Marriages, 1854-1869 Grooms 63K May 2003 Diane Wilson
Acree, Jonnie Harrison to Graham, Henry Francis 3K Dec 2007 Virginia Crilley
Bush, Fannie V. to Mangum, Edgar Money 1K Jun 2004 Joyce Self
Mackie, Clintie to Robert, W.B. 1K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd
Mangum Records 35K Jun 2004 JoLynn Self
Mullens, Nannie - Saxon, Charles 3K Nov 2010 Ellan DeRow
Presley, Mrs. Mattie to Mangum, Samuel Edmond 1K Jun 2004 Joyce Self
Robert, Lena to Coyel, G.L. 1K Jun 2004 Joyce Self
Rutherford, Joseph and Estes, Miss Louisa 2K Jun 2001 Paulyne Taylor
Sims, Amanda "Manda" to Mangum, Samuel Edmond 1K Jun 2004 Joyce Self
Stewart, Jane to Reynolds, George 1K May 2006 Gary Hanks
Twitty, Mamie to Robert, Roy 1K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd
Wharton, Beulah to Mangum, Lee 1K Jun 2004 Joyce Self
Workman, Annie to Robert, Raymond Bee 1K Feb 2006 Carolyn Lloyd
Divorces 2001 TXArchives Volunteers

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