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Schools - Other

Description of File Date Submitted by
1914 Pyramid, Yearbook of Stamford College Mar 2012 Don Brownlee
1923 Prairie Dog of Stamford HS Jul 2005 Don Brownlee
1936 Lueders Graduating class Feb 2006 Dorman Holub
1937 Stamford Teachers Oct 2015 Don Brownlee
1942 Stamford Flying School Oct 2015 Don Brownlee
1943 Stamford Flying School June 2016 Don Brownlee
1944 Stamford Flying School June 2016 Don Brownlee
1956 Anson Yearbook: "The Tiger" Jan 2006 Kay Bradley
Avoca School Teachers: 1901-1944 Jul 2003 Dorman Holub
Avoca School Teachers: 1901-1944 Aug 2004 Milton Martin