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The Jackson and Harwell Family

Submitted by: Susan Ewing Wolfe
  Daughter of Martha Jackson Ewing

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Jeremiah "Jerry" Harwell
1848 - no death date
  Elisheba Ferguson Harwell
06 Apr 1843 - 18 Apr 1915
Both are buried in the Sonora Cemetery, near Commerce, TX.
My great-grandparent

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Willie Edgar Jackson, and Mary (Harwell) Jackson
My Grandparents
Both are buried in Old Sonora Cemetery

jacksn-we.jpg (20218 bytes) Willie Edgar Jackson
Taken in early 1900's
He died in 1935
Husband of Mary (Harwell) Jackson

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Bill and Lucinda (Harwell) Stone

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Jeremiah Harwell on his 92nd birthday in Alabama.
His great-granddaughter, Martha Jackson "mom" holding his cake

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Doddridge Harwell
06 Oct 1887 - 12 Aug 1910
Buried: Sonora Cemetery, Commerce, TX
Son of Jeremiah & Elisheba Harwell
  Elisheba Harwell
06 Apr 1843 - 18 Apr 1915
Buried: Sonora Cemetery, Commerce, TX
Wife of Jeremiah Harwell

Curtis W.
13 Jun 1911 - 29 Aug 1975
jacksn.jpg (17854 bytes) Maerita H.
05 Oct 1911 -
Son of Willie Edgar Jackson & Mary Ethel (Harwell) Jackson
Buried: Sonora Cemetery, Commerce, TX

(my uncle)

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Bible Death Records
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