This is the Rylie Family that started "Rylie Prairie" now part of Dallas. 
The man in the dark suit and white hat is my gg grand-father John Armstrong Rylie
he's looking at my great grand-mother, Ina Bell (Rylie) Low his youngest child. 
The man next to her holding the baby is her husband, Calvin Low,
the baby is thier first born, Harriet Low (named after Ina's mother)
The woman standing on the porch in the white dress is Harriet (Harding) Rylie, 
wife of,  John Armstrong Rylie , mother of  Ina.
The young man standing to the far right (the third one behind John Armstrong Rylie) is
John William Rylie (the youngest  of the three boys)
[the other two boys where in Arizona at this time, I believe]
The picture was taken in 1889
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