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This page was last updated 26 January 2013

Seymour Mercantile Burial Records
Adams child infant son of Jess Adams & Della Stevens
Adkins infant child of Bill Adkins
Allison infant son of Mr. Allison & Grace Plantt
Armstrong, Henry W. World War I Veteran - died in service
Aurley, Claud W.
Austain, L. H. son of W.H.
Bails, Bennett son of W.E. Bails & Vina Jones
Baldwin, Louis M son of W.C. Baldwin & Bettie Jannis
Ballew, Mrs. Joe
Banters infant child of Bob
Barker infant son of G.L. Barker & Cicile Thompson
Bates, F. A.
Bellah infant child of Richard A. & Lillie
Bennett, Sara
Bevens, S. R.
Biggenstaff, J. H.
Bishop infant son of C.A. Bishop & Ruth Batchler
Blackman infant child of J.B. Blackman
Blankenship infant son of James Alfred Blankenship & Liza Morgan
Bohanan infant
Bolen, Mrs. Bell
Bowlen, W. P.
Brantley, Mrs.
Brealand, J. A.
Breedlove, Ellis E.
Bremek, Charles
Britain, Will son of James Andrew Britain
Brooks infant child of John
Bryan infant child of R.E.
Buchanan, Rosa
Bullard, R. A.
Caldwell, Annie Lee daughter of C.D. Caldwell & Mattie Beauchamp
Carrington, John son of W.P. Carrington & Retta Sumpter
Carrington, Myrick son of J.H. Carrington & Nilla Gose
Chance infant daughter of T.J. Chance & Zula Lanis
Chappell, H. D. Jr. son of H.D. Chappell, Jr. & Bettie Lankford
Clause, Ray Louis son of L.E. Clause & Mamie Isabell
Cline, W. J.
Conditt infant son of E.P.
Connalhouge, Mrs. J. J.
Connell infant child of Will
Cox, Claud son of Joe Cox & May Roberson
Cox, Mattie May daughter of S.V. Clause
Crawford, Miss
Crayton, Mrs. E. D.
Culan, John Thomas son of Tom Culan & Dona Graham
Cummings, Sallie daughter of R. Townsend & Rebecca Harpe
Deck, W.M. son of P. Deck & Rachel Bowen
Dial infant child of J.W. Dial & Cora Bell
Dodd, George W. son of B.L. Dodd & Mary Prichard
Dodd infant child of William Stanley Dodd & Mary Hattie Teague
Donehoo, Judah Caroline wife of M.W. - daughter of Lewis A. & Judah Caroline Neal
Donehoo, M. W. son of B. Donehoo & Sara Scalis
Edwards child child of Neal
Elam, J. P. husband of Amelia Catherine White
Ellis, Barbara Ruth infant daughter of J.C. Ellis & Ruth Jordan
Ellis, William Lewis Baylor County Sheriff
Fancher, Mrs. L. A. daughter of William Shumate
Fancher, Walter son of Walter Fancher & Nettie Hayley
Field, C. T. son of Clint Field & Maggie Snyder
Fish, Mrs. J. A.
Frances, Mrs. W. H.
Franchen infant child of T.T.
Gibbs, J. C.
Gilbert, Elizabeth daughter of R.M. Gilbert & Stella Grace Avery
Gilbert, J. D.
Gorton, Fred
Grace infant child of Sidney
Gray, C. C.
Hainston, P. A. son of J.L. & Liza Hainston
Hammontree, Josie wife of J.J. Hammontree - daughter of J.E. Russell & Mattie Lawson
Handage, M. M.
Harris, Alice wife of Will - daughter of J. C. Lamb & Rachel B. Hardie
Harris, Martha Aleta infant daughter of Charles B. & Pat Harris
Harrison, Jim son of Samuel N. Franklin & Kitty Clures
Harvey, Mrs. Elizabeth Arnett
Hays, Malindy daughter of Frank Hays & Louise Hrecek
Heard, Eli Felton Jr. son of Dr. Eli Felton & Sydney Parks
Helm infant
Henyon infant child of Marshal Henyon
Higgins, Mallie M. wife of John Joiner Higgins
Higgins, Thelma E. infant daughter of H.W. Higgins & Willie Ivy
Hinze, Mrs. Adolph daughter of John Haller
Honsk, Frank son of Charles Honsk & Rosey Hons
Hoosier infant child of W.F. Hoosier
Howe, Nils son of John Howe & Sue Lewis
Howell infant child of H.H. Howell
Hrncinck, John
Hudson infant child of Homer W. Hudson
Huffington, Benson Ford infant of H.M. Hudson & Belle Hindman
Hughes infant child of G.A. Hughes
Humphries, Charles S.
Hutton infant child of W.F. Hutton
James, C. wife of E. James
James, Martha Angel wife of John M. James
Jenkins infant child of G.W.
Jeter, A. H. husband of Octavia Taylor - son of J.M. Jeter & Bertha Holt
Jones, C. M. daughter of W.W. Jones & Margaret Rogers
Jones infant child of E.E. Jones
Jones infant child of E.E. Jones
Jones, Robert C. husband of Mary A. - son of B.F. Jones & Sarie C. Morgan
Kemp infant child of John Franklin Kemp
Kendall infant child of H.E. Kendall
Kisinger, Clyde Edward infant son of John Kisinger & Ethel Beatrice Burch
Kolacek, Louise son of John Kolacek & Frances Adamcek
Lamb infant child of Pin Lamb
Lamb, Sidney Bargoyne son of C.M. Lamb & Flora D. Wallace
Latham, R. S. son of John Latham & Jov. R. Wallis
Lee, Amos H. husband of Laura S. Lee
Lewis, Henry E. son of W.M. Lewis
Lowry infant daughter of Will Lowry
Lyon infant child of E.A. Lyon & Laura Eastep
Madenis infant child of Frank Madenis & Dessie Jones
Mantooth, Josie Elizabeth child of Josie W. Mantooth & Erin Brimbe
Marsh infant son of J.W. Marsh & Lura Smith
Matchen infant child of J.P. Matchen
Mayes, Mrs. Charles Lindley daughter of T.D. Isbell & Amanda McCracken
McCormick, William
McLennan, Etta wife of Dr. McLennan - daughter of J.W. Stevens
McLun, L. W.
McReynolds, J. M. husband of Mary Elizabeth Ferguson
Merrick, Missouri Shane wife of William H. Merrick - daughter of Thomas Hawkins & Ella Combert
Moore infant child of Grover A. Moore & Vera Camp
Morgan, Weldon Lovel child of A.J. Morgan & Ellen Hanchin
Motes, Catherine Emmiline Cornelison wife of John Motes
Nelson infant child of J.W.
Nelson, J. W. son of B.F. Nelson & Pheby Dempsey
New, Walter Biron son of H.C. New & Sarah Adkins
Newton, Mary Ann daughter of Eli Bellen & Miss Baker
Nix infant child of Louis Nix
Parham, Charles
Patterson, James H. Rice Patterson & Condel Gentry
Pinkerton infant child of Alex Pinkerton & Laura Cogin
Pinning, Mrs. M. A.
Pistole, Eschol Harris husband of Lorena Deats - son of Dr. Samuel W. Pistole & Mattie Harris
Preslar, Mandy wife of H.L. - daughter of H.C. Streetman & Mattie Wheeler
Ray, George husband of Sarah A. Ray - son of William M. Ray & Sara England
Ray infant child of John Martin Ray
Reed, Bette F. daughter of J.A. Smith & Sona Blake
Richardson Brothers
Richardson, Mrs. Tom wife of Tom
Roberson infant child of J.J. Roberson
Rushing, M. I. son of John Rushing & Manila Allread
Rutherford infant child of Coker Rutherford
Sawyer infant child of E.C. Sawyer
Seddon infant child of W.J. Seddon
Shawver infant child of Perry Kenton Shawver
Shumak infant child of Alba Shumak
Simpson, Amanda wife of C.P. Simpson
Sizemore, W. J. son of G.W. Sizemore
Smith infant daughter of E.F. Smith & Fannie Ballew
Snoddy infant child of William D. Snoddy & Mary E. Wadsworth
Spencer, Davis infant of C. Spencer & Mattie Mayodel
Stennett infant child of Ephraim Dalton Stennett & Alice Rouswell
Stevens infant son of Elmer A. Stevens & M. Powell
Stewart, J. M. husband of Louise McDonald - son of H.R. Stewart
Stults infant child of W.W. Stults
Sykora infant child of Louis Sykora
Taylor, J. M. husband of A. Taylor
Thomas infant child of J.L. Thomas
Thompson, M. son of J.T. Thompson & Susan Creekmore
Thrift infant child of R. Thrift
Tranom infant daughter of R.J. Tranom
Vaden, Melvin son of Van Vinson Vaden & Anna Laney
Voss infant child of G.W. Voss
Warren, W. M. husband of Mary A. Frederick - son of Joe Warren & Eliza Calsels
Wheat, James Madison husband of Sara Amanda Samples
Wheeler, Mrs. daughter of B.M. Stinnett & Sarah Finch
Whisenant, James infant son of J.C. Whisenant & Bula Sigler
Whitaker, Charles son of H.L. Whitaker & Liza Cole
White, Fannie wife of Louis E. White - daughter of J.H. Phillips & Louise Schmidt
Williams, G. W. son of Y.L. Williams & Bell Hutchison
Williams infant daughter of Joe Williams & Dollie Odom
Wilson infant child of B.O. Wilson
Woods, Vinney Lee daughter of W.H. Woods & Ida Frances

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