Jackson County, Tennessee Archives

"The Buck Family"
Contributed by: Debbie Buck Wheeler

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Jasper & Martha Buck
Martha Buck
William Bedford Buck
& 2nd wife Vada 1945
William Bedford & Vada Buck
& statue he created of himself

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Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Buck
Home & Car in TN.
Lester, Bedford & Elmer Buck Lester & Murrel Buck
50th Anniversary
Family Photo
(names on Photo)

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Soldier statue created by William B Buck

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William B  Buck's  Home Place
 Next to McCoinsville Church
McCoinsville Church
Land donated by Wm. B. Buck
Grave of William B. Buck
Pleasant Hill Cemetery

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Wade Buck kills self and wife

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William Bedford Buck's Diary

The Buck-Reed Family Tree is Located at Ancestry.com

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