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VOL. I                                  OCTOBER, 1892                                 No.2


Early Presidents of William and Mary, By the Editor 63-75
Lieut. Col. Walter Chiles. By the Editor 75-78
Virginia Threads for the Future Historian, No. 1
      By Rev. Edward D. Neill
Pedigree of a Representative Virginia Planter. By the Editor 80-88
Major Edmund Chisman, Jr. By the Editor 89-98
Original Letters -
    James Monroe to Gov. Benjamin Harrison
    John Tyler to James Monroe
    Samuel Tyler to Gov. James Monroe
    Samuel Tyler to James Monroe
    Judge Tyler to Gov. Cabell
    Defense of Mr. Jefferson
    Judge John Tyler to Gov. Cabell
    Gov. Tyler to Judge Spencer Roane
The Ludwell Family 110-111
Coats-of-Arms in Virginia. By the Editor 112-121
James Silk Buckingham. By Edward W. James 121-122
Portraits of Colonial Virginians. By R. A. Brock 123-124
Historical Notes 124

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