USGenWeb Archives Search Tips

~ = NOT  e.g. ~"joy fisher" & "fisher"  means look for fisher except for joy fisher
If you wish to exclude a name from the search use a tilde ~ you want to search for Smith but do not want John Smith, then use a tilde ~ in front of the name you wish to exclude. Example ~john smith will return all Smiths but not John.

| = OR e.g. (john|fred) & "fisher" means john or fred with fisher

& = AND  e.g. "john brown" & "fred smith" means look for the fullname john brown and fred smith

( ) for complex conditions  e.g.  (john|fred) & (smith|brown) which means at least john or fred must accompany smith or brown

" use quotes for a specific phrase e.g. if you want "Joy Fisher" instead of Joy Smith and John Fisher

% = Wild Card. The percent character can be used as a wild card % e.g. "joy fish%"

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