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Lawrence County

Waterfall and Dense Woods, Spearfish Canyon

Robbers Roost Curve, Spearfish Canyon

Latchstring Inn, Savoy

Spearfish Canyon

Roughlock Falls, Spearfish Canyon

Summer Cottages and Fishing Scene, Spearfish Canyon

Knife Blade Rock, 500 Ft. High, 50 Ft. Thick at Base, near Lead

Latchstring Inn, in Spearfish Canyon, Savoy

Street Scene, Whitewood

Looking North-East from Mt. Roosevelt

Old Spearfish and Deadwood Stage Coach

Train Load Gold Ore, Terry


tent Row at Camp Galena

Central City, and Desmet Gold Mine and Mill in distance

Covered Wagon Trips, Central City

Lower Whitewood Creek and Hidden Fortune Mill

Bridge across the Stream (spring), Spring Gulch

Bird's Eye View of Spearfish, circa 1908


Spearfish Normal School, circa 1909

State Normal, Spearfish

Street Scene, Spearfish

U. S. Fish Hatchery, Spearfish

Catholic Church, Spearfish

Pioneer Day, Spearfish [Oct. 23, 1925]

High School, Spearfish

Crow Peak, Spearfish

McColley Motor Court, Spearfish

Sundown Motor Courts, Spearfish

Hotel in Deadwood

County Court House, Deadwood

Franklin Hotel, Deadwood

Deadwood, circa 1876

Bird's Eye View of Deadwood, circa 1890

Bird's Eye View, Deadwood

Bird's-Eye View of Deadwood

The "Mogul" Mills, Near Deadwood

Mogul Cyanide Plant, Deadwood

Belt Towns[1920]

Belt Towns, Seen from White Rocks, Deadwood

Pinecrest Tourist Camp Grounds, Deadwood

Tombs of "Wild Bill" and "Calamity Jane", Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood

Re-enacted Scene from the Trial for the Shooting of Wild Bill, Deadwood

Advertising Card, Trial of Jack McCall for the Shooting of Wild Bill Hickok, Old Town Hall, Deadwood

St. Joseph's Hospital, Deadwood

C. B. & Q. Depot, Deadwood

Deadwood Dick's Cabin, Deadwood

Brown Rocks, Deadwood

Gold Mills, Deadwood Gulch [pre-1907]

Main St., Deadwood [1909]

Sherman St., Deadwood

Franklin Hotel, Deadwood

"Old Time Dancers", Days of '76, Deadwood

Sanctuary of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Lead

Recreation Building and Monument of the Late T. J. Grier, Lead

Bird's Eye View of Lead

Residence District, Lead [1910]

Gold Fever Early Days in the Black Hills

Episcopal Church and Rectory and Hearst Free Kindergarten and Grounds, Lead


Leade [sic]

Main Street, Looking East, Lead

Part of Main Street, Lead

Main Street, Looking East, Showing Tramway, Trolley and C. & N. W. Tracks, Lead

The Three Tracks, Lead

A Tier of Railroads, Lead
Homestake Mine, Lead

Twin Drifts, Homestake Mine, Lead

Drilling with Compressed Air, Homestake Mine, Lead

Homestake Slimes Plant in Deadwood, showing C. & N. W. Ry. Track to Lead in distance [1909]

"Flash Light Photographs of the Under Ground Workings of The Homestake, the Largest Gold Mine in the World, Miners at Lunch, 500 ft. Under Ground", Lead

Yates Shaft, Mills and Shops, Homestake Mining Co., Lead

"Golden Star Mill", one of five 200 stamp mills of the Homestake Gold Mining Company, Lead

Boilers at Homestake Mine, Lead

Ore Crushers, Homestake Mine, Lead

Cyanide Plant No. 1, Largest in the World, Property of Homestake Gold Mining Co., Lead

Gold Bricks Worth $125,000 A few Days' Cleanup from the Homestake Mine, Lead

Flashlight Photograph of a Homestake Subway 800 ft. Underground, Homestake Mine, Lead [1908]

Jubilee Celebration, Homestake Mine, Lead [1926]

The New South Mill, Homestake Mining Co., Lead