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This group of photo postcards were stored together inside a postcard album. Nearly all of the cards were unmailed and unidentified.

Two postcards were postally used, mailed from Vermillion, SD to Mrs. Jane D. Harrington, Kolls, SD in 1909. The messages begin "Dear Grandma..." and are signed "Mrs. P. W. Peterson". Kolls is located in Jones Co.; was in Lyman Co. in 1909.

Jane D. Harrington homesteaded land in what is now Jones Co. (then Lyman Co.) and proved up in 1910. A quick check does not show her in the 1910 census for Lyman Co.

The Peter W. Peterson family appears in the 1920 Census in Vermillion, SD. Peter was born in Sweden; his wife was born in Iowa. A daughter, Edna (age 27) was still living at home.

The only non-SD card in the group was mailed from Sweden, addressed to P. W. Peterson, Vermillion, SD - postmark illegible. The message begins "Dear Cousin P. W. and family" and is signed "Victor - Ann Carlson".

All cards below are unidentified and undated unless otherwise stated

Can you identify any of these people??

Group of 10 People

Two Women

Woman, Boy and Dog

Two Women and a Boy Sharing a Laugh

Three Young Men, Dated 4 July 1914 and mailed to Mr. H. M. Peterson, 27 N. Yale, Vermillion, postmarked from Toronto, SD

Man with Bowler Hat in Yard

Unidentified Bridge

Woman and Boy, sent to Grandma, Jane D. Harrington [1909]

Woman and Boy in Buggy; Woman and Girl in Doorway; Winter Scene

Man in Cardigan Sweater

Two Couples at Park?, dated Sun. Sept. 24, 1916

Fuzzy, our of focus picture

Woman Tending a Garden

Boy With Goat and Kid

Large Group Photo

House Where Many of the Yard Scenes Were Taken

Young Man Wearing Knickers

L. O. T. M.

Man with Bowler and Boy

Man, Boy and Dog - Taken Feb. 27, 1910 on the porch, the last time Billie (or Billin was here

Rural Scene

"This is Howard & Edna out in the water in our pasture" Sent to Grandma, Mrs. J. D. Harrington, Kolls, SD [1909]

Model T Ford with SD license plate

Cattle in Pasture

Man Wearing Suit

Man Wearing 3 Piece Suit Suit

Women All Dressed Up - Church?

Two Young Men [1913]

Swedish Card sent to P. W. Peterson by cousins Victor and Ann Carlson [possibly 1911]

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