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Description Submitted Contributor
Brown, Robert Bible Feb 2000 Joel & Lorene B. Fisher
Davenport, Jonothan & Susana Eastland family Bible Aug 1998 Jan Craven
Shell, Stephen Bible Oct 1999 Dan Shell
Shell, Herman& Lemmon Bible Oct 1999 Dan Shell
White, M. F., Family Bible Oct 1998 Helen Pond
Wilson Family Bible Dec 2000 Sue Summer
Young, James and Mary family Bible Feb 2000 Al Franklin
Boyd, John A, Dr. Sep 1998 Mike Miller
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery - Partial Survey More to Come May 2007 Ashley Long
Middleton Boland Family Cemetery   Daniel S. Shull, Jr
Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery 1997 Michael L. Crocker
Law Family Cemetery   Jeff Thomson
Mount Tabor Cemetery Apr 2001 Jeff Thomson
Old Tranquil Cemetery   Daniel S. Shull, Jr
1800 Federal Census
Image Files
May 2005   John Crouch
1810 Federal Census - Image Files    
1820 Federal Census - Image Files    
1850 Federal Census Index   S-K Publications
1880 Federal Census - Transcription   Fred Frick
Cleland, James1824, estate settlement Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Cary, Simon 1844, estate Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Hendrix, William January 1836, initial settlement Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Cates, Thomas, July 28, 1816 Mar 2008 Edward L. Strother
Cleland, Robert, 1836 Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Creighton, Hugh August 5, 1793 May 2013 Beverly Kendall
Gilbert, Caleb, 1805 Nov 1999 Jane Gilbert
Glasgow, James, 1775 Feb 2000 Ann Glasgow
Glasgow, Mary, 1822 Feb 2000 Ann Glasgow
Glasgow, Mary, 1837 Feb 2000 Ann Glasgow
Goree, Daniel, 1805 Feb 2000 Gene Rooks
Hogg, John, 1782 Feb 2000 Gene Rooks
Hughens, Samuel, 1807 Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Hutchinson, James May 10,1822 Nov 1999 Martha
McKee, Elizabeth, March 9, 1861 Feb 2009 Milisia Hanlin
McKee, Joseph April 19, 1843 Feb 2009 Milisia Hanlin
McKee, Robert September 22, 1830 Feb 2009 Milisia Hanlin
Mills, Sarah, 1837 Jan 2000 Lillian Sowell
Plonket, Charles, 1784 Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Rees, Jane, 1839 Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Richardson, John, 1798 Nov 1999 Syndi Starke
Rikard, George, 1825 Nov 1999 Syndi Starke
Rikard, Michael, 1845 Nov 1999 Syndi Starke
Smith, Mathew, ca 1819 Nov 1999 Syndi Starke
Stone, David, 1837 Nov 1999 Syndi Starke
Thompson, John, June 18, 1803 Mar 2007 Milisia Hanlin
Waldrop, James, 1798 Jun 1998 Mildred Fournier
Dr. Asa Langford's vote Jan 2001  
Elias Hendrix - George Dominick - 1844 Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Nancy Hendrix to J. Calvin Schumpert - 1872 Oct 2003 Beth Collins
Rees, Jane - Rees, Solomon October 27, 1820 Sep 2008 Beth Collins
Revolutionary War
Hampton, John - Pension   Molly McLauglin
Nelson, Hanse - Pension   Mary Lu Nelson Johnson
A Christmas Tragedy Forty-Three Years Ago (1866)September 17, 1909 Aug 2006 Candace Gravelle
Reunion of the Young Family, August 13, 1909 Aug 2006 Candace Gravelle
Bundrick, Carl Chester 1918 Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
Graham, William Fair, Captain, April 26, 1844 Nov 1999 Traci Parsons-Holder
Fowler, Cecelia Chalmers [Mrs. James W.] December 25, 1868 Aug 2007 Candace Gravelle
Livington, Peter 1857 Dec 2007 Candace Gravelle
Newton, Thomas April 24, 1882 Apr 2007 Candace Gravelle
Sondley, David R. July 1870 Aug 2007 Candace Gravelle
Jordan, Martha - Neil, William May 1, 1851 Sep 2007 Candace Gravelle
Norris, George Elton October 14, 1932 Dec 2006 Randy Butler
Norris, Wilson Abney May 26, 1936 Nov 2006 Randy Butler
Willingham, John H. October 19, 1945 Jan 2007 Randy Butler


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