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Manly, Basil January 29, 1798 - December 12, 1868 Oct 2008 Carolyn Golowka
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1850, 2nd index
Sep 1997 Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
A History and Tombstone Inscriptions of Mountain Creek Baptist Church
by June Dempsey Franco, 1984

Cover Page (image file)
Dedication Page (image file)
Church History, Page 1 (image file)
Church History, Pages 2. 3 (image file)
Church History, Page 4 (image file)
Inscriptions A-Ba (image file)
Inscriptions Bat-Bri (image file)
Inscriptions Bri-Co (image file)
Inscriptions Co-Gr (image file)
Inscriptions Gr-Jo (image file)
Inscriptions Jo-Mc (image file)
Inscriptions McC-Ro (image file)
Inscriptions Ro-St (image file)
Inscriptions St-Z (image file)
Church Minutes (deaths) (image file)
Obituaries (image file)

Mar 2002 Kimberly Kolarik,
daughter of the author.
Church is located off of Hwy 253 near Paris Mountain
Langford Estate, 1867 Nov 1996 Effie L. McDermott
Welch vs. Bruce, 1807
(Equity case)
Nov 1996 Bennie Altom
WILLIAM WELCH married the widow BIBBE BRUCE in Darlington SC ca 1790. She died shortly thereafter. In 1807 Bibbe's sons, WILLIAM BRUCE and WRIGHT BRUCE sued old WILLIAM WELCH (now living in Greenville SC) trying to get their mother's property back (i.e., slaves). Welch's attorney went to North Carolina and took the attached deposition. NOTE: Invaluable data for DAR applications!
Greenville County Will Abstracts Nov 1996 Judy Wright
Assorted abstracts of Greenville County Wills, beginning with the Isaac WICKLIFF will of 1797, ending with Samuel DYER's will of 1824.
Carter, Jesse 1801 Mar 2000 Bushy Hartman
Crayton, Thomas 1815 Nov 2003 Nancy Crayton
Davis, James October 19, 1822, Fairfield County Jan 2009 Milisia Hanlin
Reynolds, Larkin C. June 18, 1869 Oct 2008 J. R. Landreth
Robinson, Hannah, Codicil 1861 Feb 2006 Doris Davis
Southern, Gipson 1896 Mar 2002 Nancy Crayton
Welch, Daniel, 1839 Nov 1996 Bennie Altom
Welch, William 1818 Nov 1996 Bennie Altom
Excerpts from History of Greenville Nov 1996 Dede MacDonald
"About the year 1750, the piedmont section of South Carolina began to receive its first permanent settlers. These did not come from the coast, however, but principally from Virginia, Pennsylvania and western New York, moving down the valleys of the Alleghanies, bringing their families and all their portable property with them. They were of the crude pioneer type, having little wealth and education, and living in close touch with nature. Every family supplied itself as best it could from the soil and forests." So begins this excerpt from the History of Greenville, which is of interest to researchers for the entire state.
Greenville County Deed Listings Sep 1997 Judy Wright
Assorted deed listings from Deed Books A through DD and dated 1787 through 1863. Deed recipient surnames primarily begin with "W".
Barton - 1868 May 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
Barton, Thomas - Barton, William 1787 May 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
Barton, Thomas - Jistoce, John 1788 May 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
Altorn, James October 1832 Jan 2007 Nancy Poquette
Fields, John - Pension Nov 2004 Guy Potts
Land(s), Lewis - Pension Aug 1999 Paula Naujalis
Mitchell, George October 9, 1832 Feb 2007 Nancy Poquette
Wright, Asa - Pension   Rebecca Akins
Turner, Jonathan - Widow's Pension Feb 2006 Peggy Shaw
Graham, H.Z. - Cert. of Parole and Widow's Pension Oct 2005 Guy Potts
Jesse Trammel, aged 100, serves a juror, April 20, 1859 Jul 2007 Carolyn Shank
Fourteen Year Old Boy Flags Down Train - September 23, 1890
(Samuel Thomas)
Mar 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
Murder of L. Washington Hipps - June 28, 1892 Apr 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
Still Outfit Destroyed March 30, 1903 Mar 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
Beam, Francis Henry 1917 Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
Barnell, Laura Venea February 2, 2008 Oct 2009 Tammy Wheeler
Bozeman, J. L. July 20, 1870 Aug 2007 Candace Gravelle
Carter, Dr. G. H. August 1898
2nd obituary
3rd obituary
Nov 2006
May 2007
Sep 2007
Don Bankston
Coleman, Ollie Carl 1918 Jan 2008 Joy Fisher
Dean, Jack Porter June 8, 2011 Jul 2011 Kim Ross
Farber, Kathy August 21, 2007 Aug 2007 John B. King
Gault, Emory Claudieus August 21, 1941 Mar 2014 Steven Hinson The Registry
Kelley, Elizabeth (Dyer) [Mrs. Moses] February 13, 1882 Apr 2007 Candace Gravelle
Lester, R. C. / C. R. 1881 Sep 2006 Candace Gravelle
Logam, E. C. January 22, 1901 Apr 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
Martin, A. R. ca May 1868 Aug 2007 Candace Gravelle
Smith, Abraham August 1846 Apr 2012 Rhonda Lesley
Swilling, Lucinda (Shumate) [Mrs. John] January 1, 1857 Dec 2007 Candace Gravelle
Williams, M. Bettie July 6, 1870 Aug 2007 Candace Gravelle
Williams, Henry R. & Wife 1870 Aug 2007 Candace Gravelle
Slave Data for Greenville Dist., SC; 1827 & 1853 Jan 1998 Lisa Wilson
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