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"Z" Surnames

Please send your Pension Transcriptions to Cyndie Enfinger.  If you are currently working on a transcription, please let me know, so we can list it as in progress.  Completed Transcriptions are linked under the Pension # column.

Pension # Soldier / Service Widow County Submitted By
A07179 ZACHRY, Alfred H. / Georgia   Manatee Volunteer Needed
A06452 ZARING, Lemuel / Kentucky   Duval Volunteer Needed
A04976 ZEHNBAUER, George J. / Georgia Susan (Bell) Duval Volunteer Needed
D24204 ZEIGLER, Charles F. / South Carolina Mary (Cotes) Pinellas Volunteer Needed
A13054 ZELLNER, Elisha A. / Alabama   Citrus Volunteer Needed
A01045 ZETROUER, Albert T. / 2nd Regt Inf Charlotte (Feaster) Alachua Janet Steadham
ZETROUER, Daniel Marion / Home Guard Mary Kennedy (Feaster) Alachua Janet Steadham
A05056 ZETROUER, James C. / 7th Regt Inf   Marion Jimmy R. Polk
ZETROUER, John R. / Louisiana Minna A. F. (Pardee) Alachua Janet Steadham
Al0806 ZETTEROWER, James W. / 3rd Regt Inf   Nassau Jimmy R. Polk
A07883 ZIMMERMAN, Eugene / Alabama   Citrus Jimmy R. Polk
A12589 ZIMMERMAN, William C. / Alabama   Hillsborough Jimmy R. Polk
A07243 ZIPPRER, Aaron G. / 7th Regt Inf   Polk Jimmy R. Polk

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