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"I" Surnames

Please send your Pension Transcriptions to Cyndie Enfinger.  If you are currently working on a transcription, please let me know, so we can list it as in progress.  Completed Transcriptions are linked under the Pension # column.

Pension # Soldier / Service Widow County Submitted By
A01239 INABNETT, James N. / 1st Bttn Spc Cav Annie (Lewis) Hamilton Volunteer Needed
Al2465 INFINGER, Charles / 1st Regt Inf Elizabeth (--) Walton Cyndie Enfinger
D18711 INFINGER, Clark / 15th Conf Cav   Walton Cyndie Enfinger
A04485 INFINGER, William Frederick / Texas Catherine (Baker) Walton Volunteer Needed
A08379 INGE, Robert S. / Alabama   Walton Volunteer Needed
D23788 INGRAM, Charles A. / Alabama Hassie (Harris) Jackson Volunteer Needed
A07102 INGRAM, John / Georgia   Orange Volunteer Needed
A08634 INGRAM, W. T. / Alabama Elizabeth (Smith) Santa Rosa Volunteer Needed
A10352 INGRAM, William C. / Tennessee Ava (Lasley) Dade Volunteer Needed
A04593 INMAN, James M. / Georgia Sarah (--) Polk Volunteer Needed
A11132 INMAN, Jesse E. / 5th Bttn Cav   Gadsden Volunteer Needed
D23130 IRELAND, A. J. / Georgia Mary (Swilley) Hamilton Volunteer Needed
A11067 IRELAND, Thomas J. / Georgia   Washington Volunteer Needed
A10529 IRONMONGER, Frank M. / pension by Legislative Act Susie (Lorimer) Duval Volunteer Needed
A08770 IRVIN, John, Alabama   Okaloosa Janet Steadham
D10622 IRVINE, John A. / 8th Regt Inf Roxanne (--) Orange Volunteer Needed
A00549 IRWIN, John A. / 8th Regt Inf Fannie (Segue) St. Johns Volunteer Needed
A02377 IRWIN, Raymond L. / 3rd Regt Inf Mary (Canova) Duval Volunteer Needed
A04674 ISAACS, Edmond N. / South Carolina Julia (Crews) Alachua Volunteer Needed
Al1993 ISLER, John F. / 5th Regt Inf Nancy (--) Leon Volunteer Needed
A00068 ISLER, Nathaniel Green / 5th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Skipper) Pasco Volunteer Needed
A02104 ISLER, Nathaniel M. / 5th Regt Inf Lorah (Manning) Leon Volunteer Needed
A00680 ISLER, Thomas J. / 5th Regt Inf Mary (Wiggins) Leon Volunteer Needed
A12019 IVERS, William / 2nd Regt Cav   Putnam Volunteer Needed
A11122 IVERSON, Alfred / Georgia   Osceola Volunteer Needed
A02571 IVES, Washington M. / 4th Regt Inf A. (Parshley) Columbia Volunteer Needed
A03579 IVEY, Benjamin F. / Georgia Eliza (Smith) Madison Volunteer Needed
A02488 IVEY, John / Home Guard Wealthy (Beasley) Orange Volunteer Needed
A03351 IVEY, John B. / Alabama Sarah (Cochran) Jackson Volunteer Needed
A06442 IVEY, Napoleon Bonaparte / North Carolina   Clay Volunteer Needed
A02355 IVEY, Robert A. / Home Guard Nancy (--) Polk Volunteer Needed
A08514 IVEY, Robert A. / 8th Regt Inf   Suwannee Volunteer Needed
A08553 IVEY, Thomas Jefferson / North Carolina   Lake Volunteer Needed
A04424 IZLAR, Laurie T. / South Carolina Eleanor (Sanders) Marion Jimmy R. Polk

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