FL Civil War Pensions

"A" Surnames

Please send your Pension Transcriptions to Cyndie Enfinger.  If you are currently working on a transcription, please let me know, so we can list it as in progress.  Completed Transcriptions are linked under the Pension # column.

Pension # Soldier / Service Widow County Submitted By
D23808 ABBOTT, James Pinkney / Home Guard   Lafayette Marilyn Reid Pollow
A03454 ABBOTT, Joseph M. / Kentucky J. (Varnell) Pasco Jessie Krienert
ABBOTT, William W. / 5th Regt Inf Mary (Boler) Polk Joan Renfrow
A04703 ABERCROMBIE, Lewis / South Carolina Mary (Blitch) Levy Jimmy R. Polk
A08826 ABERCROMBIE, Wiley / Alabama   Volusia Crystal Head
A04771 ABERNATHY, Burwell G. / Alabama Elizabeth (Cocke) Orange Betty Wilkerson
A11491 ABNEY, Azariah / Alabama Mary (Moody) Lake Betty Wilkerson
A10378 ABRAMS, Ivy Zimmerman / South Carolina Nora (Lake) Pinellas Joan Renfrow
Al1443 ACOSTA, Julien A. / 8th Regt Inf Julia (Magee) Marion Jimmy R. Polk
A11277 ACREE, Samuel / 1st Regt Inf Resv Martha (Williams) DeSoto Janet Steadham
Dl7787 ADAIR, James / Georgia Mollie (Wiston) Duval Betty Wilkerson
A00146 ADAMS, Benjamin / 5th Regt Inf Ann (Fowler) Calhoun Janet Steadham
A06045 ADAMS, David / North Carolina   Suwannee Jimmy R. Polk
A02270 ADAMS, Felix M. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Mahana (Hodges) Taylor Jimmy R. Polk
Al1838 ADAMS, George W. / 2nd Bttn Inf Frances (--) Duval Betty Wilkerson
D19480 ADAMS, George W. / 4th Regt Inf   Lafayette Betty Wilkerson
A03770 ADAMS, Harmon / Alabama Mary (Lastinger) Hillsborough Janet Steadham
A07612 ADAMS, J. J. / Alabama   Santa Rosa Betty Wilkerson
A12881 ADAMS, J. M. / 1st Regt Inf   Jackson Betty Wilkerson
A05942 ADAMS, James  / Alabama   Walton Jimmy R. Polk
A01292 ADAMS, James M. / 8th Regt Inf Elminore (Grant) Suwannee Betty Wilkerson
A04259 ADAMS, James W. / Georgia Mary (McCall) Hamilton Betty Wilkerson
A00545 ADAMS, Jesse T. / 7th Regt Inf Sarah (McCollum) Lake Betty Wilkerson
ADAMS, John / 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Hodges) Alachua Janet Steadham
Al1760 ADAMS, John Q. / 11th Regt Inf Emma C. (--) Clay Betty Wilkerson
A08949 ADAMS, John Q. / Alabama   Okaloosa Janet Steadham
A05877 ADAMS, Joseph Early / Georgia   Marion Jimmy R. Polk
A02188 ADAMS, Joseph Washington / 10th Regt Inf Lucy (Vincent) Levy Betty Wilkerson
D23198 ADAMS, Noah Lizzie (Wright) Walton Betty Wilkerson
A08647 ADAMS, Noah / Home Guard   Walton Betty Wilkerson
A02006 ADAMS, Richard J. / 5th Bttn Cav Emily (Holland) Putnam Betty Wilkerson
Al1773 ADAMS, Riley / 11th Regt Inf Mary (--) Jackson Betty Wilkerson
A12214 ADAMS, Robert W. / 5th Regt Inf Sophia J. (--) Hamilton Betty Wilkerson
Al1664 ADAMS, Thomas / Arty Units   Madison Janet Steadham
A00260 ADAMS, Thomas / Arty Units Louisa (Howard) Suwannee Betty Wilkerson
ADAMS, William / 2nd Regt Cav A. (Thomas) Alachua Janet Steadham
A10301 ADAMS, William Cornelius / Virginia Annie (Purks) Duval Betty Wilkerson
A12782 ADAMS, William D. / 10th Regt Inf Susan (--) Bradford Janet Steadham
A03703 ADAMS, William Harrison / Kentucky Etna (Show) Duval Betty Wilkerson
A12368 ADAMS, William W. / 10th Regt Inf Martha E. (--) Bradford Jimmy R. Polk
A03300 ADAMSON, Edward E. / South Carolina Sarah (Mather) Alachua Janet Steadham
A12093 ADCOCK, Joe A. / Alabama   Escambia Betty Wilkerson
Al1560 ADDISON, David J. / 7th Regt Inf Isabella (Rawls) DeSoto Betty Wilkerson
ADDISON, John W. / 10th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Anderson) Union Janet Steadham
D20607 ADDISON, William / 7th Regt Inf Samantha (George) Bradford Betty Wilkerson
A03712 ADERHOLD, Jacob Wilson / Georgia Mary (Cross) Hillsborough Jimmy R. Polk
A00063 ADKINS, E. N. / 1st Regt Inf Reserves Sarah (--) Bradford Jimmy R. Polk
A02106 ADKINS, Ealy Ancrue / 9th Regt Inf Maryann (Sapp) Bradford Jimmy R. Polk
D21838 ADKINS, James R. / Alabama   Holmes Janet Steadham
D21059 ADKINSON/ATKINSON/ADKISON, Henry / Georgia   Washington Jimmy R. Polk
D23455 ADKINSON/ADKISON/ATKINSON , Thomas Dennis / 6th Regt Inf   Jackson Jimmy R. Polk
A04700 ADKISON/ADKISSON/ATKINSON/ATKISON/ADKINSON, James / Co. A 33rd Alabama Mattie (Beck) Walton Jimmy R. Polk
A04143 ADKISON / ADKINSON, Jefferson C. / Alabama Louisea (Harald) Walton Jimmy R. Polk
A06656 ADKISON, John W. / Alabama   Okaloosa Janet Steadham
A05643 ADLINGTON, David D. / Georgia   Duval Jimmy R. Polk
D16983 AFFLECK, Alexander Hanney / Georgia Elizabeth (Love) Marion Jimmy R. Polk
A07394 AGEE, Andrew J. / Georgia   Suwannee Jimmy R. Polk
D01123 AGNER, Samuel / 10th Regt Inf (see also Samuel AGNES)   Madison Jimmy R. Polk
A13044 AGNES, Samuel / 10th Regt Inf (see also Samuel AGNER)   Madison Jimmy R. Polk
A07116 AGNEW, Enoch Walter / 1st Regt Inf   Marion Jimmy R. Polk
A03403 AIKEN, Isaac Means / Georgia Fannie (Bryan) Escambia Volunteer Needed
A11557 AIKEN, Leonidas L. / Georgia Margaret (Tackett) Marion Jimmy R. Polk
A04201 AKERS, Cornelius F. / Georgia Janie (Cox) Orange Volunteer Needed
Al1485 AKINS, Francis M. / Georgia Harriet Janis (--) Alachua Janet Steadham
A10081 AKORNAHRENS, John L. / South Carolina Gesinen (--) Duval Volunteer Needed
D23640 AKRIDGE, David / Home Guard   Washington Volunteer Needed
Dl8888 ALBERSON, Jackson Almarine / Alabama Sarah (Commander) Holmes Volunteer Needed
A03853 ALBERSON, Virgil / Alabama Naomi (Blain) Hernando Volunteer Needed
A10241 ALBERT, John Wilson / Virginia Grace (Husson) Dade Janet Steadham
A03034 ALBRITTON, Andrew B. / Georgia Nancy (Jones) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A11276 ALBRITTON, Andrew J. / Georgia Annie (Liphingcott) Polk Volunteer Needed
A07538 ALBRITTON, James T. / Arty Units   Nassau Volunteer Needed
A10520 ALBRITTON, John L. / Georgia Ella (Vurgason) Orange Volunteer Needed
A00184 ALBRITTON, John T. / 4th Regt Inf Mary (Kinsey) Polk Volunteer Needed
A02541 ALBRITTON, Noah / 1st Regt Inf Resv Margaret (Thompson) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A08248 ALBRITTON, Thomas H. / Georgia   Polk Volunteer Needed
A12027 ALDERMAN, Benjamin F. / 15th Conf Cav   Jackson Volunteer Needed
A01625 ALDERMAN, Benjamin J. / 1st Bttn Spc Cav Dorenda (Payne) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A12014 ALDERMAN, David A. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Mary L. (--) Bradford Volunteer Needed
Al1578 ALDERMAN, Enoch W. / Georgia Mary (--) Jackson Volunteer Needed
A12392 ALDERMAN, Hiram / 9th Regt Inf Emiline (--) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A01527 ALDERMAN, Mitchell / 1st Bttn Spc Cav Lenora (O'Neal) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A04414 ALDERMAN, Richard / Georgia Caroline (Tomlinson) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A04504 ALDERMAN, William R. / Georgia L. (Douglas) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A02761 ALDRIDGE, Simon W. / Tennessee Mary (McKanny) Taylor Volunteer Needed
A04218 ALDRIDGE, W. L. / Georgia Bettis (Broxton) Taylor Volunteer Needed
A02297 ALDRIDGE, William Newton / 3rd Regt Inf, D.A.C. (Mansfield) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A10423 ALEXANDER, Albert / Mississippi Sallie (Mangus) Dade Volunteer Needed
A03541 ALEXANDER, Andrew H. / North Carolina Eugenia (McLean) Volusia Volunteer Needed
A03784 ALEXANDER, James R. / Tennessee Frances (Sanford) Orange Volunteer Needed
A04902 ALEXANDER, James S. / Tennessee Martha (Crain) Duval Volunteer Needed
A03810 ALEXANDER, Joseph E. / Georgia Lucy (Hollenger) Orange Volunteer Needed
A03681 ALEXANDER, Lawrence S. Virginia Mary (Adriles) St. Johns Volunteer Needed
Al1456 ALEXANDER, Sperin B. / Arty Units Rebecca (Gadsden) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
Al1460 ALFORD, John F. / Alabama Betheny (Spears) Walton Volunteer Needed
A12842 ALFORD, John F. / Alabama   Walton Volunteer Needed
Al1754 ALFORD, Miles / 9th Regt Inf Lucinda (--) Levy Jimmy R. Polk
A04797 ALFORD, Moses / Alabama Susan (Griffith) Walton Jimmy R. Polk
A00013 ALFORD, William R. / 1st Regt Inf Sarah (Lodeholtz) Baker Volunteer Needed
D13635 ALLBRITTON, James Henry / Georgia   Jefferson Janet Steadham
D20162 ALLBRITTON, William J. / Georgia Sallie (Thrift) Polk Volunteer Needed
A03837 ALLEN, Andrew A. / Georgia Mary (Shedd) Clay Volunteer Needed
A01823 ALLEN, Brittan / 5th Regt Inf Jane (Bates) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A00485 ALLEN, David A. / 9th Regt Inf Ann (--) Hillsborough Annette Peebles
A00974 ALLEN, Early A. / 9th Regt Inf Mary (Morrison) Citrus Janet Steadham
A08223 ALLEN, Green M. / Virginia   DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A11273 ALLEN, Henry / 2nd Regt Cav Sarah (--) Jefferson Volunteer Needed
A01515 ALLEN, Hiram / 7th Regt Inf Mary (Langford) Taylor Volunteer Needed
A01735 ALLEN, Isaiah Eilando / Alabama Units Mary (Jackson) Escambia Volunteer Needed
D07022 ALLEN, J. G. / 1st Regt Inf   Escambia Volunteer Needed
D01147 ALLEN, J. W. / Georgia   Jefferson Volunteer Needed
A01131 ALLEN, J. Wesley / 9th Regt Inf Lucy (McNobb) Citrus Volunteer Needed
A04996 ALLEN, James D. / Virginia Ada (Smailes) Polk Volunteer Needed
D18580 ALLEN, Jesse J. / 10th Regt Inf   Leon Volunteer Needed
D20142 ALLEN, John E. / Alabama Artimecia (Ballentine) Suwannee Volunteer Needed
A03788 ALLEN, John Flecther / South Carolina Sarah (Alderman) Putnam Volunteer Needed
Al1564 ALLEN, John S. / Tennessee Sarah (Miller) Alachua Janet Steadham
A01656 ALLEN, Joseph M. / 5th Regt Inf Gertrude (--) Wakulla Volunteer Needed
A11032 ALLEN, Joseph Tyler / 2nd Regt Inf   Jackson Volunteer Needed
A01771 ALLEN, Joseph W. / Arty Units Appia (--) Jefferson Volunteer Needed
A12815 ALLEN, Leroy / 5th Regt Inf   Franklin Volunteer Needed
A02091 ALLEN, Lott / 3rd Regt Inf Amanda (McLendon) Putnam Volunteer Needed
A01578 ALLEN, Norman / 2nd Bttn Inf Jane (Brack) Lafayette Jimmy R. Polk
A01328 ALLEN, Robert / 8th Regt Inf Darkis (Mills) Lafayette Volunteer Needed
A12193 ALLEN, T. Fletcher / South Carolina   Putnam Volunteer Needed
A04257 ALLEN, William Daniel / South Carolina Hannah (McKirstry) Putnam Volunteer Needed
ALLEN, William Foster / Georgia Jane (Nettles) Baker Annette Peebles
A00691 ALLEN, William H. / 5th Bttn Cav Eliza (Dugger) Leon Volunteer Needed
A04293 ALLEN, William S. / Tennessee Cynthia (Caton) Lee Volunteer Needed
ALLIGOOD, Charles S. / 5th Regt Inf Julia (Williams) Wakulla Janet Steadham
A06271 ALLIGOOD, George / 10th Regt Inf   Leon Volunteer Needed
A02753 ALLIGOOD, Isaac / Home Guard Eliza (Boatwright) Leon Volunteer Needed
A00693 ALLIGOOD, William / 1st Regt Inf Resv Caroline (--) Leon Volunteer Needed
D13056 ALLISON, C.E.L. / 6th Regt Inf   Gadsden Janet Steadham
D06399 ALLISON, George W. / no service shown   Suwannee Volunteer Needed
A12580 ALLISON, John W. / 1st Bttn Spc Cav   Suwannee Volunteer Needed
A10941 ALLISON, Robert F. / 10th Regt Inf   Suwannee Volunteer Needed
A08154 ALLMAN, Augustus C. / Home Guard   Jefferson Volunteer Needed
A02093 ALLMAN, Jasper J. / 8th Regt Inf Wethean (Green) Volusia Volunteer Needed
A08470 ALLMON, William H.H. / 8th Regt Inf   Jefferson Volunteer Needed
A03820 ALLRED, William C. / Alabama Lillie (Dawson) Holmes Volunteer Needed
D22589 ALSOBROOK, Isaiah L. / 6th Regt Inf Martha (Gilmore) Washington Janet Steadham
A01951 ALSOBROOK, Thomas J. / 2nd Regt Cav Addie (Sigler) Lake Volunteer Needed
A00870 ALTMAN, David / 7th Regt Inf Eliza (Chisler) Levy Jimmy R. Polk
A00790 ALTMAN, John / 9th Regt Inf Mary (Walston) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A01557 ALTMAN, John / lst Bttn Spc Cav Matilda Ester (--) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A01626 ALTMAN, Joshua / Home Guard Nancy (Albritton) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A02074 ALTMAN, Lewis / 7th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Baker) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A12588 ALTMAN, William H. / 7th Regt Inf Mary J. (--) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A03069 ALTMAN, William L. / 7th Regt Inf Mary (Hunter) Hamilton Volunteer Needed
D01237 ALTMAN, William L. / 5th Regt Inf Mary M. (--) Hamilton Volunteer Needed
A00299 ALVAREZ, D.L. / 2nd Regt Cav Rebecca (Bowden) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A00306 ALVAREZ, J. R. / 2nd Regt Cav Jane (Reddish) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A01852 ALVAREZ, Osias M. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Salama (Richard) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A02296 ALVAREZ, Owen E. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Candacy (George) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A02470 ALVERS, W. C. / 7th Regt Inf Margaret (Dean) Putnam Volunteer Needed
A10845 ALVIS, William Robert / Georgia   Madison Volunteer Needed
A03120 AMASON, Willis P. / Georgia Margaret (Gilbert) Dade Volunteer Needed
Al1751 AMERSON, Samuel / 8th Regt Inf   Suwannee Volunteer Needed
D15847 AMMONS, Hamilton C. / South Carolina   Nassau Volunteer Needed
A10180 AMOS, Joseph Williams / 15th Conf Cav Nannie (Harrison) Leon Volunteer Needed
D02803 AMOS, W. B. / 15th Conf Cav   Escambia Volunteer Needed
A12609 ANDERS, J. R. / 2nd Regt Cav   Columbia Volunteer Needed
Al1995 ANDERS, John Alexander / 2nd Regt Cav   Leon Volunteer Needed
A10446 ANDERS, S. F. J. / North Carolina Mary (Carr) Clay Volunteer Needed
D12054 ANDERS, Z. T. / Georgia Adie J.(--) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A04874 ANDERS, Zacarriah T. / Georgia A. (Rowe) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A10898 ANDERSON, Alexander / 1st Regt Inf   Walton Volunteer Needed
A12591 ANDERSON, Angus L. / 2nd Regt Cav   Walton Volunteer Needed
A04614 ANDERSON, Archibald / Alabama Winnie (Smith) Walton Volunteer Needed
A07372 ANDERSON, Christopher Columbus / 3rd Regt Inf   Jefferson Volunteer Needed
A01824 ANDERSON, Daniel L. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Sarah (--) Walton Volunteer Needed
A00561 ANDERSON, David / 2nd Regt Cav Martha (Nail) Columbia Volunteer Needed
A05934 ANDERSON, Duncan L. / 1st Regt Inf   Walton Volunteer Needed
ANDERSON, E. / South Carolina Elizabeth (Hughey) Alachua Janet Steadham
A00742 ANDERSON, Henry / 4th Regt Inf Martha (Jackson) Washington Volunteer Needed
A04297 ANDERSON, James / South Carolina Mollie (McKeithen) Alachua Janet Steadham
A10295 ANDERSON, James A. / Home Guard Margarett (Chance) Holmes Volunteer Needed
D20866 ANDERSON, James L. / Home Guard   Walton Volunteer Needed
A00943 ANDERSON, James Patton 1st Regt Inf Henreitta (Adair) Putnam Volunteer Needed
A05109 ANDERSON, Jesse M. / South Carolina   Wakulla Volunteer Needed
A00652 ANDERSON, John B. / 6th Regt Inf Missouri (Taylor) Jackson Volunteer Needed
A03762 ANDERSON, John Council / Georgia Mary (Houston) Duval Volunteer Needed
A11271 ANDERSON, John L. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Jane (McDonald) Walton Volunteer Needed
A12237 ANDERSON, John M. / Georgia Amealia P. (--) Calhoun Volunteer Needed
A02206 ANDERSON, John Wesley / 5th Bttn Cav Mary (Stevens) Jackson Volunteer Needed
D23584 ANDERSON, Johnny Lee / Home Guard   Holmes Volunteer Needed
A00292 ANDERSON, Leonard / 7th Regt Inf Lydia (Groover) Bradford Volunteer Needed
D22225 ANDERSON, Leonard / 7th Regt Inf   Union Janet Steadham
A11022 ANDERSON, Martin / Navy Srv   Santa Rosa Volunteer Needed
A02379 ANDERSON, Matthew B. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Sarah (Syfret) Gadsden Volunteer Needed
D10192 ANDERSON, Morgan / Virginia   Sumter Janet Steadham
A01723 ANDERSON, Moses L. / FL Inf & GA Units Eliza (Baillie) Pasco Volunteer Needed
A08490 ANDERSON, Sidney Clay / North Carolina   Pinellas Volunteer Needed
D14058 ANDERSON, T. V. / Georgia   Bradford Volunteer Needed
D07162 ANDERSON, T. W. / Georgia   Polk Volunteer Needed
Al1481 ANDERSON, William / 10th Regt Inf Sarah (--) Brevard Volunteer Needed
A10451 ANDERSON, William H. / Home Guard Alice (Polk) Levy Jimmy R. Polk
A02993 ANDERSON, William J. / South Carolina Martha (Davis) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
D21839 ANDERSON, Willis / Alabama   Holmes Volunteer Needed
A05547 ANDERSON, Zachariah / 5th Regt Inf   Columbia Volunteer Needed
A12319 ANDREU, Thomas W. / 11th Regt Inf   Duval Volunteer Needed
D20771 ANDREU, William / 8th Regt Inf Laura (Triay) St. Johns Volunteer Needed
A00455 ANDREW, Claudius 1st Regt Inf Mary (Capo) St. Johns Volunteer Needed
A02474 ANDREW, Florence F. / 4th Regt Inf Mary (Floyd) Duval Volunteer Needed
A05274 ANDREW, Francis P. / 3rd Regt Inf   St. Johns Volunteer Needed
A02613 ANDREW, Frank Asberry / Georgia Elizabeth (Dekle) Wakulla Volunteer Needed
A01755 ANDREW, Jerome C. / 11th Regt Inf Baneta (Capella) Duval Volunteer Needed
D12007 ANDREW, Joseph / 3rd Regt Inf   St. Johns Volunteer Needed
D05042 ANDREW, Nicholas / 3rd Regt Inf   Duval Volunteer Needed
A00412 ANDREW, Nicholson / 3rd Regt Inf Rebecca (Farrow) Duval Volunteer Needed
A10403 ANDREWS, Charles L. / Georgia Katie (Gager) Palm Beach Volunteer Needed
A04111 ANDREWS, Charles W. / Georgia Mary (Sweat) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A01995 ANDREWS, Edward D. / 4th Regt Inf Mary (Hartsfield) Leon Volunteer Needed
A00093 ANDREWS, James Jefferson / 3rd Regt Inf Florida (Grubbs) Madison Volunteer Needed
A07810 ANDREWS, James Osgood / Georgia   Alachua Janet Steadham
A03047 ANDREWS, John / Alabama Mary (--) Holmes Volunteer Needed
A03173 ANDREWS, John S. / Georgia Emily (Dowling) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A04687 ANDREWS, Robert Newton / Georgia Virginia (Sutton) Brevard Volunteer Needed
D07719 ANDREWS, Thomas / Alabama Sarah Jane (--) Holmes Volunteer Needed
A00379 ANDREWS, Valentine E. / 10th Regt Inf Julia (Kersey) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A10346 ANGLE, John H. / Alabama Evey (Linham)(Railey) Walton Volunteer Needed
A03434 ANNSPAUGH, L.P. / Georgia Ellen (Austin) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A10366 ANTHONY, James R. / Georgia Abbie (Pope) Dade Volunteer Needed
D23270 ANTHONY, John D. / Alabama Mary (Higdon) Santa Rosa Volunteer Needed
Al1294 ANTHONY, John M. / Georgia Anna (--) Duval Volunteer Needed
A08044 ANTONE, Henry / Alabama   Escambia Volunteer Needed
A05047 APPEL, Louis / 1st Regt Inf   Levy Jimmy R. Polk
A11047 APPLEBY, James P. / 7th Regt Inf   Putnam Volunteer Needed
A04813 APPLEBY, Peter R. / South Carolina Mary (Larisey) Seminole Janet Steadham
Al1395 APPLEBY, Richard H. / South Carolina Elizabeth (Summers) Putnam Volunteer Needed
A12261 APPLEWHITE, Henry / Home Guard Martha (--) Jackson Volunteer Needed
A08865 APPLEYARD, Thomas J. / Navy Srv   Leon Volunteer Needed
D23805 APPLING, Joseph Francis / Qtr Mstr Corps   Polk Volunteer Needed
A03523 ARCHER, William D. / South Carolina Maria (Dagenheart) Dade Volunteer Needed
D20763 ARCHER, William Stancil / Alabama Charlotte (Grindle) Escambia Volunteer Needed
D21162 ARD, William M. / Alabama Amanda (--) Holmes Volunteer Needed
A05748 ARGO, James / Georgia   Orange Volunteer Needed
A03075 ARLINE, D.W. / North Carolina Helen (Smith) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A02187 ARLINE, Daniel H. / 2nd Regt Cav Misouri (Wheeler) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
D10549 ARMISTEAD, James Anderson / Virginia Sarah (--) Polk Volunteer Needed
A07054 ARMISTEAD, Thomas J. / Louisiana   Hernando Volunteer Needed
A02426 ARMISTEAD, Thomas S. / 8th Regt Inf Frances (Jerkins) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A05842 ARMSTRONG, D. M. / 7th Regt Inf   Levy Jimmy R. Polk
A02828 ARMSTRONG, Elias J. / Tennessee Elizabeth (Walker) Pinellas Volunteer Needed
Al1691 ARMSTRONG, George O. / 7th Regt Inf Mary A. (--) Levy Janet Steadham
A01455 ARMSTRONG, Jefferson Benjamin / 5th Bttn Cav Mary Ann (--) Calhoun Volunteer Needed
A10422 ARMSTRONG, Jesse Ricketson / Georgia Kate (Farr) Dade Volunteer Needed
D07504 ARMSTRONG, John M. / Alabama   Santa Rosa Volunteer Needed
A03355 ARMSTRONG, L. L. / Alabama Sallie (Jacobs) Jackson Volunteer Needed
A05057 ARMSTRONG, Matthew L. / 9th Regt Inf   Marion Jimmy R. Polk
Al1080 ARMSTRONG, R. S. / Georgia   Holmes Volunteer Needed
A10087 ARMSTRONG, Richard F. Georgia & Navy Srv Arabella (Hornsby) St. Johns Volunteer Needed
A06662 ARMSTRONG, Wade / Alabama   Jackson Volunteer Needed
Al1428 ARNAN, Francis C. / 3rd Regt Inf Agatha (Hernandez) St. Johns Volunteer Needed
A12361 ARNAN, James B. / 10th Regt Inf Antonia (Fativ) Duval Volunteer Needed
A02710 ARNETT, Timothy A. / Georgia Rachel (Bennett) St. Johns Volunteer Needed
D17017 ARNOLD, Charles / Alabama Chrisitan (Lord) Madison Volunteer Needed
A10169 ARNOLD, Daniel J. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Mary (Hearn) DeSoto Volunteer Needed
A10362 ARNOLD, G. Perry / 1st Bttn Spc Cav Margaret (Stephens) Hamilton Volunteer Needed
A02293 ARNOLD, James B. / 4th Regt Inf Caroline (Willams) Polk Volunteer Needed
A04783 ARNOLD, James F. / Georgia Margaret (Keeling) Madison Volunteer Needed
A03765 ARNOLD, James M. / Georgia Louisa (Owens) Volusia Volunteer Needed
A05972 ARNOLD, Newton Jasper / 4th Regt Inf   Polk Volunteer Needed
A02536 ARNOLD, Redon / 10th Regt Inf Mary Ann (Moody) Bradford Volunteer Needed
A04585 ARNOLD, William / Georgia Hester (Murray) Columbia Volunteer Needed
A10509 ARNOLD, William Eliot / Georgia Helen (Forman) Duval Volunteer Needed
A10353 ARTHUR, Henry Gallman / South Carolina Anzonette (Lance) Orange Volunteer Needed
A03063 ASBELL, Jack / Georgia Susan (Sapp) Pasco Volunteer Needed
A05486 ASHE, George C. / 5th Regt Inf   Columbia Volunteer Needed
A11810 ASHLEY, C. C. / 7th Regt Inf Winnie M. (--) Putnam Volunteer Needed
A00469 ASHLEY, Charles W. / 3rd Regt Inf Amanda (Skinner) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A02617 ASHLEY, Joshua S. / South Carolina Lucy (Tucker) Pasco Volunteer Needed
A06450 ASHLEY, Ludwick / 1st Regt Cav   Leon Volunteer Needed
A12328 ASHMORE, James K. / Louisiana   Lee Volunteer Needed
A00552 ASHMORE, Robert W. 5th Regt Inf Mray (Bostwick) Wakulla Volunteer Needed
A10310 ASKEW, Thomas Jefferson / Georgia M. (Dennis) Duval Volunteer Needed
A02806 ASLATER, Alexander / 6th Regt Inf Mary (Williams) Holmes Volunteer Needed
A02375 ASTIVENDER, Arthur A. / 4th Regt Inf Belle (Emory) Lake Volunteer Needed
A10857 ATKINS, Francis M. / 5th Regt Inf   Calhoun Volunteer Needed
A00067 ATKINS, George W. / 3rd Regt Inf Lovey (Darby) Pasco Volunteer Needed
D19443 ATKINS, Joel P. / Home Guard Emily (Bush) Calhoun Volunteer Needed
A08374 ATKINS, Lewis / Home Guard   Calhoun Volunteer Needed
A10035 ATKINS, M. / 2nd Regt Cav Emma (--) Brevard Volunteer Needed
A08711 ATKINS, Russell H. / Alabama   Okaloosa Janet Steadham
A04651 ATKINS, William T. / North Carolina Marion (King) Duval Volunteer Needed
A01074 ATKINSON, Elias R. / 9th Regt Inf Lucy (Berry) Martin Volunteer Needed
A02765 ATKINSON, John W. / Georgia Mary (Beck)(Hoy) Citrus Volunteer Needed
A05058 ATKINSON, Montholon / 2nd Regt Cav   Marion Jimmy R. Polk
A07030 ATKINSON, Thomas Elmore / Alabama   Jackson Volunteer Needed
A00692 ATKINSON, Wiley L. / 5th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Giddens) Leon Volunteer Needed
A04759 ATKISSON, Marshall / Kentucky Mary (Boggs) St. Lucie Volunteer Needed
D06817 ATWELL, John / Alabama Caroline (--) Suwannee Volunteer Needed
A01702 ATWELL, John / 1st Regt Inf Emily (Gray) Walton Volunteer Needed
A02920 AULL, John M. / South Carolina Sarah (Smith) Manatee Janet Steadham
Al1414 AUSBURN, Calvin F. / 4th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Smallwood) Washington Volunteer Needed
A04997 AUSTIN, Andrew J. / Alabama Nancy (Urguhart) Holmes Volunteer Needed
D12016 AUSTIN, John / Thomas Georgia Frances C. (--) Suwannee Volunteer Needed
A01970 AUSTIN, Joseph / Home Guard Julies Sugar (--) Putnam Volunteer Needed
D21175 AUSTIN, Patrick G. / 5th Regt Inf   Polk Volunteer Needed
D22209 AUSTIN, Thomas Alexander / Tennessee   Marion Jimmy R. Polk
A00650 AUSTIN, W. J. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Elizabeth (Duncan) Jackson Volunteer Needed
A12287 AUSTIN, William / Mississippi   Citrus Volunteer Needed
A04090 AVEILHE, Louis Sidney / South Carolina Eugenia (Lalane) Hillsborough Volunteer Needed
A03261 AVENT, Benton M. / Alabama Mary (Pierce) Hillsborough Jimmy R. Polk
AVERA, Alexander / 7th Regt Inf Stella (Hall) Alachua Janet Steadham
A00525 AVERA, Joseph H. / 7th Regt Inf Emma (Baskins) Alachua Janet Steadham
D01091 AVERETT, B.F. / 1st Regt Inf Resv Mary (--) Hamilton Jimmy R. Polk
A07143 AVERIETT / AVRIETT, James / 5th Regt Inf   Hamilton Jimmy R. Polk
A01176 AVERIETT / AVRIETT / AVERETT, Jeremiah E. / 5th Regt Inf Mary (Bowers) Hamilton Jimmy R. Polk
A02910 AVERITT / AVRIETT / AVERETT / AVERIETT, B.F. / lst Regt Inf Resv Mollie (Dorman) (McClammie) Hillsborough Jimmy R. Polk
Al1843 AVERITT, Henry / 5th Regt Inf   Hamilton Jimmy R. Polk
D20123 AVERITT, J. L. / 1st Regt Inf Resv M. (Brown) Leon Jimmy R. Polk
A05823 AVERITT, Walter H. / 5th Regt Inf   Leon Jimmy R. Polk
A08706 AVERY, Charles Calvin / Home Guard   Jackson Jimmy R. Polk
D22837 AVERY, James B. / Georgia   Manatee Jimmy R. Polk
A06647 AYCOCK, James / Georgia   Holmes Jimmy R. Polk
A08550 AYER, Alfred / South Carolina   Marion Jimmy R. Polk
A02685 AYERS, Asa / 10th Regt Inf Sarah (--) Calhoun Jimmy R. Polk
A00148 AYERS, Benjamin / 1st Regt Inf Nancy (Keel) Calhoun Jimmy R. Polk
A01868 AYERS, John / 2nd Regt Inf Seania (Burnam) Jackson Jimmy R. Polk
D07353 AYERS, John G.B. / 1st Regt Inf Lena (--) Jackson Jimmy R. Polk
A00759 AYERS, Thomas / 5th Regt Inf Emily (Marshall) Calhoun Jimmy R. Polk
A01958 AYERS, William / 10th Regt Inf Eliza (Pope) Jackson Jimmy R. Polk

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