Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery



York County, Pennsylvania


Updated February 12, 2012


Transcribed by Kathy Francis



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Tombstone Images


Barnitz Margaret Ann
Bley? Rosina
Brillinger Catherine - pic2
Brillinger Johannis - pic2
Dietz Anna Maria
Eichelberger Eve
Fisher Barbara - pic2
Fisher John - pic2
Generitz Elisabeth - pic2
Grove Unknown
Hahn Jacob - pic2
Hahn Mary - pic2
Haller Adam E. - pic2
Haller George - pic2
Haller John - pic2
Haller Maria Magdalena - pic2
Harry Esther - pic2
Heckert Geog
Hock Andereas
Hock Andereas
Horn Unknown
Horn Unknown-1
Hubele Friederich
Kraber Christina - pic2
Neuman Dorothea
Pfleiger Jacob
Rupp Catharin
Rupp Johannes
Schmeiser Sarah - pic2
Schmuck Johan Unknown
Schmuck Unknown Georg
Schuely Christoph
Snyder Unknown
Unknown Anna Maria
Unknown Catharina
Unknown Catharine
Unknown Conrad
Unknown Eliz
Unknown Eliza
Unknown John George
Unknown Maria Margaret
Unknown Michael
Unknown Sarah - pic2
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown-0
Unknown Unknown-1
Unknown Unknown-10
Unknown Unknown-11
Unknown Unknown-12
Unknown Unknown-13
Unknown Unknown-14
Unknown Unknown-15
Unknown Unknown-16
Unknown Unknown-17
Unknown Unknown-18
Unknown Unknown-19
Unknown Unknown-2
Unknown Unknown-20
Unknown Unknown-22
Unknown Unknown-23
Unknown Unknown-24
Unknown Unknown-25
Unknown Unknown-26
Unknown Unknown-27
Unknown Unknown-28
Unknown Unknown-3
Unknown Unknown-4
Unknown Unknown-5
Unknown Unknown-6
Unknown Unknown-7
Unknown Unknown-8
Unknown Unknown-9
Wagner Anna Mary
Wampler Catharine - pic2
Yous Ana Catharina - pic2
Yous Fredrich - pic2
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