Saint John's United Methodist Church Cemetery

(aka Blooming Grove Cemetery)



York County, Pennsylvania


Page created December 6, 2009

Updated March 11, 2010


Cemetery photographed October 21, 2009 and

contributed by Harry Senft


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Beecher Alice G.
Beecher Wm. H.
Garman Amelia E.
Garman Jacob M.
Hershey Mary V.
Hershey Wilson E.
Judy Allen E.
Judy Allen P.
Judy Elizabeth P.
Kehr Clifton L.
Kehr Erma P.
Kehr Louise W.
Kehr Norman F.
Kopp Amanda C.
Kopp Edward J.
Kopp Florence A.
Kopp Frederick L.
Rohrbaugh Alice E.
Rohrbaugh Allen L.
Rohrbaugh Anna Romaine
Rohrbaugh Brian S.
Rohrbaugh Charles H.
Rohrbaugh Clyde E.
Rohrbaugh Cora E.
Rohrbaugh Dorothy R.
Rohrbaugh Edward Wilson
Rohrbaugh Emanuel B.
Rohrbaugh Emanuel M.
Rohrbaugh Goldie C.
Rohrbaugh Goldie S.
Rohrbaugh Gussie R.
Rohrbaugh Harvey E.
Rohrbaugh Harvey M. - pic2
Rohrbaugh Infant
Rohrbaugh Lorrine M.
Rohrbaugh Maynard E.
Rohrbaugh Raymond H.
Rohrbaugh Romaine C.
Rohrbaugh Rosette B.
Rohrbaugh Samuel F.
Rohrbaugh Saranda E. - pic2
Rohrbaugh Steward E.
Sterner Beulah E.
Sterner Branden M.
Sterner Dorothy S.
Sterner Francis L.
Sterner Murray H.
Vansant Eileen K.
Wildasin John A.
Wildasin Sarah M.
Yost Jacob R. - pic2
Yost Sarah Ann - pic2
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