Parkville Cemetery


Newberry Township,

York County, Pennsylvania


Page last updated January 24, 2009



Photos contributed by Harry Senft


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Anderson Dorothy R.
Anderson Florence
Anderson Marian H.
Anderson, Jr. Park
Anderson Park
Anderson, Sr. Richard E.
Arbogast Charles O. - pic2
Arbogast Suzanne E.
Arnold July Ann
Arnold Maggie
Arnold Martin
Arnold Thomas W.
Arnold Unknown
Bailets James M.
Bailets Vergie I.
Baker Laura
Baker William H.
Beck Albert L.
Beck Anna B.
Beck Anna R.
Beck Edward
Beck Elizabeth
Beck Esther M.
Beck George O.
Beck Hannah
Beck Harry
Beck Harry E.
Beck Hattie
Beck Ida D.
Beck Janie D.
Beck John A.
Beck Margaret J.
Beck Martha
Beck Mary
Beck Mary
Beck, Sr. Walter
Beck William
Beck William H.
Beck Wm. H.
Beshore Lizzie
Beshore Newton
Billmeyer Maurice W.
Boyer Carrie E.
Boyer David
Boyer David H.
Boyer Elizabeth
Boyer Elmira
Boyer Gertrude M.
Boyer Hazel G.
Boyer Henry
Boyer Henry I.
Boyer Joseph H.
Boyer Joseph H.
Boyer Unknown
Brenneman Elizabeth
Brenneman Unknown
Brothers Anna Mae
Burger Airetta
Burger Theodore N.
Burgess Chester S.
Burgess Marie
Butler Effie M.
Butler Maurice
Calkins Mae M.
Clay Esther C.
Clay William
Coble Alverta H.
Coble Charles B.
Coble Cornelius
Coble Delia A.
Coble Hattie E.
Coble Herman L. - pic2
Coble James L.
Coble Ray A.
Coble Ray Eugene
Coble Sadie E.
Coble Sarah A.
Coble Susan
Coble Unknown
Coble Unknown-1
Coble Vella E. - pic2
Coble William A.
Coble Wm. E.
Coleman Levi
Crisamore Marian M.
Danner Charles H.
Danner Jacob M.
Danner Katie
Danner Susie M.
Danner Virgie E.
Danner William H.
Dellinger Charles H.
Dellinger Frances A.
Dellinger Jane
Dellinger Samuel
Drawbaugh Aaron
Drawbaugh Aaron
Drawbaugh Bertha
Drawbaugh Crystal S.
Drawbaugh Filbert
Drawbaugh Floyd E.
Drawbaugh Franklin
Drawbaugh Gertie M.
Drawbaugh Glenn W.
Drawbaugh Gloria M.
Drawbaugh Josephine
Drawbaugh Latimer
Drawbaugh Leroy K.
Drawbaugh Lulu
Drawbaugh Marjorie E.
Drawbaugh Mary Ann
Drawbaugh Patricia A.
Drawbaugh Ronald L.
Drawbaugh Shirley Ann
Drawbaugh Walter
Drorbaugh Abraham W.
Drorbaugh James C.
Drorbaugh John H.
Drorbaugh Lucinda
Eisenhower John
Eisenhower Unknown
Erney Amanda E.
Erney Daniel
Erney Mary
Erney Rebecca
Erney Unknown
Fetrow Annie I.
Fetrow Annie L.
Fetrow Caleb J.
Fetrow Charles G.
Fetrow Curvin
Fetrow Ellen S.
Fetrow Eugene E.
Fetrow Franklin B.
Fetrow Ida
Fetrow John W.
Fetrow John W.
Fetrow Lydia A.
Fetrow Margarst
Fetrow Mary
Fetrow Philip
Fetrow Reuben
Fetrow, Sr. Ross
Fetrow Unknown
Fetrow Unknown1
Fettrow John B.
Fettrow Levi
Fettrow Savila
Fish Fairy A.
Fish George H.
Fox Henry
Fox Mary E.
Fox Unknown
Frye Albert M.
Frye Albert McCellan
Frye Alberta L.
Frye Anna R.
Frye Jeffrey A.
Griffith Celia M.
Griffith Gurney H.
Griffith Sudia M.
Groff Alice E.
Groff, Sr. Oscar R.
Groom Laura May
Groom Thomas F.
Groom Unknown
Gross Rachael E.
Gross Samuel
H Unknown
Hake Alvin Ike
Hake Charles
Hake Edith B.
Hake Hulda
Hake John
Hake John
Hake Mary
Hake Paul
Hake Richard
Harro Beulah M.
Harro Vance W.
Hartman Bessie
Hartman George W.
Hartman Harry A.
Hartman Lottie
Hartman, Sr. Richard S.
Hartman Vesta V.
Heintzelman Unknown
Hite Helen B.
Hite James D.
Hite, Jr. James David
Hollenbush Daniel
Hollerbush Catherine
Hollerbush Charley P.
Hollerbush Jacob
Hollerbush Jacob E.
Hollerbush Latimer
Hollerbush Susanna
Hoomer Almanda
Hoopes Hiram
Hoopes Sarah
Hoskins Charles E.
Hoskins Sarah A.
Hughes Adam
Hughes Anna Mae Jones
Hughes Annie
Hughes Annie
Hughes Audrey M.
Hughes Carl
Hughes Catharine
Hughes Charles
Hughes Charles
Hughes Charles E.
Hughes Charles S.
Hughes, Jr. Clair
Hughes Clair M.
Hughes Cora
Hughes Daisy
Hughes Daisy M.
Hughes Elizabeth
Hughes Ellen
Hughes Evelyn D. Eichelberger
Hughes Evelyn F.
Hughes Harold
Hughes Harold A.
Hughes Harry
Hughes Hazel P.
Hughes Herman
Hughes Ira
Hughes Irvin
Hughes Janice L.
Hughes John
Hughes Kathleen M.
Hughes Larry R.
Hughes Lester S.
Hughes Margery
Hughes Mearl
Hughes Mona Jean
Hughes Naomi R. Anderson
Hughes Ralph
Hughes Rena M.
Hughes Rhoda F.
Hughes Rosie A.
Hughes Sarah J.
Hughes Stanley
Hughes Susan
Hughes Unknown
Hughes Verna E.
Hughes Viola G.
Hughes Wayne E.
Hughes, Jr. William
Hughes, Sr. William
Hughs Adam S.
Hughs John
Hughs Mary M.
Hummert Tammi
Keister Betty J.
Keister Fred D. - pic2
Kise Albert F.
Kise Elmira J.
Koghenour Ann Maria
Kroger Henry P.
Krone Mary
L. E.
L. H. A.
L. J. N.
Laird Ada E.
Laird Carl R.
Laird Elizabeth B.
Laird James M.
Laird John
Laird Margaret J.
Laird Unknown
Laughman Mary W.
Laughman Sylvia M.
Laughman Theodore M.
Lehigh Calvin F.
Lehigh Gertrude L.
Lemkelde Amanda A.
Lemkelde Frederick D.
Lemkelde Jennie
Lemkelde Walter
Limkelde Unknown
Linebaugh Ella F.
Linebaugh George W.
Livingston Elizabeth
Livingston Emma
Livingston Isaac
Livingston Lydia A.
Livingston Maurice
Mailhorn Daniel
Mailhorn Eliza J.
Miller Abraham S.
Miller Cordilla
Miller Jacob
Miller John S.
Miller Viola June
Mummert Connie R.
Mummert Lila
Mummert Vernon J.
Mummert Vernon K.
Myers Amanda A.
Myers Charles J.
Myers Elizabeth
Myers Joseph B.
Naylor Charles V.
Naylor Verna V.
Newcomer Esther
Newcomer William G.
Nye Velma Naylor
Ottmyer Henry
Parthemer Barbara F.
Parthemer Elizabeth
Parthemer Fredrick A.
Parthemer Margaret Ann
Paup Catharine
Paup Jacob P.
Paup James
Paup Valentine
Poet Ellen E.
Poet Harry E.
Pokopec Helen E.
Pokopec John
R. W. W.
Reachard Helen L. Mummert
Richcreek Andrew J.
Richcreek Ellen M.
Richcreek George
Richcreek Jacob E.
Richcreek, Sr. Leon J.
Richcreek Matilda
Richcreek Naomi M.
Richcreek Ruth Ann
Richcreek, Sr. Samuel W.
Richcreek Virginia J.
Roberts Mildred E.
Rockey Angeline
Rodgers George C.
Rodgers Irma L.
Rodgers Michael P.
Rodgers Naomi H.
Rohrbaugh Abraham B.
Rohrbaugh Unknown
Sheatler Marie I.
Sheatler Samuel B.
Shenfelter Edgar
Shutt Victoria M.
Simmons Annie Hughes Laughman
Simmons C. Edw.
Simmons Lucille W.
Simmons Mary E.
Simmons Stanley L.
Simmons Unknown
Sipe Carl A.
Sipe Catharine
Sipe Clark W.
Sipe Clayton
Sipe Elmira J.
Sipe George
Sipe George S.
Sipe John F.
Sipe Jordan
Sipe Lucinda
Sipe Lydia J.
Sipe Margaret E.
Sipe Mary
Sipe Mary J.
Sipe Reuben
Sipe Sadie M.
Sipe Thomas
Sipe Unknown
Sipe William H.
Slanker Gary Lee
Slaseman Ray
Slasemen Ray Ervin
Smith Bruce W.
Smith Caroline A.
Smith Charles H.
Smith Gerald A.
Snelbaker Emma
Snelbaker Frank G.
Sowers Betty J.
Sowers Charles
Sowers Edwin L.
Spahr Calvin W. - pic2
Spahr Clyde
Spahr David M.
Spahr Eliza A.
Spahr Estella M.
Spahr Frank H.
Spahr George W.
Spahr Grace C.
Spahr Irene L.
Spahr Jeremiah
Spahr Jeremiah
Spahr Katie S.
Spahr Matilda
Staub Alda Mae
Staub Melvin E.
Staub Preston E.
Staub Ronald Lee
Steely Fern Elizabeth
Steely Goldie I.
Steely Harry N.
Steely Joyce M.
Steely Viola L.
Steely William M.
Steffee W. Beulah
Stough Amos
Stough Annie
Stough Charlotte M.
Stough Fulmer A. F.
Stough Russell A.
Strausbaugh Dorothy E.
Strausbaugh, Jr. Ernest E.
Strausbaugh, Sr. Ernest E.
Strausbaugh Mildred B.
Strausbaugh, Sr. Warren J.
Strominger Henry
Strominger John R.
Strominger Margaret
Strominger Unknown
Strominger Unknown
Sweitzer Blanche S.
Sweitzer Daniel H.
Toomey Annie
Toomey Clement
Topper Esther M.
Troup Anna
Troup Margaret
Troup Melvin
Troup Samuel T.
Troup Virginia
Troup, Sr. Walter
Unknown Alverta E.
Unknown Arthur E.
Unknown Benjamin
Unknown Bertha S.
Unknown Catharine
Unknown Daniel
Unknown Elizabeth
Unknown John
Unknown John
Unknown Lester
Unknown Maria
Unknown Robert
Unknown Susan Ann
Unknown Susann
Unknown Unknown-01
Unknown Unknown-02
Unknown Unknown-03
Unknown Unknown-04
Unknown Unknown-05
Unknown Unknown-06
Unknown Unknown-07
Unknown Unknown-08
Unknown Unknown-09
Unknown Unknown-10
Unknown Unknown-11
Unknown Unknown-12
Unknown Unknown-13
Unknown Unknown-14
Unknown Unknown-15
Unknown Unknown-16
Unknown Unknown-17
Unknown Unknown-18
Unknown Unknown-19
Unknown Unknown-20
Unknown Unknown-21
Unknown Unknown-22
Unknown Unknown-23
Unknown Unknown-24
Unknown Unknown-25
Unknown Unknown-26
Unknown Unknown-27
Unknown Unknown-28
Unknown Unknown-29
Unknown Unknown-30
Unknown Unknown-31
Unknown Unknown-32
Unknown Unknown-33
Unknown Unknown-34
Unknown Unknown-35
Unknown Unknown-36
Unknown Unknown-37
Unknown Unknown-38
Unknown Unknown-39
Unknown Unknown-40
Unknown Unknown-41
Unknown Unknown-42
Unknown Unknown-43
Unknown Unknown-44
Unknown Unknown-45
Unknown Unknown-46
Unknown Unknown-47
Unknown Unknown-48
Unknown Unknown-49
Unknown Unknown-50
Unknown Unknown-51
Unknown Unknown-52
Unknown Unknown-53
Unknown Unknown-54
Unknown Unknown-55
Unknown Unknown-56
Updegraff Charles H.
Updegraff Goldie I.
Updegraff John
Vickers Elvina
Vickers Henry
Vickers John
Vickers John
Vickers Mahala
Vickers Margaret
Vickers Maria
Vickers Maria
Vickers Martha
Weire Arthur
Weire Babies
Weire Elenora
Wilt Charles
Wilt Elsie L.
Wilt Isaac L.
Wilt James L.
Wilt Sallie
Wilt Susan
Wilt Unknown
Wise Emma E.
Wise Harry J.
Witmer Alice M.
Witmer Arlene L.
Witmer Charles
Witmer Donald E.
Witmer Elizabeth
Witmer Ernest L.
Witmer Inf. Girl
Witmer J. Sherman
Witmer John W.
Witmer Oscar
Witmer Paul
Witmer Robert L.
Witmer Sadie M.
Witmer Sarah A.
Witmer Shirley A.
Witmer Susan
Witmer Theodore
Witmer Wesley J.
Witter Cherie L.
Witter Florence E.
Witter George H.
Witter Kathy R.
Wompler Daniel
Wompler Edward
Zinn Harry L.
Zinn Mary J.



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